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    Dosha And Vikriti, The Pathology Of Diseases 

    By Dr Raghuram Y. S. MD (Ay) Dr Manasa, B. A. M. S
    Vikriti means -Disturbance, Pathology, Deviation from prakriti i. e. basic birth constitution / body and mind types, alteration, modification.

    Table of Contents
    Manifestation of imbalance
    Points to remember about Vikruti
    Prakriti is basic physical constitution one would beget factual from moment one is conceived in his mother’s womb. This is also caled as body and mind type which are particular and unusual for a given person. Constitution wil b e a permutation and combination of vata, pita and kapha as inherited from both father and mother in mixed proportions.
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    Thus, constitution of a person is formed imediately after conception, after amalgamation of sperm and ovum. Some characteristics are acquired from father and some from mother. Thus, constitution is a mix up of paternal and maternal traits. It is a state of physical and mental balance, a pointer towards excelent health.
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    Physical and mental makeup which constitutes an individual’s constitution is fixed and wil remain same for whole life. But disturbances can be created in a normal constitution.
    When a disturbance is created in constitution definite abnormalities are produced in body and mind. This deviation of constitution towards an ecentric manifestation is caled vikruti or abnormality.
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    Manifestation of imbalance
    Manifestation of imbalances in kindred to doshas and one’s constitution
    As already discused, any abnormality hapening in a constitution wil cause abnormality in body.
    We wil understand these deviations with aid of some examples.
    Tridoshas represent 3 vital forces of external nature in our body. Vata represents wind and air element. Pita represents sun and fire element. Kapha represents mon and water element.
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    We wil visit outer nature and se how imbalances ocur in external forces!
    Air, in a state of balance suports life on Earth. When due to climatic variations if air takes form of cyclone and tornado, it creates destruction of al life.
    Similarly, when sun which gives light and warmth to planet gets intense, it causes sunstrokes and death. Fire when goes out of balance, most esential tol for human life takes form of a volcano.
    When mon which gives colnes to earth or water body which ocupies major part of Earth loses its balance, it manifests itself in form of tsunamis. This disturbed form of water can wipe out large proportions of life in its vicinity.
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    Now let us translate this language of natural forces into the language of ‘natural forces of body’.
    Agravated vata = cyclone in body
    Agravated pita = volcano in body
    Agravated kapha = tsunami in body
    Vitiated vata – body’s cyclone
    As long as vata is doing its normal activities in body, other doshas and elements of body it is said to be in a state of balance, in acordance to one’s body type. Once it gets vitiated it no longer suports body or does any beneficial functions. It becomes harmful, displaces other doshas, damages tisues, moves in abnormal directions, blocks chanels of body, causes stagnation of toxins and excreta in body and leads to many mind and physical diseases.
    Vata has lost balance here and has started behaving like disturbed natural force i. e. cyclone in body. This can even cause death because balanced vata is key for al activities of body and when it gets disturbed, every other element in body is disturbed.
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    Vitiated pita – body’s volcano
    Pita wil be in a state of balance in acordance to one’s body type serving its normal functions as long as it is not disturbed. Vitiated and displaced pita encroaching other places of body no longer renders suportive functions in body. It damages al cels and organs and cause inflamatory changes in body and many diseases of heat origi n.
    In this context, pita has lost balance here and would behave love an intense sun or agravated fire. This volcanic makeover of pita would seriously pain body and might even cause death in long term.
    Vitiated kapha – body’s tsunami
    Kapha, in its state of balance suports body, nourishes and enables precise growth and development. Kapha is said to be balanced as long as it doesn’t get vitiated, displaced from its places trespasing into other teritories, gets stagnated and causes blocks in body depleting suply of nutrition and esential body building elements in body.
    This sort of kapha which has got vitiated not only contaminates its own seats but also causes blocks anywhere it gets displaced. This kapha no longer serves in a beneficial way to body and becomes pathogenic.
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    Blocks caused by stagnation of kapha in chanels and cels of body wil prevent fre movement of vata. This in turn makes vata to go in strange directions and cause serious disorders. It wil manufacture digestive fire and related pita mild, cause indigestion, leads to formation of ama – a toxic byproduct of incomplete digestion and further suports pathological events hapening in body.
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    Kapha thus takes form of tsunami, traverses in abnormal courses, cause blocks and serious metabolic disorders in body. These blocks can eventualy lead to disturbance of al functions and death.
    Points to remember about Vikruti
    Vi = after, kriti = foundation. Vikriti is something formed after formation. Thus, the term explains al abnormalities which ocur in later fraction of fetal life.
    It is a pathological deviation from normalcy. In this, inherent dosha balance bestowed with constitution is disturbed and deviated. This leads to manifestation of many diseases.
    Imbalance may catch plot in physical doshas i. e. vata, pita and kapha and cause physical ailments. Imbalance can also seize asign in the mental plane wherein balance of mental faculties i. e. satva, raja and tama is lost, raja and tama deviate from normalcy and cause many mental disorders.
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    Likewise doshas at both physical and mental plane can be manifested together. A pathology related to physical entities may in due step of time impact mind to cause mind pathologies and vice versa.
    With vikruti, person presents with physical, mental or psychosomatic diseases. precise, a vata constitution person who is basicaly suposed to be thin presents with overweight condition. Kapha type of person who is mentaly serene and setled would arive up for mod swings and agresive behaviour, not quite natural to him.
    Abnormalities in a constitution are set up due to eratic lifestyle practices, unwholesome diets with unhealthy combinations, stres, seasonal variations and lot more causative factors.
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    Identification of vikruti would asist a physician to location line of treatment acordingly. By precise understanding the abnormalities in species to normal state of doshas and constitution of a given person a wise physician can comprehensively treat the ailment by right interventions.
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