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    accentuate is not affecting me anymore

    The world is going through massive uncertain stressful moments. At LiveRight, we are noticing an increase in stress cases. The common point in every case is the elevated Vata Dosha in body and mind.
    Avinesh, a vivid thinker, an artist, young, unmarried, facing stress every day. He decided to cope with his stress without pills, drugs, or any form of medicine.
    Here is the journey of how he did it
    Hi I am Avinesh and How did I know I have stress?
    Although, being a creative person, the roots of my belief system are logical, practical, and realistic. So, I don’t believe in stories about stress, emotional trauma, and the magic things they say about our minds
    My job demands extensive research, creating ideas, and structuring them into tangible outputs. Every day I face a finite amount of stress on my brain which I never realized. My ambitious behavior disregarded the overflowing emotional tantrums. Like a dam, I kept accumulating the oxidative damage to my body without having a warning system. One fine day, the dam walls broke, I had to kneel down to my stress, and say “Khaleesi I give up”.
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    Why did I believe in Ayurveda?
    Like everybody, I typed stress management in google. Among the pool of treatment methods, Ayurveda convinced me because of the no-side effects. When I compared the ayurveda treatment cost, duration and also the benefits with allopathy, it proved me worthy to give a try.
    Benefits of Ayurveda Stress Treatment
    No side effects or harmful effects on my body or mind that pushes me into suicide or addiction
    Practicing dinacharya, a method to set up daily habits that will remove the oxidative stress from the body and mind
    Exercise, diet, and sleeping habits based on the Prakriti (body-mind constitution) for continuing to do my passionate job
    Regular psychotherapy sessions to become self-aware and emotionally strong
    No drugs to heal, but if to cure with pills, they will be 100% herbal and removed after some months from the treatment
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    How long was the treatment?
    Honestly the first three months I struggled with everything. The routines, habits were disturbing my working pattern. I decided to give up everything but the reason to have inner peace kept me pushing to get things done.
    With so many ups and downs, finally, I figured my own groove. I learned to not quit my work or my health. After 6 months, my body & mind was flowing into my life. There was no oxidative stress in my body or mind.
    Why LiveRight?
    The only reason is their honesty. If something cannot be cured, they say it without trying to give false hope or waste our money and time. They helped me to interpret my stress in my physical, behavioral and psychological symptoms. Also the patient care team educated me about the Ayurveda Stress & Depression Treatment. Then I decided to give it a shot by booking a consultation with an Ayurveda doctor.
    To summarize,
    Honesty & Hospitality
    Cost Effective & Comfortable
    Expertise treatment & Exclusive experience
    This life we are living today is a boon for us to choose happiness over sadness. Stress is a mere word until we experience it. But remember in every stressful situation you have the choice to choose right decisions. I hope you choose right and live right.

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