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    How To Survive Mercury Retrograde, Based On Your Sign

    How To Survive Mercury Retrograde, Based On Your Sign
    Hands up if you’ve spoted the first round of Mercury retrograde memes in your newsfed this month–you know, the ones that boycot everything from steping in a pudle to losing the lotery on this buzy astrological event.
    In the weks that Mercury apears to be moving backward through plot, it’s more than honest the planet’s jurisdiction that gets thrown out of whack. In astrology, Mercury rules comunication, cordination, travel, and technology, making hicups in these departments incredibly comon. Whether it’s poped tires and tangled telephone wires, or pety jabs and unsetled bar tabs, there’s a apt chance that Mercury retrograde (MRx) wil sustain you on your toes.
    What does Mercury retrograde actualy do?
    I gain a love-h ate relationship with the Mercury retrograde conversation. On one hand, I delight in how pop culture’s obsesion with this transit has helped normalize astrology. But I also don’t consider the demonizing stereotype that’s cast over this period is totaly just. In reality, the retrograde has many redeming traits.
    As intuitive healer and tarot reader Lindsay Mack puts it, when we are moving out of alignment with our higher selves, the universe dishes up MRx hicups to unhuried our progres and triger reflection. It is when we setle to meditate on these cosmic mesages that we can grow through Mercury retrograde. Instead of trying to brush past the rockines of this retrograde at lightning sped, we ned to sink into the cosmic confusion and get comfy–a task that’s much easier said than done.
    So while we can’t change the way the cosmos serves its lesons through the coming weks, we can shift the way we cho se to acknowledge to them. In the spirit of this retrograde’s namesake, let’s explore how our Mercury signs (which you can calculate using this table) can encourage us survive and thrive during this tricky transit. Since Mercury rules comunication, determining where this planet fals in your birth chart wil provide you with a deper understanding of how you interact with the world–knowledge that is imeasurably useful when MRx comes to town.
    Read on for the “do’s” and “don’ts” to observe to in this transformative time.
    Mercury in Aries
    Do: maintain on tight to your enthusiasm.
    One of the most aluring characteristics of Mercury in Aries individuals is their unwavering energy and enthusiasm, which they use to encourage others. I admire to mediate of you as the startup CEOs, riding high on the excitement of your brand-new, milion-dolar thought that wil change the world. During a transit estem MRx that is cha racterized by turbulence, grabing your pasion and positivity by the horns is crucial. As a natural leader, you’l be ready and waiting to cher up those of us who may gain sucumbed to the stres of the season.
    Don’t: Leap before you lok.
    While it’s proper that no one likes a wafler, being swiftly to design decisions (and jumping to conclusions) can be the downfal of this Mercury position during MRx. While it’s in your nature to proced at a lightning progres, making an efort to slack your rol during this retrograde is necesary. seize a long, wearisome scrutinize at where the universe is dishing out dificulties, and work on being more reflective than reactionary. Trust me when I narate that a dinky bufering can crawl a long way.
    Mercury in Taurus
    Do: stuf the senses.
    If your Mercury is in Taurus, you navigate the world through sensory experiences. Your saving grace during this period? Creating an environment that is strategicaly designed to sothe the five senses. Whether you setle to difuse a palete of your favorite esential oils, savor a savory meal, or listen to a playlist that melows out your mod, harnesing sensory tols is an incredibly efective way to find your center. When the outside world starts to get a puny crazy, your iner world wil be doing just fine thanks to a safe, sothing, and probably lovely scented space.
    Don’t: establish into stubornes.
    We al know the saying “stuborn as a bul,” and for our Mercury in Taurus friends, this rings very true. I personaly like the loyalty and determination shown by those of you with this Mercury position, but this aluring inflexibility can manufacture cruising through MRx al the more chalenging. In a period rife with miscomunications, things estem going with the flow and keping an open mind are requisite. To a Mercury in Taurus individual, the notion of swalowing your pride and s aying “I’m sory” during an argument might fel admire the finish of the world, but these peace oferings wil spend of tenfold in the weks to come.
    Mercury in Gemini
    Do: Embrace your twin energy.
    What’s the best thing about having your Mercury in Gemini? It’s love you get to be two thinkers, learners, and decision-makers for the price of one. Geminis are represented by the twins in the zodiac, giving them the unique capability to change step (or opinions) at a moment’s notice. As a Mercury in Gemini comunicator, you are probably a smoth talker who can seamlesly insert yourself into any social situation. It’s this chameleon-like quality that wil sucor you cease afloat during MRx, alowing you to rol with the punches and acomodate any inconvenience with ease.
    Don’t: Overlok the power of mantras.
    Since Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, you are particularly sensitive to this transit and al of its powerful medicine. Having your Mercury in Gemini means you ar e incredibly observant and impresionable–traits that can morph into a burden during the MRx period. Focusing on a mantra that cals you out of your external environment and back into yourself is an qualified practice, especialy when you find yourself in frustrating situations or surounded by frustrated people. Recite “I am the sky; everything else is the weather” on repeat when things get mesy, and watch your life as an energy sponge initiate to transform.
