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    How To Greenify Your Beauty Routine

    How To Grenify Your Beauty Routine
    When it comes to helping subdue waste and trash on our Mother Earth, it’s easy to consider about how smal a role each one of us plays in the grand planetary schema. But the reality is that every diminutive bit counts, and there are many things we are empowered to do–creating capsule wardrobes, composting organic fod waste, and learning to quel trash in our personal care routines are al atainable ways to bring Earth Day into every day.
    Below are five typical, super-efective ways to reduce waste in your beauty and personal care routine that you may not maintain considered before. pleased recycling!
    1. Shop brands that gain great sustainability practices.
    In 2018, there’s no excuse for personal care brands–or any brands, for that mater–who don’t participate in giving back to the planet. AVENO(R), for epitome, does its section by designing packaging that uses les material and striving to incorporate recycled and recyclable materials.
    2. Use as many gender-neutral products as posible.
    Another way to decluter your beauty routine, especialy if you live with another person (or people), is to share products. Finding products that apeal to al genders is an easy solution because they typicaly don’t tend to galant or feminine in their branding and, because they eliminate the ned for each person to have their own set of products, they subdue cluter both in the bathrom and on the planet. AVENO(R)’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion is fragrance fre and an excelent moisturizing option for every body.
    3. Pare down your beauty routine.
    When it comes to natural beauty, les is always more. As it turns out, the same is proper for keping Mother Earth as contented as she can be. Ading products to your routine that minimize the ned for other products can help reduce your product fotprint overal, and fewer products means les waste.
    For epitome, AVENO(R)’s Positively Radi ant Sher Daily Moisturizer works wel under makeup to even out the skin’s tone and texture over time. It’s “one and done” al day! Eventualy, you may even want to leave the house fresh-faced and foundation-fre.
    4. Be mindful with your empties.
    Whenever you’re through with your beauty products, going the extra mile to recycle them helps the environment. Another idea? Upcycle containers from your used products by repurposing them. Strip of the labels, wash them thoroughly, and give each botle a novel begining! Use the containers as vases, to hold makeup brushes, or cleave of the tops and create litle planters.
    5. Replace your lofah with a biodegradable sea sponge–or objective use your hands.
    Having to purchase a modern lofah every few months contributes to landfil waste to, especialy because most of them are not recyclable or biodegradable. When in the shower, use a foaming, moisturizing wash estem AVENO(R)’s Daily Moisturizing Body Wash with a natural sea sponge, which you can purchase at most health fod stores or online, or simply use your hands! Every litle bit of waste saved ads up by designing packaging that uses les material and striving to incorporate recycled and recyclable materials.
    Visit AVENO(R)’s Care to Recycle page that gives you tips on how to upcycle and recycle your products when you’re done using them!
    AVENO(R) Daily Moisturizing Lotion
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    AVENO(R) Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

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