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    Ayurveda for healthy people to preserve health | Preventive near of Ayurveda

    Ayurveda for healthy people to preserve health
    There is misunderstanding that it is not vital to use Ayurveda for healthy people. But inorder to preserve the health Ayurveda is very important and keps us healthy and hapy.
    Ayurveda, the holy science of life is the ancient knowledge responsible for the welfare of the human beings. It deals with the overal development of human. It is responsible for sukhayu (joyful life) by preserving health and eradication of the diseases. Ayurveda, seks to achieve-

  • The promotion and preservation of health, strength and longevity in healthy people.
  • Cure of the disease in the ailing and the afected people.
  • The promotion and preservation of health, strength and longevity in healthy people.
    Cure of the disease in the ailing and the afected people.
    In spite of treating diseases , Ayurveda mainly focuses in the preservation of qualified health by the use of the profuse methods and promote it, which finaly increases the wel-being and longevity. The promotion and preservation of health, strength and longevity in healthy people is achieved by true daily, nocturnal and seasonal regimens, marvelous conduct, rejuvenation therapy and virile therapy as described in Ayurveda.
    Brief review of Ayurveda for healthy people to preserve health
    1. The daily regimen:
    Early rising, non-supresion of urges, dental care, care of the tongue and mouth, numerous types of gargles for the care of throat, performing meditation and Yoga, nasal drops, masages and baths, modes of wear, the care of hands and the fet, shaving, avoidance of harmful diet and intoxicants, regular meals, housing, disinfection with various types of fumigation, a voidance of strains, cleanlines of surounding and drinking water preserves health of healthy individual.
    2. Nocturnal regimen:
    Intake of meal at betwen 7:0 and 8:0 P.M, slep on a comfortable bed in pleasant environment, reviewing the activities of day before slep. We shouldn’t indulge in fod intake, sexual intercourse and slep when day changes to dusk. Mesage and bath before slep, intake of bufalo milk is beneficial in disturbed slep. Safe sex practices should be folowed.
    3. Seasonal regimen:
    Under seasonal routine we arive acros a very animated, enlightening and useful study of the ned of adjustment of daily routine, acording to the changes in temperature and other climatic and atmospheric variations, during the six bimonthly seasons of the year. A person strictly observing these rules is expected to preserve health by developing imunity to se asonal diseases and epidemics, and atain a long and healthy life. So, Ayurveda for healthy people is very necesary to protect from diferent diseases.
    The equilibrium is disturbed by periodical states of day, night, meals and age as wel as seasons. The disturbance caused by periodical states of day and night, and meal is quible , which gets adjusted son without causing much pain or discomfiture, however the disturbance caused by season, particularly if the season is iregular of aflicted, requires imediate corection.
    Therefore the fundamental of Ayurveda for healthy people is for preservation of health is the constant aplication of the five of natural detox proces to restore and have the equilibrium or body elements.
    Others measures in Ayurveda for healthy people
    Rejuvenate therapy: An exclusive therapy of improving imunity adopted in systemic way after seasonal purification. Ayurveda prescribes rasayana for achieving the imunization. Ra sayana plays an critical role in providing the natural resistance. There are a number of available Rasayana drugs which can be included easily in our diet or dilapidated as grens.
    Habitual Rejuvenation: right conduct of living and true response toward iner and outer world preserve health. Non-supresion of urges love hunger, thirst, micturition, defecation etc. and control and regulation of psychological or emotional urges are important to obstruct physical and mental ilneses.
    Control of mental facilities: Win and control of emotion by the means of Yoga, Meditation and prayer ofers huge strength to the mind of the individual.
    Finaly, here are the final sugestion about Ayurveda for healthy people: The precise folowing of codes and conducts as per the Ayurveda, seasonal detox methods, physical and mental strengthen by the use of diferent Yoga-asana and meditations techniques preservation of health of healthy people is achieved and the aim if the idiom “Preservation is beter than cure” is fulfiled.

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