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    How Yoga Can Benefit Kids at School

    The benefits of yoga are well-documented for adults, but recent research is showing how yoga can be beneficial as an in-school activity. This is still a relatively new use for yoga, but already the benefits seem to be obvious for both students and educators. More schools are adopting yoga as part of a daily cycle, and there are signs that it is having a significant impact. Whether it is ashtanga yoga or another style, schools are finding children are responding positively when exercising their minds and bodies.
    Six Best Benefits of Yoga for Kids
    In this article, you can read about six of the main benefits of yoga in schools. It is worth noting all the benefits listed below are being backed up by numerous scientific studies that show in-school yoga can help children.
    Keeps Emotions in Check
    Children are inherently emotional, and when in school, their emotions can be further heightened by the pressures of learning, socializing, and improving. Yoga in schools can help to give children tools to better regulate their emotions. Yoga allows kids to clear their thoughts and maximize their movements, practicing control in the process.
    Improves Academic Results
    Let’s be clear; yoga is not a guarantee that children will suddenly up their grades. However, people who practice yoga regularly are more able to compartmentalize themselves and focus. This could be an essential skill for kids and teenagers because better focus can lead to more concise learning and better academic results. Yoga can improve attention too, so children are more likely to stay involved in class.
    Relieves Stress
    Perhaps the most significant immediate benefit of yoga is it helps to relax the body. It is, after all, one of the most popular exercise activities in the world. As discussed above, yoga also has several benefits for general mental wellbeing. Combining the two together means yoga can be a great help for relieving stress.
    Decreases Anxiety
    Children face numerous challenges as they grow and learn about their place in the world. Anxiety is common, especially amongst teenagers who suffer through problems at home and in school. Children exposed to anxiety at a young age have more chances of developing mental health issues in the future. Combined with the benefits above, yoga is an excellent tool for keeping anxiety at bay.
    Reduces Behavioral Problems
    Behavior issues are common at school. Whether it is children acting out, simply being naughty, or more problematic behavior such as bullying. Dealing with these issues occupies a lot of time, and educators are often left frustrated by results. Yoga, with its benefits for mind and body, can help to reduce bullying by making the general atmosphere around children more relaxed.
    Improves Physical Wellbeing
    Of course, the last benefit is yoga can boost the physical wellbeing of students. Childhood obesity is a growing problem, and schools are challenged with curbing a rise in overweight kids. As one of the most popular exercises, yoga is an excellent tool for cutting fat. It is also relatively easy for beginners and kind to those who are overweight and cannot be as physical.

    Author:Christine Heilbron
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