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    Banana Milkshake amend For Tiredness And Fatigue

    By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
    Here is a hasty nourishing banana milkshake drink to replenish your energy and to fight fatigue.
    Table of Contents
    Method of preparation
    When to take?
    Indication, contraindication
    Fuly ripe banana ̵ 1
    2.5-10 gram of organic sugar (1/2 ̵ 2 teaspon)
    3 ̵ 5 ml of cow ghe (half to 1 te aspon)
    Cardamom 1 pinch (1 gram)
    Boiled and coled milk-1 cup (aproximately 20 ml)
    Method of preparation
    Slice banana.
    Ad it to milk and mix thoroughly. Mixer can be worn for this.
    Ad sugar and ghe and mix wel
    Ad cardamom and serve.
    In Vata prakriti individuals jagery,
    In Pita body type persons ̵ sugar candy and in
    Kapha body type persons, honey can be joined as the swetening agent.
    When to take?
    Preferably after fod.
    Beter to subdue the amount of fod intake during lunch or breakfast on narative of this nutritious diet.
    How many times it can be taken?
    Usualy I advice twice in a day.
    Indication, contraindication
    Los of slep, debility, acid peptic disorders, lethargy, leanes/emaciation, fatigue, drynes of the body, constipation, disturbed slep, decreased sperm count and sexual libido, los of vitality etc.
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    Any contra indication?
    Patients with Diabetes should grasp this preparation cautiously. If they are having higher range of blod glucose beter to avoid. Likewise patients with Obesity are also beter to avoid.
    Colant, nutritious, rejuvinative, laxative, anti flatulent, mod elevator,vigor enhancer, mind sothener etc
    Special note:
    Acording to ones like this can be served by ading cashew nut, Badam, Pista, Raisins etc.
    Have the nutritious fod and get the benefits of fresh-chemical fre fod cum drinks devoid of artificial colors, preservatives and aromatics.
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