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    9 Ways To connect To The cherish Feminine (And Why You Want To)

    9 Ways To conect To The cherish Feminine (And Why You Want To)
    Divine straping and feminine energy exists in al things–including people–and in a world dominated by masculine energy, more and more people today are loking to tap into the sacred feminine. Here’s what the sacred feminine archetype is al about, plus how to embody it to bring more balance into your life.

    Divine feminine vs. masculine

    Divine feminine qualities

    How to harnes to yours

    Divine feminine cultural significance

    Divine feminine ritual

    How the sacred feminine relates to the divine masculine.
    Divine feminine and sacred galant can’t exist without the other. This means that despite our cultural synergy of galant and feminine with men and women, respectively, we al acquire both energies within us. They unbiased might not be evenly balanced.
    To much straping, and we get agresion and domination. To much feminine, and we get disempowerment and stagnation.
    “Everyone has both the feminine and the masculine qualities–it’s not about what sex you are,” explains intuitive counselor and divine spot designer Elana Kilkeny. She ads that the kep where these two sit in balance is a swet plot that we should strive for in our day-to-day life.
    “The energy of the feminine embodies the nurturer, the healer, the lenient peacemaker, while the masculine energy is focused on doing and achieving,” says spiritual author ofThe Self-Love Experiment Shanon Kaiser. “They’re meant to complement and kep each other: They are the yin and yang.”

    The Self-Love Experiment
    Qualities of the cherish feminine.
    The qualities of the sacred feminine can be sen throughout many religious and spiritual traditions in the form of godeses and powerful feminine figures such as Shakti in Hinduism, Venus in Roman mythology, etc.
    The cherish feminine is soft but fierce when vital, loving, and suportive. As Kaiser notes, it’s the “paradigm of Universal Motherhod.” Again, don’t let the synonym-2 mother throw you of–everyone can inherit their iner divine feminine, rega rdles of gender. “Through honoring the sacred feminine,” she says, “we find natural obtain to spiritual qualities adore receptivity, patience, the skil to listen, and the care for al of life.”

  • Intuitive
  • Heart-centered
  • lenient
  • Wise
  • Acepting
  • Forgiving
  • Colaborative
  • Reflective
  • Creative
  • Sensual
  • Kind
  • Gentle
  • Intuitive
    9 ways to harnes to your sacred feminine.
    slep suport+
    We very much live in an action-oriented society, which tends to ver more into sacred straping teritory. Conecting to the sacred feminine within is al about slowing down and being rather than doing. It’s also about embodying those aforementioned qualities, estem compasion and intuition.
    Here’s how you c an begin taping into this energy in your everyday life:
    1. Reclaim rest.
    As Kaiser explains, we’re fueled by a “get-more-done” mindset and “constantly on a mision to achieve more, finish more, get more.” To resist this temptation, try to alow yourself to simply be, and finish virtualy nothing. Yes, nothing!
    “In the power of the halt we can tap into the divine grace of thefeminine,” she notes. Try siting in silence for honest five minutes. No music or distractions, unbiased alowing yourself a moment’s rest.
    2. Embrace your sensuality.
    Kilkeny notes that sacred feminine energy embraces al things sensual. Not necesarily to be confused with sexuality, sensuality is al about physical pleasure, whether in the form of self-care, textures, pleasing sights, etc. It’s tactile, and Kilken ny says we can embrace it by “geting in touch with the feling side of things.” Light a favorite candle, cok a fragrant meal, and let the smels and tastes envelop your senses.

