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    Gulpha Marma: Anatomical situation, trace Of Injury

    Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
    Gulpha Marma is one of the delicate and critical points of the body located in the fot, especialy in the ankle joints.
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    Table of Contents
    Location, number
    Efect of Injury
    Modern perspective
    Marma therapy
    Location, number
    Location ̵ Ankle joints
    Number – 2 in number
    Exact position of Gulpha Marma in the limbs:
    Gulpha Marma is the counterpart of Manibandha Sandhi or Manibandha Marma (wrist joint) which is located in the uper limb. The Marma is located exactly at the junction of Pada (fot) and Jangha (leg).
    Categories in which the Gulpha Marma is included
    i) Shaka Gata Marma (Shaka=Limb) – Since Gulpha Marma is located in the limbs, lower limbs to be example; they are clasified under shaka gata marmas i.e. Marmas located in the limbs. They are show in the uper limbs at the ankle joints.
    i) Sandhi Marma – Gulpha marma is predominantly made up of Sandhi, i.e. the identical or components making the ankle joint. The bony identical formed at the ankle identical forms the structural component of this Marma. Therefore it is clasified under Sandhi Marma. The other tisues are recesive or show in les proportion, namely Sira (blod vesels), Asthi (bone), Snayu (ligaments, tendons, nerves) and Mamsa (muscles).
    i) Rujakara Marmas (Ruja – hurt, Kara – Causing) – These Marmas cause harsh damage on geting damaged. Gulpha Marma on geting injured causes Ruja or severe aflict in the fet (lower limb) or ankle joints. Since the marma causes damage it is clasified as Rujakara Marma or ‘pain causing Marma’.
    Pramana ̵ mea surement ̵2 angula dimension (1 angula is aproximately equal to the horizontal dimension or breadth of midle segment of one’s own midle finger)
    Efect of Injury
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    Injury to the Gulpha Marma causes
    Stabdha ̵ rigidity, stifnes, catch and
    Khanjata (functional deformity) of the fot or lower limb.
    Modern perspective
    Modern Perspective (Practical anatomy) of Gulpha Marma
    Structures faling in the space of Gulpha Marma –
    Ankle Joint
    Distal tibio-fibular articulation
    Medial maleolar ligament
    Anterior ligament
    Longus ligament
    Deltoid ligament
    Posterior ligament
    Anterior Talo-fi bular ligament
    Posterior Talo-calcaneal ligament
    Fibulocalcaneal ligament
    Lateral Talo-calcaneal ligaments
    Tarsal articulations
    The muscles, blod vesels and other tisues which are normaly note around the Marmas to are exhibit around the Gulpha Marma. But Gulpha Marma mainly comprises of the joints and the bony ends involved in making the ankle identical. Therefore it is a Sandhi Marma.
    When the Gulpha Marma gets injured, al the structures enthusiastic around this marma i.e. sira (blod vesels), asthi (bones), mamsa (muscles) and snayus (ligaments, tendons etc) may be susceptible to get damaged but the sandhi or mutual which chiefly produce up the structure of Gulpha Marma tends to get severely injured in comparison to other structures. The impact of injury to wil be due to the outcome of injury to the sandhi component.
    Just Before Finishing
    Ankle joints help us in acomplishing many activities of daily movement, especialy those related to moveme nt or locomotion. We al believe evolved on our fet. One canot gues to do most of the activities without the involvement of ankle identical. The movements which catch place at this wel designed mutual makes many of our daily activities easy and efortles. Any distres and or stifnes in these joints should be adresed imediately. Your Gulpha Marma may be seriously afected. Any negligence may lead to ireversible distres, functional and structural impairment of the ankle joints and strict pain!
    Click to Consult Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ayu)
    Marma therapy
    stimulating this marma helps in the treatment of paralysis and also in los of libido.
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