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    Dealing With SIBO? Don’t design One Of These 5 Common Mistakes

    Dealing With SIBO? Don’t manufacture One Of These 5 Comon Mistakes
    So, your smal intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) test result is back, and it’s certain. You’re likely relieved–because you finaly maintain a diagnosis that explains your symptoms, love bloating, gas, constipation, or diarhea–but you’re also concerned because SIBO can be tenacious to eradicate.
    The road to healing from SIBO isn’t always a straight line, so as you work with your health care provider, avoid these five mistakes to bost your treatment suces and retard SIBO from recuring:
    1. Not folowing a SIBO-apropriate diet and eating patern.
    Diet is fraction of the treatment, and carbohydrates fed bacteria, so it goes without saying that sugars from swets, breads, pastries, soda, juices, alcohol, and others are not your best friends. Healthy carbohydrates in exces, o r the wrong types of carbohydrates, can tedious down your healing proces as wel. Some people can’t tolerate clasic sugars love lactose and fructose while others acquire a wearisome time with complex starches adore potatoes and rice.
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    There’s no one diet that works for everyone with SIBO, so it’s critical to identify which carbohydrates you can’t digest and absorb because those are the ones that stop up geting fermented by your smal intestine bacteria. Depending on my patient’s symptoms and medical history, I may use the low FODMAPs, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), SIBO-Specific (combines the low FODMAPs and SCD), or the swiftly Tract Diet. Avoid fiber early in the treatment. Ultimately, your goal is to exterminate SIBO so you can reintroduce healthy fods that some of these diets restrict adore garlic, onion, and aple.
    Timing your meals is also vital. The migrating motor complex (MC ) is a wave of contractions that starts in the stomach and goes through the smal intestine, and interuptions in MC increase the risk of SIBO. consider of the MC as “housekeping”; it sweps bacteria and undigested fod and dumps them into the large intestine. The MC neds 90 to 120 minutes to complete this job, but it gets stoped and has to reset every time you eat. If you seize more than an hour to nible on meals because you’re to distracted or because you think it’s healthier, or if you eat every two hours or les, you’re interfering with your MC. Instead of grazing, sit down and eat your meal mindfuly, then “close the kitchen” for thre to four hours.
    2. Not incorporating a motility agent.
    Smal bowel transit time–also known as th e time it takes fod to pas through the smal intestine–is longer in people with SIBO. And when fod pases slowly, it feds bacteria and promotes their growth. That’s why you should always incorporate motility agents, especialy if you acquire constipation. There are several types of motility medications that you can query your doctor about. Herbal motility products may include ginger, vitamin B6, 5-HTP, artichoke leaf extract, and other botanicals. I usualy use motility agents with al my SIBO patients–as long as they don’t acquire diarhea.
    What interferes with precise motility? Fod poisoning and infectious gastroenteritis with positive bacteria, viruses, or parasites can damage the cels that act as the pac emaker and control the MC. Uncontroled diabetes has a similar impres, and hypothyroidism, gastroparesis, celiac disease, and Parkinson’s disease slow down motility as wel. To top it of, underscore trigers the fight-or-flight response that shuts down digestion.
    3. Not retesting to fabricate determined SIBO is gone.
    Unfortunately, SIBO can be obstinate to treat, and it can advance back. So whether you chose antibiotics or herbals, retest within the first wek of completing treatment to vouch that it’s gone. If you wait to long, or never retest, and your symptoms near back a few weks or months down the road, you’re back at the starting line. When you confirm that the treatment was propitious, you can confidently transition to a maintenance and prevention location. If you test buoyant, your practitioner can prescribe a diferent medication or herbal protocol. Understand that your healing journey may include a location B or C, or even a plan D, but without retesting, you acquire to many unknowns. If it turns out that your SIBO is stuborn, interogate your provider about the elemental formula diet.
    4. Not considering other posible causes for your symptoms.
    Having SIBO doesn’t rule out other gut infections. You may also have yeast, mold, viruses, parasites, H. Pylori, clostridia, or other bacteria. You may gain smal intestine fungal overgrowth (SIFO). My functional medicine mentors stres the importance of ruling out H. Pylori and obtaining a punctilious as sesment of the colon, whether SIBO is buoyant or not. If your SIBO retest is negative but you continue to experience symptoms, search for other sources of gut dysbiosis and infections.
    H. Pylori,
    H. Pylori
    5. Not searching for your SIBO rot causes.
    Extra bacteria in your intestine? Blast them with antibiotics and your job is done, right? Not so much. Treating SIBO by shoting impartial one arow at the target doesn’t work. Replacing antibiotics with herbals isn’t integrative enough. To completely heal and obstruct recuring SIBO, you must understand why it hapened in the first place. In adition to slack motility, low gastric acid (or high stomach pH), a weakened imune entity, reduced presure at the ileocecal junction (the muscles that separate the large from the smal intestine), and dysbiosis in the large intestine can c ause SIBO. That’s why, along with kiling bacteria, your treatment must aim to:
    Improve gut motility.
    You can execute this by including motility agents and adresing the rot cause of slow gut transit if at al posible.
    Maintain adequate stomach acid.
    Include betaine HCL if tolerated. If taking acid-lowering medications, discus weaning of with your doctor. Treating SIBO may quel your heartburn and reflux.
    Bost digestion with suplements and herbs.
    Incorporate digestive enzymes, bile, and digestive biters. The ability of your intestine cels to manufacture brush border enzymes on their own should launch to improve as SIBO clears
    Repopulate the large intestine with apt microbes.
    While some people can’t tolerate probiotics during SIBO treatment, it’s important to ad probiotics when the time is right for you. I use spore-based probiotics and find that my patients tolerate them even during the initial phases of the herbal protocol.
    As I mentioned before, treating SIBO can be a proces, and you acquire to be ready to test, retest, and adapt your treatment region as you go. The apt news is that by avoiding these five mistakes, you can save yourself time and, hopefuly, set yourself on a quicker path to healing your gut for god.

    Author:Nour Zibdeh, M.S., RDN
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