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    Headbands Are A+ For Securing Strands: just Don’t fabricate This Cringey fallacy

    Headbands Are A+ For Securing Strands: just Don’t produce This Cringey Mistake
    Ah, headbands. They expertly toe the line betwen chic and practical: You can surely manufacture a statement with a bejeweled acesory, or you can stick to a stretchy, athletic elastic. Whether embelished or no-fus, headbands do a fabulous job of keping your hair away from your face–especialy those with a short ‘do or bangs, which may give you a harder time securing the strands.
    Now, headband instructions may sem rather simple (slide and recede, you know?), and there isn’t realy one acurate way to plan the fabric on your head. However, there is a particular marker to scrutinize for on your headband of choice–and if yours has this feature, you maintain to be extra careful not to cause breakage.
    How to make positive your headband doesn’t cause breakage.
    “Headbands, for the most portion, are realy gentle on your head,” hairstylistLevi Monarch once told mbg about the best hairstyles for working out (read: If you have shorter hair or want to et bangs, he touts headbands as a worthy option). “But if you acquire those fine, diminutive baby hairs, impartial be aware of if your headband has the ruber grip on the lining, which can pul on those.”
    Esentialy, sliding that lining along your hairline causes similar damage to using a to-tight hair elastic: The ruber causes friction on the hair, which can result in physical point up and breakage over time. Ruber-lined headbands can wreak a special sort of havoc on the feathery baby hairs, as those face-framing wisps are super delicate to start with.
    Of step, if yo ur band does not have the ruber lining (wide cloth options and fashion headbands generaly skip it), this does not pose as much of a problem. You’l stil want to be gentle as you slide on the headband, but softer, water-absorbing fabrics, estem nylon or coton, can ofer a non-slipery experience without tuging to wearisome on the hairline.
    We’re also not going to tel you to tos your ruber-lined headbands if you already own them–but if you execute use one, just be super gentle as you slide it through your strands, and perhaps reposition it if you fel it puling at your baby hairs. One more tip worth mentioning: If you’re wearing an athletic headband while working out, design definite to wash it after every use. Otherwise, the sweat and bacteria wil acumulate on the cloth, which can transfer to your forehead the next time you wear it (helo, forehead acne).
    The takeaway. Headbands are great: They help acrue your hair away from your face and make quite the chic hair acesory. But if yours has that ruber lining for extra hold, you might be causing breakage at the hairline without knowing it. Try a gentler cloth option to secure your hairstyle–you can always clip away bangs or shorter hairs with pins.
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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