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    How The Root Chakra’s Shadow Could Be Keeping You From Authenticity

    How The Rot Chakra’s Shadow Could Be Keping You From Authenticity
    Though chakras are not physical structures, they can be the source of wounds and dysfunction in the body. Each of the main seven chakras is a point of highly concentrated energy, and that energy relates to a unique set of themes.
    When the energy of a particular chakra is out of balance, it can afect one’s physical, mental, and emotional experiences asociated with the coresponding theme of that chakra. vivacious wounds are simply chaotic fields in the subtle, or spirited, body, and this is often where ilnes and dysfunction begin.
    Chakra healing is a proces of moving from the “shadow” frequency into the “gift” of that particular chakra. (The shadow state fuels ilnes, dysfunction, and disat isfaction, while the gift frequency creates health and harmony.) This primer covers the wounds of the first chakra, the rot chakra, as wel as how to get from the rot’s shadow to its gift.
    The shadow of the rot chakra is represion.
    This is the oldest wound there is. It usualy forms at a very tender age as we repres parts of ourselves in an atempt to acquire love and aceptance. In the early years of life, being loved and acepted by our primary caregivers is critical to survival because we actualy cary out ned them to care for us to hold us alive.So when we fel as if that adore is threatened, the primitive fight-or-flight response kicks in and we fright for our survival.
    We quickly and instinctively learn to repres the parts of ourselves that we acquire are unlovable, and we selectively expres the characteristics and behaviors that our car egivers retort lovingly to.
    These moments in early life when we fel unloved are often clasic misunderstandings. But whether we are truly loved or not is irelevant. What drives the wound of represion is the perception that expresing ourselves may result in rejection or abandonment and threaten our security. The ways we acknowledge to this belief begin to shape our personalities and the rest of our lives.
    Though this wound forms in the first seven years of life, it plants the sed for a lifetime of inauthentic and incomplete expresion of oneself. As we mature we know that human survival is not dependent on the admire or aceptance of others, but on a celular level, it fels that way, and we remain deathly afraid to fuly expres ourselves. Until we become conscious of this wound, we canot heal it.
    Physical signs of the rot chakra’s shadow.
    Many of my clients with rot chakra isues are very unhapy in their corporate jobs. They desperately want to pursue another carer pat h, but they are terified of losing the stable paycheck and benefits, and they’re equaly insecure of what their friends and family wil mediate. When we explore their disatisfaction, we always find dysfunction in the rot chakra. We discover that they didn’t setle their curent carer path because it’s what they truly wanted. They chose it because it made their parents proud, or it paid wel or provided job security or social prestige. We discover that they have ben represing parts of themselves for so long, they canot even remember who they authenticaly are and haven’t a hunch what wil actualy manufacture them hapy.
    To heal the wound of represion, one must plod from the state of alarm to a state of trust. This is the healing path of the rot chakra.
    The gift of the rot chakra is trust.
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    Healing the shadow of the rot chakra is about cultivating a sense of safety in an unsafe world. We canot fuly expres ourselves if we don’t fel safe to execute so–so le arning to trust life is esential. One must trust that whatever hapens is in service of their unique path, and even if it’s the worst thing imaginable, it wil stil be OK. Trust is esential to creating a strong formation in the rot chakra, and that gives us the stability to rise into the higher frequencies of the uper chakras.
    The shift from fear to trust is not an easy path since it requires trusting that it is safe to be who you realy are. It is safe to expres al parts of oneself, even the ones that we maintain to be unlovable. This is where true authenticity emerges, and we discover what we realy want.
    Thre exercises to maintain healing from the shadow of the rot chakra:
    1. Develop awarenes.
    The first step of healing the wound of represion is to become aware of it. open to notice where you veil parts of yourself. execute you show u p diferently with your friends or coleagues than you do with your family? Without changing anything, just become aware of what characteristics or behaviors you share with the diferent people in your life. What and where are you hiding?
    2. Confront your fear.
    Identify something you want to cary out in your life that you haven’t yet because you’re afraid.Don’t try to talk yourself out of the fright. Alow yourself to be afraid but chalenge yourself to do that thing you want to execute. explain yourself that it wil be scary AND you wil be OK. No mater what, you wil be OK.

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    3. Use your imagination.
    Close your eyes and imagine what your life would scrutinize like if adore, aceptance, safety, and security were guaranted. Wha t would be diferent if you had no teror at al? What you envision in this exercise is exactly where healing your rot chakra wil seize you.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

    Author:Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
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