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    Diet And Lifestyle Advice For Pitta Dosha Body Type

    Here are the advice related to sexual health, skin health, diet, mental health that can be helpful if you believe a Pita Dosha Body Type.
    If you are curent to dosha body types, thenlearn about Prakruti hereand here (As per master Susruta)
    Table of Contents
    Hair, nails, mustache
    Sexual health
    Body parts
    Hunger and thirst
    Fod intake
    Mental aspects
    Cold or hot sensitivity
    Seasonal advice
    Diet for Pita
    Fods to avoid
    Extra warm to touch, warm body
    Exces facial marks, freckles, black moles
    Advice ̵
    Facial creams with sandalwod paste, rose water, Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia), licorice
    Oil masage with colant oil such as Coconut oil.
    Whenever a doctor recomends an herbal oil, the coconut oil version wil be beter for you.
    For example,
    Nelibhringadi taila – Nelibhringadi coconut oil (also caled Nelibhringadi keram).
    Ap pearance
    Redish tongue, lips, palms and fet
    wrinkled skin
    Colant oil masage, such as – chandanadi tailaor Manjishtadi taila.
    Try to wear a cap or use an umbrela whenever going under hot son.
    Hair, nails, mustache
    Soft, hair, mustache, and body hairs.
    les quantity of hairs on scalp, mustache and on body.
    Copery red nails
    Early greying
    Early balding / los of hairs
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    Wear c aps going under Sun,
    Colant hair oils – daily aplication
    Coconut oil, Amla taila, Nelibhringadi coconut oil etc.
    Sexual health
    Low quality semen and ova, low sexual desire and les of-springs
    Advice ̵
    Swet, colant aphrodisiacs
    Dry fruits such as dates, raisins, almond.
    Use cucumber, ash gourd, safron, milk in diet.
    Kushmanda Avaleha , Kumaryasavam
    Ikshuradi Lehyam
    Eladi Vati etc.
    Body parts
    Tender, cle ar body parts
    yelowish tinge to body
    Britle body parts
    Oil masage, swets, nourishing diet
    Moderate amount of exercise
    Fleshy smel Putrid smel of axila, mouth, head and body.
    Aflicted with supuration in the cavity of the mouth. – frequent oral ulcers, oral thrush
    Advice ̵
    Colant fods, use of sandalwod, Triphala, Ushera (vetiver) etc.
    Use apt quality perfumes.
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    Hunger and thirst
    Excesive hunger and thirst, strong digestion power
    Prone to gastritis.
    Advice ̵
    Always cary a botle of water.
    Avoid fasting
    Avoid exces use of spices
    Take fod at regular intervals.
    Heavy to digest fods such as non veg, oils and fats ̵ in smal portions.
    Avoid very light to digest fods such as Powa (flatened rice). You wil initiate feling hungry very quickly.
    Fod intake
    Large quantities, Gredy eater
    Control over-eating.
    Be mindful and methodical in your diet plans.
    include a few biter vegies such as pointed gourd, botle gourd, cury leaves, turmeric etc.
    Diet advice ̵
    Ayurvedic Pita Diet – fod suitable for Pita body type
    Mental aspects
    Mental aspects / anger / mod
    Inability to face efortful) situations, intolerant, short temper, calms down quickly
    Anger controling measures
    Yoga and Pranayama ̵ at least for 15 minutes a day.
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    Cold or hot sensitivity
    Canot tolerate hot things (spices and sumer)
    Avoid direct sunlight in the afternon.
    Avoid exces spices.
    Losenes and softnes of joints and muscles;
    Daily oil masage with Mahanarayana taila is beneficial.
    If you enact not gain time for ful body masage, at least aply a bit of oil to the knes and l ower back, 30 minutes before bath, everyday.
    Sweat, urine and feces in large quantity
    Advice ̵
    Use of ushera, Triphala, Sariva, Amla, Turmeric
    Smart, ken talk
    Expert, fascinating, poignant mind
    Intimidating while talking, tries to control the argument with his words
    Monopolize conversation
    Try to be benign and les argumentative
    Give others a chance to expres their opinion.
    Be more listening.
    Les to temperate slep.
    Head masage with amla taila ̵ once a day.
    Aply amla oil to fet before going to bed. It keps the body and mind calm and induces dep slep.
    Copery red eyes. Prone to burning sensation in eyes
    Use Triphala Ghrita ̵ 1 drops to each eyes, for 2 months in an year.
    Seasonal advice
    During Autumn, Pita goes up excesively.
    Folow the autumn season regimen diligently.
