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    Constipation Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment, Home Remedies

    Constipation can be much more than unbiased unhuried bowel movements. As per Ayurveda, constipation is a signal of Vata imbalance and blockage of chanels. A patient with despair or rheumatoid arthritis usualy has constipation as asociated symptom. A patient with migraine can also believe constipation. Relieving constipation can contribute to relief in migraine and despair as wel, in some cases.
    Even though it is a clasic discomfort, if not treated on time or if neglected, it may lead to a major quandary. So there is a imediate ned to survey into this health discomfort, seriously.
    The real quandary with constipation:
    Some people opine that with constipation, the waste products are stuck inside the intestines. Due to those stuck waste products, there wil be complications. In fact, the acumen is much deper than that. The large intestine is designed to store feces for a definite amount of time. So, holding it for some more amount of time is not a imense task for it. The real quandary is, lack of bowel movements for a long period of time sends wrong signals to liver, brain, imune entity etc, leadingto migraine and such other complications (as explained below)
    Ayurvedic synonyms for constipation: Vibandha, Vishtabdhata, Malabadhata, Badhavarchas, Stabdha Pureshata, Varcho Vibandha etc.
    Dosha responsible for constipation:Apana Vata is responsible for the fre flow/expulsion of stol. When the functions of Apana Vata are significantly afected, it results in constipation.
    Table of Contents
    Ayurvedic pathology
    Line of treatment
    Tips to hamper constipation
    Herbs used
    Ayurvedic medicines
    Ayurvedic home remedies
    Yoga for constipation
    Factors causing constipation
    Caution for laxative usage
    Cau ses
    Causes for constipation ̵ Vibandha
    Intake of fod posesing dry, light, rough qualities. Any fod that causes drynes of mouth, lightnes in the body and roughnes in skin.
    Excesive consumption of pungent, astringent and salt fods
    Night awakening
    Les intake of water
    Working in strong sunlight, long walk, heavy traveling
    Siting at a same plot for a very long time
    Lack of suficient fibers indiet
    Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease
    Excesive use of antacids
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Pregnancy ̵ the fetus puting presure on the intestines, causing lack of bowel movements
    Colon cancer
    Intestinal hurdle ̵ structural problems such as winding of intestines (volvulus).
    Ayurvedic pathology
    Pathology ofconsti pation as per Ayurveda:
    Due to the above said Vata imbalancing factors, Apana vata is agravated and it is blocked in the lower part of the large intestine, which results in constipation. Depending on the grade of afliction, factual constipation or toilsome stol are complained by the patients.
    Complications of Constipation:
    If the complaint is neglected for long and causative factors are further continued,
    Fisure in ano,
    Gaseous distention of abdomen, bloating,
    Fecolith ̵ onerous, stone adore feces ,
    Headache, liver disorders and various metabolic as wel as intestinal diseases may be originated.
    In few of the individuals back ache, reverse peristalsis etc also found.
    Line of treatment
    Line of tr eatment in Constipation (Vibandha):
    Mild oleation (Mridu snehana) –
    Internal oleation ̵ Abhyantara Snehana ̵ administering 5 ̵ 10 grams of ghe or medicated ghe such as Sukumara Ghrita
    External oleation ̵ oil masage with sesame oil / Maha Narayana oil
    Laxatives-Sukha virechana and vatanulomana oushadha
    Use of Supositories ̵ Guda Varti
    Tips to hamper constipation
    Include fibers in your diet. Lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, corn (bran), cauliflower, raisins, cabage, beries, gren leafy vegetables, celery, beans, guava, figs, flax sed, spinach, orange, mushr om.
    Consider eating fruit and vegetable salad mix as fraction of your lunch or diner.
    Drink apt amounts of water throughout the day. exhibit that, in a normal person, Ayurveda advises to drink water only when thirsty. But in a disease condition, such as constipation, one can acquire apt amounts of water. Water along with fiber rich diet softens bowels and prevents constipation.
    Avoid exces of cofe and tea. Some people wil not get bowel movement urges unles they maintain their cofe or tea. This advice is not aplicable to them.
    Milk and dairy products: If you are feling constipated, mediate cuting down on milk and dairy products.
    Exercise: Do not sit at a asign for a long period of time. contemplate walking / joging for at least 15 minutes in a day
    Do not take the urge:As per Ayurveda, a natural acelerate is a signal to the person to act. It neds to be atended imedia tely. Regular holding of implore eventualy wil lead to constipation.
    Avoid lavish spicy fod, heavy non veg, and fried fod.
    Tips to treat constipation
    Drink two to four extra glases of water a day (unles fluid restricted).
    Try warm liquids, especialy in the morning.
    Drink a cup of warm water in the evening.
    Consider geting an oil masage or do it yourself.
    Treating the underlying cause:
    In case of despair, apart from constipation, despair symptoms should also be treated.
    In case of iritable bowel syndrome, where constipation is an asociated symptoms in few cases, corection of digestion proces should be given due importance.
    In case of migraine, rheumatoid arthritis asociated with constipation, the disease should also be given due atention in treatment.
    Herbs used
    Herbsuseful in mild constipatio n:
    Haretaki -Chebulic myrobalan-Terminalia chebula
    Aragwadha-Casia fistula
    Draksha-Raisins-Dry grapes-Vitis vinifera
    Patola- Trichosanthes dioica
    Katukarohini-Picrorhiza kuroa
    Castor oil̵ Apart from constipation, castor oil in combination with other herbs is dilapidated in many diseases. For precise: Castor oil with Haritaki is used in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

