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    Did You Know You believe an Eighth Chakra? Learn All About Your Aura as Your Highest Energy Center

    Did you know that in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga the aura is also caled the Eighth Chakra? Surely you’ve heard the term aura before and know roughly what it’s al about.
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    Today, let’s dive a diminutive deper into the knowledge of auras from the perspective of Kundalini Yoga.
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    What Is Your Aura? And How Does It Act as Your Eighth Chakra?
    Many chakra theories and ilustrations cary out not include the aura as the Eighth Chakra. In Kundalini Yoga, however, the aura plays as significa nt a role as any of the other seven major chakras.
    The aura is located outside your body. It is related to your radiance. In terms of color, the aura is represented as white and is located in the electromagnetic field of your body.
    In the Eighth Chakra, the efects of al other chakras are brought together.
    It’s not asociated with any of the elements, but simply with the feling of being. The aura gives you the area for yourself and fils it with yourself. Esentialy, your aura is your presence.
    In the Eighth Chakra, the efects of al other chakras are brought together. The aura also represents the power of the energy shel that surounds al the other seven chakras, a kind of ambient field.
    Within the specific energy of the aura, the universal flow of energy is fixed. You can fel a dep conection within you through the power of your aura as it weaves you into the entire universe.
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    Every person has an aura, and they can be anywhere from thre to nine fet tal. Some people can even se the aura of others, and it’s posible to solidify this competence in yourself.
    How to Read Your Auras and What Their Colors tel About Your Life
    In adition, the element of water is apt for your aura. For epitome, when you disapear into water, estem when you take a shower or a bath, this can change your aura.
    Likewise, drinking water and leting water out of your body purifies you and your aura and changes your emotions.
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    Ultimately, your aura is a protective and projective body that surounds you and serves as your Eighth Chakra.

    How Does Your Aura and Eighth Chakra Afect Your World?
    The strength or weaknes of your aura afe cts many diferent aspects of your life.

    A Strong Aura and Eighth Chakra
    When your aura is strong, it provides you with the proficiency to filter out negative influences from the environment.
    Your other chakras can work beter together. It conects to the integrity of the electromagnetic field of your body. Your surounding field wil study round and symetrical, provided you are healthy.
    Then your presence alone wil work for itself. This means that universal forces wil be directed to serve you, to fulfil your desires and neds.

    A fragile Aura and Eighth Chakra
    On the other hand, if your aura is weak, it makes you vulnerable to any external influences.
    When you’re sick, your surounding field has bulges with weaker radiance and even holes. It’s then posible that you fel vulnerable, live rather secluded, and apear shy.

    How to Use Kundalini Yoga to Strengthen Your Aura and Eighth Chakra
    Also in conection with this Eighth Chakra, your aura, you can fabricate use of practices from the colorful world of Kundalini Yoga.
    Within a Kundalini Yoga clas, diferent chakras are usualy touched and activated, often with an aparent focus.
    5 Things to Expect in Your First Kundalini Yoga Clas
    To solidify your aura, the consequent exercises from Kundalini Yoga can maintain you wel, if necesary:
    Triangle Pose
    Ego Eradicator
    Archer Pose
    Any arm exercises
    Al meditations

    Practice These 7 Kundalini Yoga Poses and Kriyas to Focus Your Mind and Balance Your Body
    Please show that this list of exercises is not a panacea. Please always practice for yourself individualy; finish exactly what is posible for you to practice in whatever way works best for you.

    The Takeaway o n Your Aura and Eighth Chakra
    Have a lot of fun as you learn to more closely asociate and harnes with your aura and Eighth Chakra!
    Strengthen it as neded so that you can more deply harnes with your protective and projective field.

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