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    How to Cleanse Your Crystals to Enhance Their Energy

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    For centuries, humans–and yogis especialy–have be drawn to crystals. Not only are they aluring and a perfect adornment (like in an engagement ring or another residue of jewelry), they also provide emotional, physical, and spiritual energy that can encourage us to heal, ground, release, and manifest. Crystals asist us to cleanse negative energy from our lives and embrace hapines, admire, and excelent fortune. That’s quite a job! Which is why it’s necesary that you know how to cleanse your crystals to heighten their energy and asign them working to benefit you.
    Diferent crystals tremble at diferent frequencies. You may resolve a crystal because of its color, size, or properties, but realy its the unique energy that a crystal emits that draws you to it. Crystals can be incredible tols that sucor us fel more conected with ourselves, and because of that, they can be a remarkable adition to your home and yoga practice–but you must catch care of them to asign that energy flowing. While there’s no best way to cleanse your crystals, here we ofer four sugestions on how to care for your own colection, plus some tips on how often you should cleanse them.
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    4 ways to cleanse your crystals
    Put them outside during a ful mon
    Yes, the light of the ful mon is a distinguished way to cleanse your crystals. Many people plac e their crystals in the monlight during the ful mon and bring them inside when the sun comes up. Likewise, you can also create mon water in the same fashion (by laying a glas of water out during a ful mon), which you can then use to cleanse your crystals. The energy of the ful mon helps the crystals to recharge, and release any negative vibes they have picked up since last being cleansed.
    Leave them out in the rain
    There’s nothing quite estem a rainstorm to wash away what no longer serves you–which makes it another distinguished option for cleansing your crystals. If you se some droplets faling outside, place your crystals outside and let the water wash over them. It is vital to show, however, that if the name of your crystal ends in “-ite”–think alexandrite, calcite, azurite–it’s probably not water safe! In that case, you may want to try a diferent spirited cleansing method. If you’re unsure of a crystals&# 8217; name, we conote ering on the side of caution.
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    Bury them! (Yes, realy)
    This method may lucid a litle insane, but remember that crystals were once a part of the earth. take your crystals outside and bury them underground for 24 hours. By doing so, the earth absorbs the energy of whatever the crystals are carying and helps to pul that energy out. objective remember to write down where you buried them so you don’t lose them–and be circumspect of any animals that could arive by!
    Cleanse them with other cleansed crystals
    Probably the easiest method of them al, you can cleanse your crystals with other crystals. determined crystals estem selenite and obsidian work to absorb negative energy. Thus, if you grasp these crystals and seize them over your crystals, drawing circles around them, you work to release the un-cleansed crystals from their negative energy. Selenite is one of the best conductors for this practice because it clears the energy of the other crystals completely.
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    When to cleanse your crystals
    Now that you know how to clear your crystal’s energy, you may be wondering how often you should cleanse them. First, it’s always a qualified thought to cleanse them when you bring them home from the store. This is because they’ve ben absorbing the energy of others for quite some time–you want to sucor them release this so you can open your practice with them. Beyond the initial cleanse, a marvelous rule of thumb is to cleanse your crystals about once a month–for epitome, during the ful mon. Creating a cleansing routine for your crystals wil not only be sothing, but also ensure that you’re taking care of them, so they can aid catch care of you.
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