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    A Rare Cosmic Coupling Will design This An Epic Week For admire Romance

    A Rare Cosmic Coupling Will Make This An Epic Week For Love & Romance
    The AstroTwins are predicting a major week for love. Here’s what the first few days of 2022 have in the stars for us.
    The AstroTwins are predicting a major week for love. Here’s what the first few days of 2022 have in the stars for us
    If you haven’t mapped out any romantic resolutions yet, start putting your attention there.
    The Sun and Venus retrograde are inching closer and closer together in the zodiac. This weekend, they land at the same degree of Capricorn, making an “inferior conjunction,” an event that only happens every 584 days, midway through each Venus retrograde.
    Reset Your Relationships for 2022
    Write a new love story during Venus retrograde with The AstroTwins.
    Much like a new moon, this cosmic coupling can be thought of as a Venus rebirth (or a “new Venus”), a moment when everything goes dark in the sky, and we have a completely blank canvas upon which to rewrite your love story. You may even want to ritualize this. How about setting up an altar, complete with photos of your dream romantic scenario or favorite moments with your S.O.? Surround it with crystals, pull a card from your favorite divination deck, and let it bathe in the sunbeams of the brightest window in your home. Or, if you’ve been hanging on to a toxic situation, scrawl that righteously rage-filled letter to the infuriating heartbreaker, then burn it ceremoniously instead of dropping it into the mailbox.
    Starting this weekend, Venus goes invisible in the skies, after completing her phase as an “evening star” (visible in the sky near sundown).
    On January 15, Venus will appear again as a “morning star,” revealing her bright magic just before sunrise. Using this metaphorically, what would you like to put to bed when it comes to love? And, uh, who might you finally want to lure into your bed? Think it over-and write it down this weekend-so your vision of love can rise strong and clear next week. No need to rush into action, however, since Venus remains retrograde until January 29. Until then, keep your mind wide-open to possibilities as you parse through what (and possibly who) should stay and what should go.
    With all the flurry of 2022 activity, try not to let your #MeTime slip.
    Sunday’s quarter moon in Aries swoops in to remind everyone to strap on our own oxygen masks before assisting other passengers. That could mean giving yourself some breathing room from people whose needs and demands are getting a little suffocating. Some unstructured playtime would do everyone a world of good. Let the weekend unfold by the hour instead of overscheduling every minute. And if you feel like sitting down to do some visionary work, keep the focus on your personal passions. Aries gives us all permission to be a little “selfish.” If you didn’t have to please anyone but yourself, what dream would you chase in 2022?

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