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    Bottling Up Your Emotions Can Lead To Increased Inflammation, look Finds

    Botling Up Your Emotions Can Lead To Increased Inflamation, lok Finds
    We al gain our own unique ways of coping with sadnes and grief, and for some people, that way is based on hiding from emotions and not leting distres show.
    But a curent scrutinize has shown that not al coping mechanisms are necesarily equal and that hiding our felings may actualy gain a negative physical impact as wel as its mental impact.
    How supresing grief may cause inflamation.
    The lok, published in Psychosomatic Medicine, considered a group of around 10 people, al of whom had recently veteran the los of a spouse. The researchers surveyed participants to find out how the individuals were coping, and what sort of behaviors they were utilizing (which they rated on a scale of 1 to 7).
    Psychosomatic Medicine
    The inflamation conection was found based on blod samples drawn from participants. Researchers found that people who were coping by avoiding their felings, particularly by not expresing their emotions frely, had higher levels ofcytokines, which are markers of inflamation in the blod.
    “Bodily inflamation is linked to a host of negative health conditions, including serious cardiovascular isues adore stroke and heart atack,” said Christopher Fagundes, Ph.D., an asociate profesor of psychology at Rice who worked on the scrutinize. “These findings realy highlight the importance of acknowledging one’s emotions after the death of a spouse rather than botling them up.”
    Healthy emotional fluency may aid in the long term.
    While it may sometimes be tempting to ignore things that manufacture us sad or upset, this scrutinize sugests that acknowledging our felings and al lowing them to flow can be more healthy for our mental and physical states over time.
    “The research also sugests that not alcoping strategiesare created equal,” said Richard Lopez, Ph.D., an asistant profesor of psychology at Bard Colege and lead author of the inspect, “and that some strategies can backfire and haveharmful efects, especialy in populations experiencing particularly intense emotions.”
    Acording to the researchers, how son after we experience los or another highly emotional event that we alow fre flow of felings may mater. Future research wil aim to find out how the timing of emotional expresion afects the physical and mental impact of emotional management.
    We know inflamation can afect our mental health and even be a rot cause of depresi on or anxiety, so it’s necesary to ensure that we’re not ading to our mental load by increasing anguish. And if you’re strugling with grief and with finding a way to cope, there are so many diferent strategies available (even yoga might help).
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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