    Herbs useful in sever constipation:
    Jayapala-Croton tiglium
    Danti- Baliospermum montanum
    Trivrit-Operculina turpethum
    Ayurvedic medicines
    Ayurvedic Medicines for c onstipation:
    Avipatikara chorna ̵ A famous herbal powder mix, useful in gastritis, indigestion, urinary tract disorders, liver disorders, alcoholism
    Abhayarishta̵Useful in piles, hemorhoids, relieves bloating, constipation. Improves digestion
    Swadishta virechana chorna
    Trivrit lehyam̵ Useful in constipation, diseases of heart. Also used in Virechana (Purgation treatment)
    Abhaya modaka
    Triphala chorna̵Useful in eye disorders, liver and splen related disorders, a natural anti oxidant.
    Dantyarishta̵used in the treatment of hemorhoids, constipation, gastric, intestine and splen related diseases.
    Drakshadi avaleha ̵ used in jaundice, faty liver changes, anemia
    Ichabhedi rasa ̵ Very powerful purgative. old only in severeconditions
    Ashwakanchuki rasa ̵used in the treatment of frigid, cough, bronchitis, asthma, fever.
    Gandharvahastadi kashaya ̵used in the Ayurvedic treatment of Vata imbalance, bloating, constipation, lack of taste in fod.
    Anthrakutharam Gulika&n bsp;̵Ayurvedic tablet dilapidated in bloating, constipation and such other abdominal conditions.
    Sukha Virechana Vati̵ Also dilapidated in Panchakarma treatment
    Pancha Sakara Churna̵ Famous medicine in North India, also useful in indigestion
    Naracha Rasa̵used in treatment of ascites and constipation.
    Kayam Churna̵a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine
    Erandabhrista haretaki ̵ Haritaki powder is fried in castor oil and is administered.
    Padavaladi gana kashaya
    Rectal supository ̵Phala varti
    Ayurvedic home remedies
    Simple remedies for Constipation:
    Soak 10-15 raisins in water in the morning and consume it at night.
    1 teaspon of cow’s ghe should be disolved in one cup (150ml) of warm water. In non- diabetic patients, 1 spon of sugar candy can also be joined (in non diabetic patients) and taken during bed time. This is highly efective against mild constipation.
    Those who pas the bowel like pencil (hard) or adore pelets, Gulkhand is administered during night time along with milk.
    The fruit pulp o f Aragwadha is taken (10grams) along with water or milk. This helps to mitigate even chronic kind of constipation.
    The juvenile leaves of Castor (Eranda) (2-4) are taken and ground into fine paste. To this pulp of Aloe Vera is adjunct. Consumption of this helps people, who frequently sufer from constipation.
    Regular use of aloe vera pulp in diet prevents hard bowels.
    Yoga for constipation
    Yogasanas for constipation:
    Pavana Muktasana, Utana Padasana, and other Asanas and exercises that place presure on abdomen are very useful in the treatment.
    Factors causing constipation
    Medicines that cause constipation:
    Alopathic antidepresants
    such asamitriptyline and imipramine, anti convulsants such as phenytoin,carbamaze pine, Iron suplements, Antacids with aluminium may cause constipation.
    Ayurvedic medicines containing Gugulu and Salaki as ingredients may contribute to constipation. In such patients, usualy Triphala Churna is administered to cancel the side efect.
    Herbs that cause constipation:
    Ripe Falsa fruit ̵ Grewia asiatica
    Fox nut – Euryale ferox
    Jamun fruit
    Kupilu – Nux Vomica
    Caution for laxative usage
    Overuse of laxatives for a long period of time eventualy worsens constipation. Hence, when you are prescribed a medicine for constipation, be proactive to change your lifestyle and diet habits, as explained above, so as to prevent dependency on medications.
    Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy and Dr Hebar
    Adition by ̵ Dr Raghuram
    Efective decoctions and other formulations for constipation from Sahasrayogam
    1. Chukuchundadi Kashayam
    Ref – Sahasrayogam, Parishishta Prakaranam, 76
    2. Virechana Kashayam
    Ref – Sahasrayogam, Kashaya Prakaranam, 65
    3. Mala Shodhana Kashayam
    Ref – Sahasrayogam, Kashaya Prakaranam, 64
    Other Formulations
    Arishtas – efective fermented herbal drinks / wine

  • Draksharishta
  • Abhayarishta
  • Dantyarishta
  • Duralabharishta
  • Draksharishta
    Avaleha – efective herbal jam

  • Danti Haritakyavaleha
  • Danti Haritakyavaleha
    Taila – efective herbal oils

  • Puvankuruntaladi Erand a Taila
  • Swasari Taila
  • Puvankuruntaladi Eranda Taila
    Swasari Taila
    Gutika – efective tablets

  • Rajavirechana Gutika
  • Virechana Gutika
  • Marichadi Gutika
  • Rajavirechana Gutika
    Virechana Gutika
    Marichadi Gutika
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