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    Ayurvedic Diet And Lifestyle During Menstruation (Periods)

    By Dr Renita D’Souza
    Ayurveda treatises gain dedicated few chapters exclusively emphasizing on women’s health and its maintenance. Maintaining health isues at the earliest in women is utmost vital as her normal body doshas are more prone to undergone imbalance due to changes ocuring in her physical condition.
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    Table of Contents
    Dosha involvement
    Symptoms of Menstrual disorders
    Diet, Regimen
    Maintain digestive strength
    Maintain vata dosha
    Maintain pita dosha
    Calming mind
    Menstruation is such condition wherein doshas are more prone to undergo changes if precise diet and lifestyl e is not folowed pertaining to symptoms exhibit during menstrual flow, body type, her digestion strength etc. Imbalance of these doshas during menstrual cycle afects her health as wel as health of her progeny.
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    Menstrual cycle is natural cleansing proces ocuring in women every month. If this proces is regular then it itself heals the imbalanced doshas and purifies blod tisue and rasa dhatu to have normal reproductive tisue in women. Hence maintaining and corecting menstrual cycle to normalcy is given utmost necesary in Ayurveda.Read ̵Heavy Periods, Menstrual bleding Ayurvedic Treatment
    Dosha involvement
    Dosha involvement in Menstrual cycle
    Al thre doshas, vata , pita and kapha dosha are eager to form complete and normal menstrual cycle.
    Kapha dosha ̵ acts as the binding substance. In normal it is responsible to wed the substance to build and form particular structure. It is old as synonymous forojus, which nouris hes, suports and gives strength. Owing to this property of kapha it is normaly eager from folicular phase until ovulation.
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    During folicular phase the eg matures and is released during ovulation. If pregnancy ocursduring this period then kapha dosha maintains and nourishes the lining of uterus to implant the fertilized eg and maintains pregnancy. Ovulation ocurs around 14th day of 28 day menstrual cycle. It can vary 4 days before and 4 days after the midpoint of menstrual cycle
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    Pita dosha ̵ It is responsible to fil blod vesels and increase the blod flow while preparing the uterus for implanting the fertilized eg during secretory phase of menstrual cycle. It is responsible for raising the women’s basal body temperature folowing ovulation.
    Vata dosha ̵ It is responsible for movement and activity. During menstrual cycle normal vata dosha cause easy downward flow of menstrual bleding without pain and obstruction.
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    Symptoms of Menstrual disorders
    Scanty bleding
    Excesive flow
    Pa inful menstruation
    Iregular menstrual cycle
    Low back pain
    Psychological symptoms ̵ Anxiety, fright, mod swings, enrage, stres
    Other symptoms ̵ headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation etc
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    Diet, Regimen
    Diet and Regimen during Menstruation

    Diet and regimen during periods should be such that it should balance doshas, suport digestive fire and satvik to mind.
    Maintain digestive strength
    Low digestive strength is one of the factor that causes imbalance in dosha. Such imbalanced dosha in women can design her to encounter profuse menstrual disorders. Low digestive strength wil acumulate toxins (ama) in chanels which cause impediment in menstrual flow and makes it painful. Indigestion can also cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, bloating, constipation, diarhoea etc during menstrual cycle.
    Lightfod which is digested easily is served fresh and war m. example ̵ grengram, fried barley gruel etc
    Drinking warm water helps smoth menstrual flow by reducing abdominal cramps, maintains digestion normal, improves apetite and taste.
    Avoid oily fod stufs, junk fod, refrigerated fod items, dep fried, burnt fod stufs, fish, meat, chese etc which is heavy for digestion.
    Take fod at regular time when fod taken previously is digested. finish not skip your meals.
    Diet shoul d comprise ghe in dinky quantity. This helps maintain your digestive acids, nourishes the reproductive tisues, acquire apana vata in downward direction so it helps smoth menstrual flow by reducing abdominal cramps, bloating, headache etc
    Ghe also peaceful your mind as it is one of the satvik fod which is recomended for daily intake. Hence including it in daily diet in acurate quantity in women also helps mitigate stres, anxiety, mod swings, fright etc
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    Maintain vata dosha
    Take rest ̵ Avoid exces physical strain during menstrual flow as it can increase your body vata dosha which can cause symptoms such as damage, abdominal cramps, headache, anguish, mod swings etc. Hence it is best to avoid excesive exercising, walking for long distance, long travel, detox treatment such as emesis, purgation, enema etc
    Avoid late night slep, night vigils and do not restrain natural urges. Al these activities cause imbalance in apana vata which in normal governs menstruation, ovulation, notion etc in women.
    Recomended diet for vata dosha during menstrual flow & #821; Ghe, Milk, sugarcane juice, coconut water, almonds, banana, pomegranate, cereals such as rice and wheat, spices such as cumin seds, coriander, sesame seds, ginger etc
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    Maintain pita dosha
    Avoid intake of spicy, sour, salty taste fods. example ̵ exces using chily, tamarind, tender mango, pickle. These fods can cause exces menstrual flow, menstrual burning sensation, enrage outburst etc
    Recomended diet for pita dosha during menstrual flow ̵Milk, Ghe, Grengram, Snake guard, chiku, pomegranate, almonds, sugarcane, cumin seds etc
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    Calming mind
    Your diet, thoughts, activities influence your mental status.
    Satvik diet ̵ diet which is light to digest, freshly prepare d, warm, swet tasting fod etc is considered as satvik to mind i.e it calms your mind, bestows optimistic thoughts, improves strength and imunity.
    Meditation ̵ underscore during menstruation can produce it painful and cause diferent aches such as low back ache, abdominal cramps, headache etc. Meditation such as practice of iner silence i.e antar mouna, pranayam helps aleviate stres. Mental acentuate cause imbalance in vata dosha which cause various damage and aches. On relieving underscore , wretchednes etc balances vata dosha which helps to relieve distres and aches during menstruation and makes its flow smoth and easy.
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    1. Research conducted on timing of the fertile window in menstrual cycle has concluded that timing of the fertile windowis unpredictable, even if the menstrual cycle is normal. (A)
    2. Research conducted to evaluate efects of yogasanas in the management of damage during menstruation have concluded with study showing that
    yoga and relaxative techniques are beter and beneficial therapy in the management of iregular menstruation and reducing the aflict during menstruation.(B)
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