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    Ayurvedic Management, Remedies for PTSD

    What medicines and therapies are useful to avoid Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), after an injury / accident?
    Dr JV Hebbar
    In PTSD, the patient often suffers with anxiety, fearful remembrance of the unfortunate accident, lack of sleep and immense stress.
    From an Ayurvedic perspective, soon after an accident / fall / injury, Vata Dosha is aggravated, which shows its effects on body and mind.
    Hence, all measures to keep Vata Dosha under good balance are recommended.
    Soon after the injury, it is best to undergo proper injury care.
    Once it is ensured that there is no more internal bleeding, clotting etc, treatment to prevent or treat PTSD can be started.
    Hair oil application
    Helps to keep the mind calm. Brahmi oil (Brahmi thailam) is the preferred oil. Apply the oil over the scalp and to the hair, once a day, with a gentle massage.
    Before sleeping, applying it over the forehead and closed eyes ensures deep sleep.
    Oil massage, Shirodhara etc. therapies
    The Brahmi tail or Ksheerabala taila can be used for Shirodhara treatment, wherein oil is poured in a stream over the forehead for deep relaxation.Along with this, a full body massage with Bala Ashwagandhadi taila or Ksheerabala oil is recommended to keep the Vata Dosha under check.
    Oil and ghee based medicines
    Ksheerabala 101 oil / capsule
    – To relieve nerve damages, neuropathy, headache, stress, tremors and fearfulness.
    Brahmi ghritham – Herbal ghee to improve memory, to induce sleep and to relieve anxiety
    Kalyanaka ghrita or Mahakalyanaka ghrita These herbal ghees are very frequently used to keep the anxiety and stress away.
    Ashwagandha processed with milk or ghee – relieves stress and also quickens internal healing of mind or body
    Ashwagandha milk is prepared by adding 10 grams of ashwagandha powder to 100 ml of cow milk and 400 ml of water. Boiled till only 100 ml remains, filtered and consumed once a day, preferably at night.
    Apart from above measures, suitable treatment based on specific symptoms are undertaken.
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