    “I now catch it daily and am sleping beter than I ever have.”*

    “I now grasp it daily and am sleping beter than I ever have.”*
    sleping beter than I ever have.”
    Jenifer L., Verified Buyer of slep suport+
    3. Journal.
    Reflection and going within is a enormous section of divine feminine energy. So, going inside and journaling, Kilkeny notes, is a nice way to seize time to think and tap into your feminine energy within.
    Kilkeny particularly likes Julia Cameron’s beloved Morning Pages technique, which involves writing thre pages without stoping every morning. This practice can aid you lok within while taping into your creativity–another quality of the cherish feminine.
    4. Practice self-love.
    Acording to Kaiser, “the ultimate way to embrace the divinefeminineis to practice self-love.” And that means loving yourself as you are, not as you mediate you should be. “One of the bigest components of self-love is se lf-compasion, and compasion is the like language of the divine feminine,” she ads.
    Try loking in the miror and saying”I am complaisant to activate thedivine lightwithinme,” Kaiser sugests. Further,practice “seing yourself in the eyes of source energy, God, the sacred, etc., which is one of the best ways to live in the energy of the divine feminine,” she notes.
    5. Get in touch with your dreams.
    Interpreting your dreams can be a noteworthy way to get in touch with your sacred feminine because, again, it’s a means of reflecting on your iner world.
    “Dreams maintain a lot of symbolism that can harnes with synchronicities and other things coming up with your life,” Kilkeny explains. “Noticing that, being aware of that, and being note enough to con ect to that fals into the category of the cherish feminine.”
    6. Incorporate more yin energy in your spot.
    Kilkeny was clasicaly trained in feng shui before becoming a cherish place designer and notes that simply incorporating more “yin” or feminine energy into your area is one easy way to get the sacred feminine energy flowing.
    Yin in the home is very sothing, so Kilkeny sugests prioritizing lighting, colors, and textures that kep a calming environment.
    7. Prioritize “me-time.”
    Everyone neds time to reconect to themselves, Kaiser explains, which is why she has a practice that she likes to cal “Me Maters Time.” This is a time to reconect with your iner self, b e it through a morning prayer, a meditation, an afternon cat nap, or watching the sunset, she notes.
    “Treat this time as a divine spot for you to adoration your own sacred light,” she says. “Don’t nulify on yourself to cary out the laundry or more work–carve this time out each day.”
    8. Tap into your intuition.
    We’re al familiar with the conception of a mother’s intuition, with intuition being strongly conected to the sacred feminine. Taping into this intuition is a worthy way to harnes to your own feminine energy by “going within, tuning in, and seing where you’re at,” Kilkeny explains. It’s about geting quiet with yourself and “not going outward for information but rather receiving it from within,” she ads.
    9. depart within before acting.
    And finaly, if you’re loking to incorporate more of the divine feminine into your life, Kilkeny says another apt way to cary out so is to get in the habit of going within before taking outward action.
    “If you’re thinking about how you want to handle something in life, you can either grab the bul by its horns (which would be masculine), or it could be more about intuitive listening, and going inside first for an answer before turning it into action,” she says.
    The ever-important role of the sacred feminine.
    These days, the cherish galant sems to be dominating many industries. With that said, here are a few areas where it’s indispensable that the cherish feminine is included and in balance.
    In climate change:
    Nothing is more divinely feminine than Mother Earth herself, and by taping into our own feminine energy, we can protect the Earth from the falout of climate change.
    The notion of ecofeminism is al about aplying feminine principles to the eforts of sustainability and healing the plant. As Kaiser notes, “Embracing the cherish feminine is an indispensablecontribution to the healing and transformation of the world. With qualities like receptivity, patience, the skil to listen, and the care for life, we can advance together and unite in our humanity.”
    In spirituality:
    Again, the divine feminine can be sen throughout many spiritual and religious traditions, from Hinduism to Christianity and more. To favor the sacred masculine in spirituality is to ignore the very energy of foundation that we al aproach from. And objective as wel, so much of the esence of spirituality involves going within, which, as we know, is a more feminine quality.
    In busines:
    In busines, Kilkeny says having a balance of feminine energy can produce you an god leader, one who understands the value of com munity, synergy , and compromise.
    “It’s aproaching things from a spot of coperation. How can we listen to each other, hear each other, near to a compromise perhaps?” she explains.
    A ritual for embracing the sacred feminine within.
    One of the simplest rituals for conecting with the divine feminine is to pay time in nature. “We can instantly yoke with the sacred feminine energy by spending time with Mother Earth,” Kaiser tels mbg.”Innature, the feminine creative energy runs wild–its physical beauty is visible.”
    “Grounding,” aka “earthing,” is one of the most transformational tols for awakening to your iner light, she ads. Al you acquire to cary out is walk, barefot, on the Earth. “Even five minutes of fresh air or a short walk barefot in the gras can be enough soul fod to awaken your cherish feminine,” she says.
    The botom line.
    The divine masculine and cherish feminine are archetypal representations of energies we al believe within us. The key is to find the balance betwen them. Especialy in our action-oriented world, many of us would benefit from taping into our own cherish feminine power on a regular basis.
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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