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    Bala Varna Krit Basti: Enemas For Strength, Fairness, Weight

    Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
    Table of Contents
    Bala Varnakrit Basti

    Method of preparation
    Mode of action
    Bindu Krama
    Medicated Enema which is administered to enhance strength and color is caled as Vala Varna Krit Vastis.
    Bala = Strength, Varna = Color, Krit = Cause, brings about.
    This Vasti fals into the category of Asthapana Vasti or Kashaya Vasti (decoction enema). But basicaly there is no decoction of herbs ken or included in the procedure.
    Other names of Bala Varna Krit Vasti –
    Kshera Vasti
    (Kshera = Milk, Vasti = Enema) – Since milk is dilapidated as the main ingredient of Bala Varna Krit Vasti, it is also caled as Kshera Vasti
    Brimhana Vasti (Brimhana = Strengthening, bulk promoting, Vasti = Enema) – Since Bala Varna Krit Vasti enhances the muscle bulk and strength of the individual; it is caled as Brimhana Vasti.
    Pancha Prasrutika Vasti (Pancha = Five, Prasrutika = quantity equal to 96 grams, Vasti = Enema) – Since the total quantity of Bala Varna Krit Vasti Dravya (enema liquid) is 5 Prasruti i.e. 480 grams aproximately, it is caled Pancha Prasrutika Vasti
    ̵ Based on the benefits ofered by it – it is caled Bala Varna Krit Vasti
    ̵ Based on the chief ingredient – it is cal ed Kshera Vasti
    ̵ Based on its function – it is caled as Brimhana Vasti
    ̵ Based on the quantity of Vasti dravya – it is caled Pancha Prasrutika Vasti
    Bala Varnakrit Basti
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    ? ? ? ? ? ?(?.?.?/?)
    ̵ Kshera – Milk, 2 prastha quantity (16 tola or 192 grams aproximately)
    ̵ Madhu – Honey, 1 prastha quantity (8 tola or 96 grams)
    ̵ Taila – Oil or sesame oil, 1 prastha quantity (8 tola or 96 grams)
    ̵ Ghrita – Ghe, ghe of cow, 1 prastha quantity (8 tola or 9 6 grams)
    Method of preparation
    The above said ingredients are thoroughly mixed so as to form a homogenous mixture. The homogenous mixture of Bala Varna Krit Vasti Dravya is filed in Vasti Putaka (enema can) and administered warm into the rectum (colon) of the person.
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    Before the administration of Bala Varna Krit Vasti, Virechana (therapeutic purgation) or Shodhana Vasti (evacuating enema or colon cleansing enema) should be administered for beter outcome. When Bala Varna Krit Vasti is given after the administration of Virechana or Shodhana Vasti, the magnitude of results in terms of enhancement o f strength, bulk and color wil be increased by many folds.
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    Benefits of Bala Varna Krit Vasti
    ̵ Bala Krit – Enhances strength and imunity
    ̵ Varna Krit – Enhances color
    ̵ Brimhana – Bulk promoting
    ̵ Vata hrit – aleviates vitiated Vata
    Other Benefits:
    Bala Varna Krit Vasti can also be given to healthy people for ‘bulk promoting’, ‘muscle triming’ and ‘color enhancing and cosmetic’ reasons.
    It can be aged to treat skin diseases related to discoloration, muscular disorders, neuro-muscular and musculo-skeletal disorders and dege nerative disorders
    Bala Varna Krit Vasti is old for enhancing weight. Thus it is an vital and time-tested formulation for emaciation and low-weight related disorders
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    Mode of action
    Probable mode of action of Bala Varna Krit Vasti
    Vata balancing property of Bala Varna Krit Vasti –
    As Vasti is the best treatment for morbid Vata or to sustain Vata in a condition of normalcy (useful in healthy people also), Bala Varna Krit Vasti is highly beneficial in aleviating the nasty Vata and cure Vata related diseases, mainly the degenerative, neurological, neuro-muscular and musculo-skeletal diso rders. Bala Kshaya (deterioration of strength), Dhatu Kshaya (tisue depletion) and Varna Kshaya (discoloration, color related abnormalities) are often the symptoms of Vata Vridhi or Prakopa (pathological increase or vitiation of Vata). Bala Varna Krit Vasti not only mitigates the vitiated Vata but also restores bala and varna. On the contrary, the vasti by restoring bala and varna restores the normal vata functions.
