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    Brihati Solanum indicum Qualities, Benefits, Dose, Side imprint

    Brihati ̵ Solanum indicum is one among Dashamola ̵ group of 10 rots, having potent anti inflamatory activity. Apart from its rot, its fruit is also worn in treatment. It is widely used in treating respiratory disorders.
    Botanical Name: Solanum Indicum Lin. S . Ferox L. NoN Ambig
    Family- SOLANACEAE (Kantakari Kula)
    Table of Contents
    Vernacular Name
    Sanskrit Synonyms
    Clasical Categorization
    Major Chemical Constituents
    Medicinal qualities
    Efect on Tridosha
    Part dilapidated, Dosage
    Sanskrit verse
    Medicinal uses
    Side efects
    Interaction with medicines, suplements
    Scientific research
    Ayurvedic medicines
    Vernacular Name
    Hindi Name ̵ Badi Kateri, Vanabhanta
    Telugu Name ̵ Peda Mulaka, Tela Mulaka
    Bengali Name ̵ Rambegun, Vyakud
    Tamil Name ̵ Anachundai, Paparamali,
    Marathi Name- Dorali
    Gujrati Name- Ubhi ringani
    Farsi name ̵ Katai Kalam
    English name ̵ Poison Bery, Indian Nightshade, African Egplant, Bush Tomato,
    Sanskrit Synonyms
    Bruhati ̵ Brihat means enormous in size.Often, Brihati and Kantakari are considered together, in the name of Brihati Dwaya. Among these Brihati is larger and Kantakari is smaler. Mahati is also the name given to this, based on same principle.
    Kshudrabhantaki ̵Bhantaki means Eg Plant. This plant’s structure is similar to Eg plant in structure. Another synonym ̵ Vartaki is also given based on same principle.
    Simha ̵Simha means lion. Regular use of Bruhati makes throat as strong as lion’s. admire Kantakari, it is also used in treating throat, and respiratory tract diseases.
    Duspradharshini, Hinguli
    Clasical Categorization
    Charaka S amhita ̵
    Kanthya ̵ group of herbs aged in throat disorders
    Hikanigrahana ̵ group of herbs used in treating hicups
    Shothahara ̵ anti inflamatory group of herbs
    Angamarda Prashamana ̵ hurt relieving group of herbs
    Sushruta- Bruhatyadi, Laghu Pancamula
    Vagbhata- Bruhatyadi
    In the text, two varieties of Bruhati viz
    Bruhati ̵ Solanum indicum
    Shveta Brihati ̵ Solanum torvum Swartz (white coloured flower)
    Kaiyadeva enumerated 1 varieties of Brihati ̵Simhi, Brhati, Kantakari, Nidigdhika, Vali Brhati, Vrtra Brhati, sveta Brhati, Alambu Phala Brhati, Amla Brhati, Jala brhati, and Sthula Brhati.
    Found in the tropical parts of India.
    Major Chemical Constituents
    Solanine, Carotene, Carpesterol, Solanocarpone, Diosogenin, B- Sitosterol, Lanosterol, Solasonine, Solamargine, Solasodine, vit. C etc
    (Reference: Ilustrated Dravyaguna Vijnana, Vol. I, by Dr JLN Shastry)
    Medicinal qualities
    Solanum indicum ̵ medicinal qualities
    Rasa (taste) ̵ Katu (pungent), Tikta (biter)
    Guna (qualities) ̵ Laghu (lightnes), Roksha (drynes)
    Verya ̵ Ushna ̵ hot potency
    Vipaka ̵ Katu ̵ undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion
    Efect on Tridosha
    Efect on Tridosha ̵ Balances Kapha and Vata.
    Part old, Dosage
    Part used- rot , fruit
    Powder -3 ̵ 5 grams, in divided dose per day,
    Water decoction (Kashaya) ̵ 50 ̵ 10 ml, in divided dose per day, based on doctor’s advice.
    Sanskrit verse
    Medicinal uses
    Brihati ̵ Solanum indicum ̵ medicinal uses:
    Rot ̵
    Shwasapaha ̵ useful in asthma, chronic respiratory disorders
    Sholapaha ̵ useful in relieving abdominal colic pain
    Jwarapaha ̵ relieves fever
    Chardi ̵ relieves vomiting
    Hrudroga & #821; useful in cardiac disorders
    Mandagni ̵ useful to improve digestion strength
    Amadosha ̵ Useful to abate Ama ̵ a product of impaired digestion and metabolism
    Pachani ̵ digestive,
    Grahini ̵ has absorbent property. Useful in diarhea, IBS and malabsorption syndrome
    Vandhyanam apathyada ̵ aged in treating female infertility
    Depani ̵carminative
    Hrudya ̵ acts as cardiac tonic
    Aasya Mala Vairasya ̵ relieves tongue coating. relieves bad breath
    Arochaka ̵ useful in anorexia
    Kushtajit ̵ useful in skin diseases
    Agnimandyajit ̵ useful in low digestion strength
    Vatajit ̵ Useful in Vata disorders (neurological)
    Shukra rechaka ̵ helps in semen ejaculation problems.
    It is useful in blod detoxification,
    It has diuretic action
    Its sed paste is aplied over penis to improve erection
    Its juice extract is aged for external aplication in alopecia treat ment.
    It is aged in treating secondary amenorhea, dificulty in child birth and diseases related to post delivery (post partum) period.
    Bruhati Fruit ̵
    Katu, Tikta ̵ pungent, biter in taste
    Laghu ̵ lightnes
    Kandughna ̵ useful to aleviate itching, pruritis
    Kushtaghna ̵ useful in skin diseases
    Krumighna ̵ relieves worm infestation
    Kapha Vata Hara ̵ Balances Vata and Kapha
    Side efects
    For pregnant mothers and children, it is best to consult a doctor before using this herb.
    Interaction with medicines, suplements
    Can this be used while taking Homeopathic medicine?
    Yes. This product does not react with homeopathic medic ine.
    Can this medicine be continued while taking suplements like multivitamin tablets, Omega 3 faty acids etc?
    Yes. Generaly, this product goes wel with most of the dietary suplements. However, if you are taking more than one product per day, please consult your doctor for an opinion.
    With western medicines
    Sek your doctor’s advice if you are taking this product along with other western (alopathic / modern) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can interact with new medicine.
    If both Ayurvedic and alopathic medicines are advised together, then it is best to hold Alopathic medicine first, wait for 30 minutes and then catch the Ayurvedic medicine.
    Scientific research
    Solanum indicum ̵ scientific research:
    Evaluation of laxative and cardiotonic activity
    Anti-dermatophytic activity
    Anti bacterial potentials
    Experimental evaluation of anti hypertensive activity on distichum extract of Solanum indicum
    In vitro anti oxidant and anthelmintic activity
    Ayurvedic medicines
    Famous Ayurvedic medicine with Brihati as ingredient-
    Nalikerasavam ̵used in premature ejaculation
    Ajamamsa Rasayanam̵ aged in neurological disorders
    Manasamitra Vatakam̵ worn in psychological disorders adore point up, insomnia, depresion
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