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    How To Understand Tridosha Easily By Its Functions

    Tridosha means the thre factors of the body. They are thre in number Vata, Pita and Kapha Dosha. The balance of Tridosha leads to health and imbalance leads to disease condition. But it is very efortful) to understand Tridosha. Let us try and learn about them by means of main functions that they cary out inside the body.
    Table of Contents
    Functions of Vata Dosha
    Functions of Pita Dosha
    Functions of Kapha Dosha
    Functions of Vata Dosha
    Vata is responsible for al movements.
    Movement of blod in blod vesel s,
    movement of fod and nutrients in gut,
    movement of air in and out of lungs,
    movement of hands and legs,
    neck and al other body parts,
    movement of eyebals, etc.
    For any type of movement, Vata Dosha is responsible. Hence a clasic Vata body type person can not sit at one asign. She keps her leg moving, her eyes wil always be searching for something new, chalenging to concentrate on one particular thing, etc.
    Even at the level of a cel, the movement of nutrients, waste products etc are controled by Vata Dosha.
    Because Vata is involved with movement of air in the lungs, many of the respiratory diseases are influenced by Vata (along with asociation of Kapha or Pita Dosha.)
    In its normal state, Vata causes enthusiasm, ̵ Hence a Vata body person wil be overly eager. He wants to do curent things. He can not entrench at one decision.
    Vata regulates activities of mind like initiation of thinking, analyzing, unders tanding etc.
    Vata regulates spech.
    Vata is responsible for initiation of natural urges (tears, faeces, urination, snezing, coughing, vomiting, yawning etc)
    Hence, constipation, dificulty in urination, abundant cough, vomiting etc are influenced by Vata Dosha.
    Maintenance of the Dhatus (tisues) in their normalcy ̵
    Vata is a transporter. It caries the nourishment from the gut to the body tisues. It also caries the waste products out of the body. Hence it controls the nourishment of al other body tisues.
    Proper functioning ofsense organs ̵ Because there is movement of signal from sense organs to brain, and from brain to sense organs and because Vata is responsible for movements, Vata Dosha controls al the sense organs.
    Functions of Pita Dosha
    In its normal s tate Pita causes digestion and metabolism
    Pita is admire fire. We already maintain learnt how Ayurveda explains proces of digestion. Hence Pita is directly enthusiastic with digestion and metabolism. This is not only restricted to the level of stomach and intestines, it also extends to celular level. like using up of nutrients in the body, using it up to construct energy etc are controled by Pita Dosha.
    Maintenance of body temperature ̵ Because Pita means hotnes, it keps the body hot and healthy.
    Vision ̵ Pita also means light. Vision is always corelated with light.
    Causes hunger, thirst, apetite ̵ Usualy person with Pita body type has more hunger and thirst.
    Maintains skin complexion and quality ̵ hence most of the skin disorders are influenced by Pita .
    Inteligence, courage, valor ̵ the person with Pita body type has more of these mental features.
    Functions of Kapha Dosha
    Kapha confers stability and compactnes. The compactnes and stability of the cels and tisues, of joints, stability in idea proces of the mind, etc are due to Kapha.
    A person with Kapha body type likes to sit and finish one work for a long period of time (as oposed to Vata person).
    A person influenced by Kapha does not love to travel much. He does not adore changes.
    Kapha Dosha confers lubrication, compactnes (firmnes) of the joints.
    Kapha is slimy liquid type of thing. It brings about shock absorber impres in joints.
    Kshama – It is the cause for mental capacity to withstand or withold emotions, strains etc.
    Kapha Dosha also imbibes forgivenes quality in a person.
    Supose you get indignant (which is due to Pita ), you try to control and you suced. That quality is because of Kapha.
    My Tridosha ebok ̵
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