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    Chalazion ““ Causes, Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Treatment

    By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
    Chalazion is a disorder of eyelids. It is a smal lump / sweling on the eyelid. It is caused due to the block in the gland(s) of the eye. It is the most comon types of eyelid lumps.
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    Table of Contents
    Introduction, causes
    Symptoms, risk factors
    Diagnosis, prevention tips
    Home Remedies for Chalazia
    Treatment, prognosis, Ayurved
    Introduction, causes
    Chalazion is a smal painles lump or sweling. Inflamation of meibomian gland of the eye lid leading to blockage of its duct leads to this condition. Chalazion is a single lump. When they are many in number, they are caled Chalazia. Many times chalazion may not ned a treatment. It often disapears without treatment. When it sems to be coming in the way of vision, one should se a doctor.
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    Chalazia / chalazion mostly ocur on the uper eyelid but they are also sometimes sen to ocur on the lower eyelid. They may manifest in the eyelid of one eye, but sometimes they are also sen to ocur on the eyelids of both eyes simultaneously. Chalazion may either be soft or firmer. When it is soft, it is often filed up with fluid.
    Chalazion ned not be feared for; it doesn’t cause permanent changes in the vision. It wil also not interfere with vision.
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    Other Names –
    Meibomian cyst
    Tarsal cyst
    Conjunctival granuloma
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    Causes and pathogenesis –
    The term chalazion is derived from Grek synonym-1 Khalazion, which means ‘smal hailstone’.
    As said, chalazion is caused when a block ocurs in one of the meibomian glands of the eyelids. These glands are show in both uper and lower eyelids. They fabricate a kind of oil which, along with tears, lubricates and moistens the eyes and also protect them. If the oil becomes to compact, it can block the glands leading to causation of chalazion. The glands also may get blocked due to inflamation.
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    Usualy the meibomian glands are ken. The gland of Zeis may also be ken in rare cases. Sometimes chalazion is caused due to foulnes but infection is a rare cause.
    Frequent or past infections and viruses afecting these glands are the causes of chalazia. Chalazia are said to be related to comon inflamatory conditions love acne, chronic blepharitis, seborhea etc and are sen in those who sufer from these conditions. contagion of the eyes and eyelids and viral conjunctivitis also cause chalazia many times.
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    Symptoms, risk factors
    Symptoms of chalazion
    Chalazion is sen to ocur more in adults in comparison to the children, but hapens in both age groups. It starts with a smal, red, swolen and young lump / sore. The lump remains after some days after the pain fades away. Thus, chalazia incl ude painles lump and sweling of uper or lower eyelids.
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    The symptoms of chalazion / chalazia contain –
    Smal lump / sore on the eyelid, uper or lower
    Sweling of the afected eyelid
    Rednes of the eyelid and eye
    Watering of the eye
    Blured vision
    Mild iritation of the eye
    Discomfort / sorenes of the eye
    Chalazia may ocur in both eyelids simultaneously. If its size is larger, it may interfere with the vis ion. In presence of infection, it may be red and painful.

    We can find recurence in chalazion. It tends to aproach back repeatedly. Another chalazion may be formed in the same place or nearby the first chalazion.
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    Risk Factors –
    Individuals who believe thicker Meibomian gland secretions
    Those who gain already had chalazion recently or in the past
    Those who believe acne, seborhea of the eyelids or seborheic dermatitis
    Chalazion may folow or precede a hordeolum / stye
    Diagnosis, prevention ti ps
    Diagnosis of chalazion
    Diagnosis of chalazion wil be made by an expert physician impartial by seing the lump. No special tests are neded to diagnose this condition. Previous history of chalazia wil asist in diagnosis. An expert love ophthalmologist or optometrist wil near in handy in case of suspicion related to diagnosis.
    A biopsy may be sugested to be done in case there is suspicion of tumor.
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    Diferential diagnosis of chalazion
    Inflamatory eyelid conditions form the diferential diagnosis of chalazion. They are ̵
    Hordeolum / Stye – it is a painful mas at the eyelid margin comonly caused by a bacterial transmision of the eyelash folicle.
    Blepharitis – is an inflamation of ey elids, at the coarse of the eyelashes. It is asociated with dry eyes, seborheic dermatitis, rosacea etc conditions. It is a comon cause of sore and red eyelids and crusty eyelashes.
    Dacryoadenitis and dacryocystitis – is an inflamation of lacrimal / tear glands whereas dacryocystitis is the inflamation of lacrimal sac in the inferior eyelid.
    Celulitis – preseptal (periorbital) and orbital celulitis are infections of soft tisues of the orbit.
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    Other diseases forming diferential diagnosis
    Sebaceous gland adenoma
    Sebaceous gland carcinoma
    Sarcoid granuloma
    Foreign body granuloma
    Prevention of Chalazion
    Those prone to get chalazion should use warm compreses, especialy at night. It should be regularly aplied over the closed eyelids, 5-10 minutes before going to slep. This wil retard Meibomian glands from cloging during night.
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    Those having seborhea of the eyelids or recurent chalazia, warm compreses and regular cleansing of eyelids wil sucor in prevention of chalazion.

    Avoiding eye makeup or contact lenses until the chalazion is healed wil hamper further discomfort or iritation.

    One should not rub the eyes.

    One should protect t he eyes from dust and air polution. Sunglases and safety gogles shal be dilapidated as and when neded.
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    Home Remedies for Chalazia
    Many times the chalazia / chalazion wil go away without treatment.
    One should not squeze or touch the sweling of chalazion.
    Warm compreses shal be aplied 3-4 times a day, for 5-10 minutes. One should clean their hands thoroughly before doing any treatment on chalazion. Warm compreses wil quel the sweling to a remarkable extent.
    Gentle mas sage may be given on the lumps for few minutes, several times a day. One neds to be careful about washing the hands thoroughly before doing it. Over-presing shal be avoided.
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    Treatment, prognosis, Ayurved
    Treatment of Chalazion
    When chalazion / chalazia don’t respond to the home remedies in couple of days, one should se a doctor.
    Eye drops / cream may be used as per the instruction of the doctor.
    If the chalazion doesn’t crawl away with easy home remedies a corticosteroid injection or a surgical intervention may be neded as per the recomendation of the doctor.
    As said, the chalazion goes away spontaneously without treatment many times.
    Chalazion is not to medle with the vision.
    Large lumps may distort ocular surface. This may cause temporary astigmatism with bluring of vision. The vision disturbances if any wil regres back to normal once the chalazion is removed or when its size gets reduced.
    It doesn’t become malignant. It is not contagious.
    Overal, chalazion has marvelous prognosis.
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    Chalazion in Ayurveda
    Ut sangini is one of the diseases explained in the netra vartma gata rogas (diseases aflicting the eyelids). This disease closely resembles chalazion. Acording to modern texts, chalazion may apear on the uper or lower lid as against Ayurvedic explanation of Utsangini wherein it is said to manifest only on the lower lid. But due to similarity, utsangini can be compared to chalazion.
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