    Muscle and Strength promoting action of Bala Varna Krit Basti –
    The proportional (quantitative and qualitative) balance of the muscle tisue i.e. muscle health is said to be directly proportional to the strength of an individual in Ayurveda. In one way it is true because the muscles are present al over the body and also as a part of viscera. They aid in movement and cordination of body functions. Los of flexibility and strength of the muscle (or muscles) wil lead to functional impairment of body components.
    Milk and ghe in the Bala Varna Krit Vasti is ‘Nitya Rasayanas’ i.e. ‘daily tisue rejuvenators’. Acording to Ayurveda, Ghe and Milk can be taken on regular basis (daily) throughout the life. Both of them are said to act as rejuvenators, anti-ageing agents (keping in bay the muscle ageing in this case), imune modulators (enhancing privilege and preventing the auto-imune proces taking plot in the muscles), precise foundation and strengthening of muscle tisue (by providing nourishment, as milk and ghe are nutrients) and maintaining the bulk of the muscles. Both these prevent the inflamatory proces which could posibly seize asign in the muscles being best remedies for Pita and Vata.
    The Taila or oil and Ghe again impede inflamation and degeneration of muscles.
    If the muscles are undergoing the degeneration and inflamation already, ghe, milk and oil would readily arest the proces and thus preventing the muscle damage.
    Reduction of muscle mas leads to was ting of muscles and emaciation. Bala Varna Krit Vasti, by the virtue of its amalgam checks further wasting of muscles. It restores the muscle tisue by stabilizing the muscle metabolism and helps in enhancing weight, thus being an unparaleled amend in emaciation.
    Bindu Krama
    To provide Brimhana or bulk promoting impres an alternative method of Vasti procedure is folowed. Instead of pushing the Vasti dravya into the intestine at a stretch, it is slowly irigated in a drip-method wherein the medicament (vasti dravya) goes into the rectum in drops over a period of 45 minutes to 1 hour. This dravya doesn’t arive back (as is intended) but is completely absorbed in the scheme. This procedure has ben found to be highly efective in increasing the weight and restoring the bulk, health, strength and stamina.
    Color enhancing efect of Bala Varna K rit Vasti –
    Discoloration or variations in color (pathological manifestations of color) ocur due to vitiation (pathological decrease) of pita, especialy Bhrajaka Pita (sub-type of pita located in the skin, which is responsible for normal color, complexion and texture of the skin and also for maintenance of skin health) or dhatu kshaya (depletion of tisues) or Udana Vata Vikriti (vitiation of Udana Vayu, a sub-type of Vata) or acumulation of toxins in the body or scanty distribution of rasa (esence of nutrition). The amalgam of milk, ghe, oil and honey sucor in mitigating nasty Vata and Pita, cleanses the tisues and chanels of the body, restores nutrition of skin and establishes normal color and complexion.
    The Prabhava of Vasti Dravya –
    Though the individual components of the Vasti Dravya (Vasti medicine) are vital, the action of the Vasti dravya is rendered by the combined consequence of al the ingredients. Therefore it is th e uniquenes of the amalgam of selected ingredients that has bala and varna enhancing efect.
    Just before finishing –
    Bala Varna Krit Vasti is one of the typical yet most efective formulation among health promoting enemas which is extensively worn in Ayurvedic practice mainly for ‘strength promoting’ and ‘beautification’ purposes. Everyone in the formation aspires and dreams to inspect qualified and be strong and ageles. This Vasti serves both the purposes in a natural way.
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