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    Ayurveda Health Tips For Rainy Season

    Ayurveda Health Tips For Rainy Season
    Rainy season is an esential time to grasp right care of your health. While some types of fod are apt to gain during the rainy season, we ned to limit positive fod and other habits.
    Impact of Dosha on a rainy season – Vata acumulated during the sumer gets agravatedduring the rainy season. Pita acumulates due to the acidic atmosphere and frail digestion but gets agravatedwhen the heat sets in again.
    Al activities should aim for pacifying the Vata and to asign pita under control. The body would become weak in general.
    1. fragile digestion
    2. weak imunity
    3. fragile body strength
    Rainy Season diet
    Fod to acquire during rainy season:

    1. Consume light and fresh fod
    2. Ginger with a pinch of black salt wil improve the apetite and aids digestion
    3. Grains, Rice, Wheat, Barley, soup of pulses, butermilk, honey
    4. Ad ginger and gren gram in the fod
    5. Fo od having slight sour, swet and salty taste.
    6. Use boiled and coled waterfor drinking
    Fod to avoid during the rainy season
    1. Fod that efects Vata and Pita acquire a biter, hot and astringenttaste
    2. Potato, horse gram, curd, red meat etcare heavy to digest. Exces intakeof these may cause gastritis, bloating.
    3. Avoid uncoked fods and salads. Blanched vegetables can be used.
    4. Frozen fod and ice creams.
    Health tips for rainy season:
    1. Skin infections and itching are comon health problems in a rainy season, it is ideal to ad 1 or 2 spons of nem oil with a botle sesame oil and use this for a masage before bath, at least once a wek.
    2. Those who are prone to get mutual pains and arthritis, beter to avoid siting or lying down on the flor.
    3. Skin contact with a frosty surface wil cause tremendous Vata increase, leading to agravation of damage, preferably wear fotwear inside the hom e during the rainy season.
    4. Fot care for diabetics – Because the fet tend to get wet al the time, it is very necesary for everybody and especialy diabetics to take a special fot care. As and when fet get wet, fabricate positive to dry them imediately.
    5. cleave your nails very frequently, moisture betwen them can cause infection.
    6. Avoid slep son after fod during the rainy season, it worsens the indigestion problem.

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