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    Exhaled Toxins Are Not Considered As Mala (Waste product) Why?

    We get rid of some amounts of toxins via breath. Then, why not exhaled toxins are considered as Mala ̵ waste products as per Ayurveda?
    The idea of mala ̵ waste products as per Ayurveda:
    The total waste products are explained as two sets.
    1. 3 main waste products
    2. Waste products of diferent body tisues.
    3 main waste products:
    ?: ? ? ? ? ?
    mala: mutra sak?t svedadayo’pi ca | ̵ Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana 1st chapter
    Mutra ̵ urine
    Shakrut ̵ feces
    Sweda ̵ sweat are consider as 3 main waste products of the body.
    They were grouped together based on high quantity.
    Dhatu mala
    4. Dhatu mala ̵ w aste products of body tisues:
    ? ?, ? ? ?|
    ?, ? ?, ? ? ?|?|
    ? ? ?, ? ? ?|
    ? ? ? ? |?|
    ? ? ? ? |?|
    ki?amanasya vi?mutra?, rasasya tu kapho’s?ja?|
    pita?, ma?sasya khamala, mala? svedastu medasa?|18|
    syatki?a? kesa lomasthno, maj?a? sneho’k?i vi?tvacam|
    prasada ki?e dhatuna? pakadeva?vidharchata? |19|
    parasparopa sa?stabdha dhatu sneha parampara |20| Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 18-20
    The folowing are the malas (fod) and dhatus (tisue elements):
    Ana/ dhatu Mala(waste product)
    1. Ana (fod) yields stol and urine as waste products
    2. Rasa yields Kapha (phlegm) as waste products
    3. Rakta (blod) gives outpita
    4. Mamsa (muscletisue) kha-mala(waste products excreted from the cavities love eras, eyes, nose, mouth and genital organs)
    5. Medas (fat tisue) – sweat
    6. Asthi (bone) kesa(big hair) and loma ( smal hair)
    7. Maja (bone-marow) the unctuous substance present in the eyes, stol and skin
    Thus, Prasada (nutrient fraction) and Kita (waste product) these 2 categories of products arise out of the paka (metabolic transformation) of the dhatus (tisue elements). Therefore, the proces of sucesive transfo rmation of the dhatus is mutualy inter- woven. [18-1/2 20]
    So, why not exhaled toxins are considered as waste products (Mala)?

    The Ancient Ayurvedic scholars did not consider exhalation of toxic substances as Mala. They were acurate in not considering exhaled toxins as Mala (waste product).
    Mala is the one, which a normal human being excretes on a daily basis, which ocurs as a biproduct of digestion and metabolism.
    But toxins are not produced and expeled via breath in a normal human being. If there are toxins in the body which neds to be expeled through breath, then it is a Vikruti ̵ a disease condition.
    Ayurveda has explained this as symptom of a disease.
    Durgandha shwasa ̵ contaminated breath is told as a symptom of many diseases including Ama ̵ a product of altered digestion and metabolism.
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