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    Falling Out Of love With Yoga

    Two-Part Series (Part One)
    Oh, yoga. We love it, we leave it, and some of us may
    eventually come back to it with a deeper appreciation of its multi-layered
    complexity. Yoga instructor, JC Peters, recently blogged
    about going “on a break” from her yoga practice
    . She notes that it’s not an
    issue of discipline (she flosses), or lack of love for the practice (she still
    enjoys occasionally playing sweet tunes and rolling around on her mat for 10-20
    minutes). Instead, she’s felt “insulted” by yoga: “She’s been bossing around my
    hamstrings and poking me in the belly. She has started telling me I’m not good
    enough the way I am, that I need to adjust the angle of my foot, or that I need
    to draw my low ribs in more, or that I should be thinking about my bikini body
    as summer comes.” For Peters, Yoga Barbie was the last straw.

    Author:Tosca Park
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