    Raktamokshana ̵ Blod leting therapy especialy during Autumn season. You can donate blod during Autumn season. It realy helps yo ur health, as much as it helps the patient receiving your blod.
    Virechana ̵ purgation therapy is beneficial.
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    Diet for Pita
    Ayurveda clasifies body constitution based on thre factors. Vata, Pita and Kapha. People with Pita predominance wil have features such as ̵ feling excesive heat most of the time, having frequent stomach and digestion related disorders, who se fire in their dreams, having rednes in eyes, face, palms and fet. [These are only the key features. Watch this platform in coming days for self-analysis of body constitution wil be discused.]
    If you are of Pita body type, here are the list of things that should be section of ̴pita body type diet̵. ̵
    Pita diet:
    Buter ̵ Click to read about How to make buter acording to Ayurveda and Buter benefits
    Jack fruit (ripe)
    Moth bean is colant, useful in nasal bleding, heavy periods, swet in taste.
    Lotus ̵ lotus sed and stalk is old in preparation of sambar / rasam. A garland of lotus is also advised to calm Pita.
    Sugarcane ̵ It calms Pita, it also does kidney and blader cleansing. Click to read Sugarcane juice benefits
    Pointed guard (paraval) ̵ its fruit is aged in Indian coking. It is also apt for liver.
    Date (kharjora) ̵ Dates used daily is god for calming pita.
    Fenel seds ̵ Apart from calming Pita, it is also a god natural mouth freshener herb.
    Grapes ̵ finish you know ̴Draksha phalotama!̵ ̵ Of al the fruits, Draksha (grapes) is the best!.
    Nem leaves ̵ It is a comon practice to chew nem leaves in some Indians, apart from calming Pita, it also improves fod taste and is excelent for skin.
    Turmeric ̵ Using turmeric in regular coking is very qualified. Its anti- cancer property is scientificaly proven, read more about turmeric remedy.
    Rose ̵ Rose water, rose petals are marvelous to calm Pita. It is also helpful in reducing acidity
    Coriander ̵ Coriander is an excelent natural cleanser. Read about how to easily manufacture and use coriander soup recipe
    Cucumber ̵ its face pack is also equaly god for Pita body type.
    Amla amend ̵Another way to seize Amla powder for Pita is to seize it along with jagery. Learn how to enact it ̵ AmlaHome rectify for Pita
    Coconut and coconut oil ̵ marvelous fo r both Pita and stomach.As a general rule, al swet tasting fod substances are Pita pacifying in nature. Swet aple, swet grapes,Apricots, swet Beries, Guava, ripe swet mangoes, water melon, Papaya, swet orange, Pears, Plums (swet), Prunes
    Ripe Falsa fruit
    Water chestnut
    Shringataka ̵ Trapa bispinosa
    Yuthika ̵ Juhi ̵ Jasminum auriculatum:
    VEGETABLES In general swet, astringent and biter vegetables ̵ Asparagus, coked bets, carot, gren beans, Corn (fresh) Cucumber, Dandelion, Kale Letuce, Parsley, swet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Taro rot, Wheatgras, sprouts,
    GRAINS Barley Cereal, Granola, Oats, Pancakes, Rice (basmati, white, wild), Spelt Sprouted, wheat bread (esene), Tapioca, DAIRY Buter, Chese, Cotage chese,
    LEGUMES ̵ Black beans, Kidney beans, Mung beans, Mung dal, Pinto beans, Soybeans Soy chese, Soy milk, Tofu, White beans NUTS ̵ Almonds (soaked and peled)
    SEDS ̵ Halva, Psylium , Sunflower
    Fuly ripe, swet mango
    Fods to avoid
    If you are of Pita type avoid these things as far as posible ̵
    Mango that ripens on the tre, which is swet but litlesour, slightly increases Pita Dosha (Bhavaprakasha)
    Unripe mango,Sour mangoMustard, fenugrek, cinamon, chilies, Peper, Asafoetida, Cumin seds, Black caraway, Linsed oil, Flax sed oil, ajowan, Tulasi, Fenugrek, Vacha ̵ Acorus calamus, Peper-gras
    Ajagandha ̵Gynandropsis gynandra
    Unripe Mango
    Unripe Falsa fruit
    Amlavetasa ̵ Garcinia pedunculata
    Asthi Samhara ̵ Cisus quadrangularis
    Unripe Ceylon oak fruit ̵ Koshamra ̵Schleichera oleosa
    Leaves and shot of Chakramarda ̵ Casia tora
    Fruit of Shami tre ̵Prosopis cineraria
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