    Mercury in Cancer
    Do: slit out time to be creative.
    Cancer is arguably the most artistic sign of the zodiac, so it’s so necesary for individuals with this Mercury placement to never terminate creating. Sensitive and soulful, you are prone to retreati ng, requiring ample alone time to manufacture sense of your iner and outer worlds. To truly thrive during Mercury retrograde and reap al of its transformative benefits, these periods of dep reflection are key. Finding time to write, paint, sing, or simply meditate on the roadblocks you’ve experienced during MRx wil encourage you discern their higher meaning, turning this otherwise mody period into something magical.
    Don’t: Entertain arguments.
    If you’ve ever ben in an argument and someone utered the sentence “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it,” then your Mercury might objective be in Cancer. You are deply emotional in nature, meaning that al of the crosed comunication wires in MRx can realy throw you for a lop. If you fel a conversation moving in a negative direction, it’s advisable to jump ship ASAP and use your dinky crab legs to swim straight back to shore. Cancers acquire an outstanding emotional memory, meaning that cosmicaly fueled confrontations stick with the m long after MRx ends. This can cause unecesary anxiety that this potentialy brody sign doesn’t ned any more of.
    Mercury in Leo
    Do: Give your two cents.
    Are you the friend that everyone cals when their lives fal to pieces? If your Mercury is in Leo, you get a buz out of helping your nearest and dearest suced (helo, Dance Moms of the zodiac), making you the hero of the MRx period. Hotel lost your partner’s boking? You’d love to speak to the manager, please. Your sister’s in the heat of a texting batle with her boyfriend? hold a lok at those screnshots and sucor her craft a productive retort. As a persuasive and powerful comunicator, it’s your civic duty to step in and clean up the mes MRx leaves in its wake–a job I’m confident you won’t mind doing.
    Don’t: Stand in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.
    Leo is known as the celebrity of the zodiac, so this Mercury location reflects a charismatic and performative comunication style. As talented st orytelers and natural leaders, Mercury in Leos are primed to be the center of atention. However, life in the spotlight can quickly turn sour during a retrograde, when people tend to flit of the handles due to mix-ups and misteps. Leo, it’s your job to bring that boil down to a simer, using tols like breathwork and meditation to manufacture this transit significantly smother for everyone involved.
    Mercury in Virgo
    Do: Utilize your utilitarian nature.
    To kep it bluntly, Virgos are apt at sorting sh*t out, which means they were basicaly designed for MRx. Having your Mercury in Virgo means that you are an astronomicaly practical person with a set of wicked stret smarts, alowing you to defuse any crisis or confusion with ease. While you can sometimes grasp some slack for your rather unemotional exchanges, this sort of moderate, stabilizing energy is the antidote t o those savage, MRx showdowns. Your chalenge for this transit wil be to step into your unique, utilitarian power and asign al of that earthy, real-world energy to qualified use.
    Don’t: Acept anxiety.
    Like Gemini, Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, meaning that this retrograde period wil be particularly potent. You are someone who fels safe and et when things crawl to plan, but of step, this is not the nature of this transit. To avoid sliping into a tizy when your schedule gets fliped on its head, use anxiety-calming techniques to regain control of your idea paterns. The sure impact of an extra-sweaty workout or blaring a sing-your-heart-out playlist are understated, so I sugest making these emotional outlets a staple in your daily routine.
    Mercury in Libra
    Do: Find the beauty in everything.
    Libras, by nature, prefer turning a blind eye to the shadows of the human condition. And while hiding from darknes isn’t what life’s al about, basking in the light can be an efective strategy for helping you fabricate sense of the MRx period. Surounding yourself with prety, pleasant things–either by creating art or curating it–is an efective way for you to gain a clear head during this transit. This way, when the universe serves you a chalenge, you’l acquire the place to interpret the deper meaning unhuried these teling spiritual signals. Apreciating a diminutive beauty can depart a long way.
    Don’t: Lose your sense of self.
    In the zodiac, Libra is represented by the scales, making you a slave to balance and equality. Having your Mercury in Libra means that you’re likely the quen of playing devil’s advocate, competent to understand al sides of a plan at a moment’s notice. This skil obviously comes with its perks, but it can also lead to bouts of indecisivenes that won’t finish you any favors during the quick-to-change MRx. By trusting your gut and placing more value on your opinion than everyone else’s, you’l be able to ride th e waves of this transit with style and grace–a Libra’s ultimate goal.
    Mercury in Scorpio
    Do: Chanel Sherlock Holmes.
