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    Ayurvedic Wheat Flour Ladoo With Jaggery: Preparation, Benefits

    By Prof. Vd Rangaprasad Bhat.
    Here is an Ayurvedic Ladu prepared with wheat flour to balance Vata and Pita Dosha, useful in hemorhoids, sexual weaknes, aches and pains, burning sensation and exces sweating.
    Table of Contents
    Method of preparation
    Dose, benefits
    Indications, Reference
    Sanskrit verse
    Wheat flour ̵ 10 grams
    Ghe ̵ 10 grams
    Jagery or sugar ca ndy ̵ 30 grams
    Water ̵ 10 ml.
    Dry fruits coarse powder ̵ raisins, almonds ̵ 10 grams
    Cardamom fine powder- 2 grams
    Method of preparation
    How to prepare wheat flour lado with jagery?
    Take wheat powder in a extensive mouthed vesel. Ad ghe. Mix them and fry for 3 ̵ 5 minutes.
    In a separate vesel, grasp jagery with water, heat it.
    It first liquefies to form a solution then it starts solidifying upon heating.
    While heating, if you hold the semisolid mix betwen thumb and index finger (be careful, it wil be hot), if you can design 1 ̵ 2 threads betwen the two fingers, then conclude heating.
    Mix the fried wheat powder with hot jagery solution
    Ad dry fruits and cardamom.
    Rol them into table tenis bal shaped ladus with the help of palm of your hands.
    Dose, benefits
    Dose ̵ 10 grams once or twice a day, at the initiate of meals.
    Shelf life ̵ 1 ̵ 2 months. finish not refrigerate. Store in air tight container.
    Can be consumed during pregnancy, lactation and by children.
    Avoid if diabetic, or obese.
    Benefits of Wheat Lado:
    Balances Vata and Pita Doshas.
    Increases Kapha Dosha.
    Improves Digestion Strength.
    provides instant energy when consumedupon geting jaded from the sexual activity.
    Useful in sexual weaknes, fatigue, tirednes, exhaustion.
    Useful to improve weight in case of low body weight.
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    Indications, Reference
    Indicated in
    Udgara ̵ sour belching,
    hyperacidity, GERD,
    Aches and pains,
    Burning sensation and exces sweating.
    Reference: In the Kritana Varga of Ayurvedamahodadhi of vaidya Sushena, over the context of Modaka, a recipe of swet dish named amrtaphalam is mentioned as folows.
    Sanskrit verse
    Verse from Ayurvedamahodadhi:

    Because of the capability to provide instant energy to a person in a state of exhaustion this preparation is named as Amruta Phala(similar to nectar in providing the result).
    The above reference in Ayurveda Mahodadhi, folows imediately that of the wheat Modak.
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    Further more , from the references of Kshema Kutuhala, it is understod that the Amruta phala is a swet recipe prepared from wheat powder (godhuma cur?a) being aged as base to form a round bolus resembling lado.
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