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    Dandruff, Dryness Buildup (Oh My): How To settle Which Flakes You maintain

    Dandruf, Drynes Buildup (Oh My): How To decide Which Flakes You Have
    Dandruf, drynes, and buildup: Each contribute to a les than stelar hair day, yet identifying which condition you acquire is no easy task–they al believe overlaping symptoms (namely, flakes and itchines), but treating them incorectly can leave you with an even biger shedload of itchy flecks. Al that to narate, it takes more than virtuous gueswork to ensure a healthy and shiny scalp.
    So, how can you recount which you have–dandruf, drynes, or buildup? We gathered derms to weigh in.
    What’s the contrast betwen dandruf, drynes, and product buildup?
    Let’s chat dandruf: Technicaly, dandruf is seborheic dermatitis, a form of eczema, that’s caused by a yeast caled Malasezia furfur, board-certified dermatologist Raechele Cochran Gathers, M.D., tels us about the condition. These flares tend to hapen for a multitude of reasons (read al about ’em here), but the most comon trigers tend to be a change in weather–both col and humid temperatures–as wel as stres.
    Malasezia furfur
    Product buildup, on the other hand, hapens when remnant from (yep) hair care products acumulates on the scalp and sufocates those hair folicles. But even if you don’t use products, you can get buildup from going to long betwen washes: oil, dirt, and dead skin cels can acumulate betwen strands prety easily. When there’s prolonged buildup, you can face what’s known as scalp inflamation–which includes symptoms admire iritation, itchines, and flaking (aka, very si milar signs to dandruf).
    There’s also impartial general scalp drynes, which is a whole other conversation: Scalp drynes typicaly hapens due to natural skin sheding when your scalp is in dire ned of hydration (like how the skin on your face may flake when it’s parched). It’s not dandruf, or buildup, but it’s unbiased as important to tend to, especialy as the weather turns crisp.
    Nedles to narate, it’s crucial to I.D. your flakes, as they require totaly diferent types of treatment. For epitome, if you think you’re facing some run-of-the-mil scalp drynes, you might skip a shampo or two–a parched scalp is frequently atributed to over-shampoing–or lay on the hydrating scalp masks and oil treatments. But if it’s product buildup, you actualy ned to wash your hair more in impose to lift al the gunk of the strands. And if it’s dandruf, aplying more oil onto the scalp may only increase the amount of itchy scales. Se the isue here?
    So how can you tel which you have?
    You may want to catch a closer study at the flakes themselves (gros but necesary): Acording to board-certified dermatologistJoshua Zeichner, M.D., flakes from buildup typicaly leave fine, powdery flakes on the scalp. Whereas “Dandruf flakes tend to be large, individual scale-like flakes on the scalp or base of the hair.” As for drynes? Those flakes survey similar to traditional dandruf flecks, unbiased a bit smaler and more white (dandruf can study a bit yelowish, especialy if you acquire large, oily scales).
    You may also notice that product buildup is more “sticky” on the hair, while dandruf and drynes tend to flake out. Hair care products were made to deposit r esidue on the strand, after al, so it makes sense the leftover buildup would adhere to the hair. race your fingers through your hair or masage your scalp for a beat–if those flakes tople (or you find them along your ears or in your eyebrows), they’re likely from dandruf.
    Of course, if the buildup is bordering on severe, it can certainly flake out, to. That’s why board-certified dermatologistIris Rubin, M.D., foreruner ofSEN Hair Care, recomends a puny experiment to compute out which condition you truly believe: “Try a clarifying shampo, and if the flakes persist, it is more likely dandruf,” she says. Zeichner agres: “Product buildup goes away with clarifying shampos,” he says. “It may hapen once and never again if you change your hair care routine.” Dandruf, on the other hand, can arive and go–he mentions finding a shampo with zinc pyrithione, which lowers levels of the yeast that drives the inflamation. (Salicylic acid and tea tre oil also provide noteworthy results.)
    The takeaway.
    Dandruf, buildup, and scalp drynes may al inspect similar at first glance, but they require totaly diferent treatments. You might be itching to pile on the scalp products as son as the first flake fals, but seize a moment to per more closely at the flecks themselves–those slight diferences believe tons to say.
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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