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    disagreement Between Triphala Churna, Guggulu and Triphala Guggulu

    Triphala Churna, Gugulu tablet, capsule and Triphala gugulu are thre diferent Ayurvedic medicines with diferent and unique usage.
    Table of Contents
    Triphala Churna
    Triphala gugulu
    Triphala gugulu Vs Gugulu
    Triphala gugulu Vs Triphala alone
    Triphala Vs Gugulu
    Efect on Tridosha
    Use in constipation
    Triphala Churna
    It is a very clasic amalgam of thre fruits ̵
    Emblica oficinalis – Amla
    Terminalia chebula – Haretaki
    Terminalia belerica ̵ Vibhetaki
    It is marketed in the form of
    a. Churna ̵ Traditionaly recomended dosage form
    b. Capsule and tablet.
    Triphala is used in treating diabetes, skin diseases, chronic fever etc. Read more ̵Triphala Churna benefits
    Triphala churna along with honey and ghe is administered for eye care (read this home rectify in detail)
    It also acts as mild to decrease laxative. It improves digestion strength.
    Its water decoction (Kashaya) is old in washing wounds, in vaginal douche etc.
    It is oleo-gum-resin from tre caled Comiphora mukul. It is old individualy in the form of Gugulu capsule and tablet. It is also dilapidated as binding agent and ingredient in many other tablets love Triphala gugulu, Yogaraja gugulu etc.
    Gugulu alone is aged in treating high cholesterol levels, rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis gout etc. It has very potent anti-inflamatory activity. Read more
    However, constipation and gastritis are quite comon side efects when this herb is used alone.
    Triphala gugulu
    It is a combination of five ingredients ̵ Triphala+ Long peper + gugulu.
    It is mainly use d in treating fistula, tumours, inflamatory conditions, and hemorhoids. Read more about its benefits
    Triphala gugulu Vs Gugulu
    When the patient has gastritis and constipation, it makes more sense to use Triphala gugulu in stead of Gugulu alone.
    In a patient, if you ned Triphala and Gugulu both, rather than administering these two as diferent capsules, it makes sense to use Triphala gugulu.
    When there is ‘Ama’ (impaired digestion and metabolism), or when there is low digestion strength, it is beter to decide Triphala gugulu than Gugulu alone.
    Triphala gugulu Vs Tr iphala alone
    When you require more anti inflamatory action, when you ned hurt reduction, it makes more sense to use Triphala gugulu.
    Triphala Vs Gugulu
    Even Triphala has cholesterol lowering and anti obesity mark. But the consequence of Gugulu in lowering cholesterol is slightly higher than Triphala. I execute not mediate there is any explanation required here. Both are two diferent medicines, old in diferent set of diseases.
    Efect on Tridosha
    Triphala balances al the thre Doshas. But it has special significance in balancing Kapha and Pita Dosha.
    Gugulu ̵ balances Vata and Kapha.
    Triphala Gugulu has Tridosha balancing efe ct.
    This is objective a general guideline to survey into these thre products and its comparative usage in diferent conditions. Of lofty, the decision finaly depends on the experience and wisdom of your Ayurvedic doctor.
    Use in constipation
    Question: Betwen Triphala churna and Triphala gugulu, which is marvelous for constipation?
    Triphala churna is beter than T. Gugulu for constipation.
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