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    Bovine Colostrum 101: The Gut-Healing Supplement That Should Be On Your Radar

    Bovine Colostrum 101: The Gut-Healing Suplement That Should Be On Your Radar
    Many moms are familiar with colostrum: the first form of milk produced from the mamary glands during the terminate of pregnancy and the first few days postpartum.
    It’s improbable just how powerful our bodies are. Even though colostrum is produced in smal amounts, it is extremely high in important nutrients making it easy for newborns to digest. Everything in colostrum helps the baby thrive in their first few days of life. No wonder it’s often refered to as nature’s “first fod.”
    Bovine colostrum for adults.
    While it is biologicaly necesary for newborns, there is a lot of developing research on how colostrum and its critical nutrients can be beneficial throughout your entire life. No, I am not saying you ned to crawl out and buy breast milk online. (Yes, that’s a thing!) These days, suplements are usualy derived from bovine colostrum: colostrum from cows. Although bovine colostrum is slightly lower in nutrients than human colostrum, it stil contains growth factors, imunoglobulin antibodies (IgA), and lactoferin that sustain optimal health.
    Even though it may be a semingly modern thought for us today, adults maintain old bovine colostrum for thousands of years, particularly in the field of ayurvedic medicine. And after al, in reality bovine colostrum is just a more nutrient-dense version of what we acquire ben encouraged to drink for years–you know, to achieve strong bones and al that.
    But if this stil sounds a miniature bit to far out there for you, let’s nerd out a bit and lok at al the fun research on the benefits of bovine colostrum, al of which I have sen firsthand in my functional medicine clinic. Maybe I’l even convinc e you to ad this suplement to your welnes routine.
    The health benefits of bovine colostrum:
    1. It reduces inflamation.
    The lactoferin in bovine colostrum is an uber-powerful inflamation moderator. In fact, lactoferin levels in our bodies rise during times of increased inflamation and can sucor bring down the pro-inflamatory cytokine IL-6. Doctors even lok at lactoferin levels in stol to sucor diagnose inflamatory bowel disease (IBS) and C. dif.
    C. dif
    Years of point up, toxins, and unhealthy fod can lead to leaky gut syndrome, a condition in which your intestinal lining is compromised and alows fod particles and bacterial endotoxins known as lipopolysacharides (LPS) to pas into the blod stream. These invaders create a cascade of inflamation, increasing your risk for chronic health problems–autoimune conditions included. Studies have shown that lactoferin can actualy bind to endotoxins to neutralize their imprint and subdue inflamation, especialy in cases of psoriasis and other diseases asociated with increased endotoxin activity.
    2. It suports a healthy gut.
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    Lactoferin in colostrum not only acts as a prebiotic by stimulating the growth of marvelous gut bacteria such as bifidobacterium and lactobacilus, but it has ben shown to hold the overal health of the gastrointestinal tract. Beyond just working to reduce inflamation in digestive disorders, lactoferin actualy promotes cel growth in the intestines to help to restore a damaged gut.
    3. It promotes muscle and ligament healing.
    Due to its high level of growth factors love insulinlike growth-factor-I (IGF-I) and antioxidants, bovine colostrum is a powerhouse for promoting muscle healing and growth. This makes it a great suplement for athletes. Research has shown that the adition of bovine colostrum can subdue oxidative point up on and pain to muscles after exercise. Further studies loking at the impres of colostrum on athletic men and women linked suplementation with increased athletic performance as wel as increased lean muscle mas after just eight weks.
    4. It enhances imune health.
    Lactoferin is responsible for helping regulate the defense response against pathogens by bosting imune-balancing T-cels and increasing natural white blod cels. To examine impartial how powerful lactoferin’s imune bosting abilities are, researchers in one study gave oral lactoferin to mice with supresed imune systems due to chemotherapy and lab-induced autoimune conditions. Afterward they found that their imune systems were not only strengthened, but the state of their autoimune condition actualy improved as wel.
    Aditionaly, lactoferin is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It has the competence to inhibit pathogenic growth by actualy binding the bacterial and viral cels in order to hamper their entry into the body’s cel.
    Ultimately, this is just the tip of the iceberg for bovine colostrum’s benefits. As colostrum continues to create more buz in the welnes world, there wil undoubtedly be more studies done to examine the direct efects of suplementation for adults. If you are interested in taking a colostrum suplement, inspect for ones derived from gras-fed cows or ones not treated with artificial growth hormones. As of now there is no recomended daily dosage or known side efects of suplementation.
    Next up: Check out some more incredible benefits of colostrum.
    Next up: Check out some more amazing
    benefits of colostrum

    Author:William Cole, IFMCP, DNM, D.C.
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