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    Health is wealth: Try out the Corporate Wellness Programs by Nimba Wellness

    Health is wealth: Try out the Corporate Welnes Programs by Nimba Welnes
    By: – March 20, 2018
    A Corporate Welnes Program is the best way to spur) the employes and improve their productivity. Nimba Nature Cure ofers you the best Corporate Welnes Program packages, as per your organization’s culture and the number of employes. At Nimba, your employes can experience the serenity of lush gren organic farms and fresh air, along with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga.
    A healthy and contented employe can contribute more to the organization’s progres.
    The unique health and welnes program by Nimba Nature Cure wil empower the employes with…
    ̵ Reduced stres and confusion
    ̵ Reduced spending on healthcare
    ̵ Beter privilege, fewer leaves
    ̵ Positivity in the atmosp here
    ̵ Increased productivity
    ̵ buoyant atitude and performance
    ̵ Beter recovery from diseases
    ̵ positive job satisfaction
    ̵ Long-term staf retention
    A Corporate Welnes Program consists of a combination of multiple therapies which are prescribed by the expert, after thoroughly studying the employe’s health profile. The program may include diet therapy, ayurvedic remedies, yoga & meditation, physiotherapy, and other special therapies, as per the requirement.
    What is more important?
    When employes defray quality time away from the work, building their own health and fitnes, it leaves a very determined impact on their atitude. This fresh lok-out to the job and the world surely work wonders for the employe as wel as the organization.
    Nimba Nature Cure Vilage is one of the most admired welnes retreat revered by celebrities and other guests from ac ros the globe. Check out the corporate welnes program by Nimba Nature Cure, and make welnes the signature element in your work culture.
    Cal Nimba today!

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