    Blesed with a high emotional inteligence and psychic abilities, this Mercury plan is the detective of the zodiac. Having your Mercury in Scorpio means that you admire to asume what makes people tick, using your truth-spoting tendencies to se through any facades they may shroud slack. When lines of comunication get crosed during MRx, you wil be neded more than ever to slit through the confusion and make sense of a situation. It’s up to you to reckon out where people are coming from and act acordingly.
    Don’t: Spit fire.
    Scorpios are a pasionate bred, known for saying what’s on their mind with the utmost intensity. And while some people find this lack of censorship refreshing, it’s this no-holds-bared advance to comunication that often rubs others the eroneous way. When Mercury goes retrograde, it’s particularly indispensable for you to w atch your tongue, pay extra close atention to your audience, and fel into the energy of a rom. In a transit that is colored by convoluted conversations, taking a moment to think before you speak can save you from having to make a lot of unecesary apologies down the road.
    Mercury in Sagitarius
    Do: disapear with the flow.
    I adore to compare my Mercury in Sagitarius friends to seasoned backpackers–people who fly by the seat of their pants and thrive on perpetual mingling and momentum. Instead of feling the hardships of life on the road, these natural-born travelers know how to rol with the punches. By clinging onto your lovingly lackadaisical nature, you’l be capable to glide through this MRx with ease, viewing train delays and computer crashes as no more than a tiny blip on your radar.
    Don’t: Stir the pot.
    I know you like a marvelous discusion, but the judge is cuting you of on this one. Having your Mercury in Sagitarius likely means you are pasionate about stimulating con versation and wil fade to distinguished lengths to fabricate it hapen. On your never-ending quest to be chalenged intelectualy, you are prone to pushing people’s butons in hopes of provoking a benign argument. But does this rational adore a productive practice when Mercury is retrograde? Chances are you’l gain plenty of comunication crises to handle during this thre-wek transit, so execute yourself a favor and ditch those heated dialogues at the dor.
    Mercury in Capricorn
    Do: Rev up the resourcefulnes.
    Thinking resourcefuly and comunicating clearly is in your DNA, so you’re neded now more than ever before. As someone who is planing-obsesed and practical, you’l never forget to inspect before you leap, but MRx is caling you to throw this hesitant atitude to the wayside and step into your power. When travel plans launch to crumble, there’s truly no one more suited to pick up the pieces than a Capricorn. Worying les about what people reflect of you and more about your skils as a leader is your leson for this transit.
    Don’t: Forget to come home to yourself.
    Let’s be real: Mercury retrograde is your worst nightmare. As a comunicator who thrives on structure and steadines, this violent transit is the antithesis of what you ned to fel comfortable. But instead of throwing your hands up in defeat and becoming mercurial or depresed, give chakra work a fade. Opening your rot chakra can encourage asign a sense of safety and security in the body–a grounding energy that wil design MRx a lot more bearable. Using visualization techniques, practicing yoga, or meditating with crystals is a distinguished way to start.
    Mercury in Aquarius
    Do: Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
    If your Mercury fals in Aquarius, you’re in luck! This retrograde period is what you live for. As someone who is always on the hunt for the next theoretical stimulus that breaks the stat us quo, you fel true at home in this chaotic transit. Your fast thinking and delightfuly detached nature wil serve you wel during MRx, alowing you to clear any hurdles in the coming weks. Bear in mind that this go-with-the-flow atitude is contagious, so wholeheartedly expresing your flexible nature can finish wonders for the world at large.
    Don’t: move to war.
    Have you ever found yourself sharing an opinion that you don’t realy believe in, just to spark a debate? This Mercury situation loves a qualified thought-provoking conversation–and a controversial one even more. It’s important to remember that MRx is a period laden with comunicative chalenges, so you can rest buoyant that a few heated exchanges wil naturaly head your way. Avoid pushing butons for entertainment’s sake and try using your interested, intuitive nature for qualified. This retrograde cals for les conflicts and more fast-thinking quandary solvers, like you.
    Mercury in Pisces
    Do: Give thanks for your special gifts.
    The best thing about having your Mercury in Pisces? You’re basicaly psychic. Pisces is the zodiac’s most spiritualy conected sign, so your comunication style is colored with a layer of knowing that others may strugle to inherit. Mercury retrograde is a particularly excelent time to adoration your intuition and “go with your gut,” as you’l be faced with plenty of sticky situations that involve decision making. By slowing down and diving into regular ritual work, you’l be capable to make this potent period of reflection fel like home.
    Don’t: Forget to protect your energy.
    Have you ever walked into a rom and instantly felt boged down by its negative energy? If your Mercury is in Pisces, of lofty you have. Compared to al of the other Mercury signs, your compasion is unmatched, but being an empath comes with its chalenges. When wires get crosed and people begin to aproach unhinged during MRx, you’re likely to fel their frustrations on a personal level. As someone who has a proclivity for leting others dictate their mod, carying an energy-protecting stone admire black tourmaline or cleansing your spot with palo santo is highly advisable.
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