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    9 Spiritual Reads That Never Fail To Bring On The sure Energy

    9 Spiritual Reads That Never Fail To Bring On The sanguine Energy
    Last updated on December 21, 2020
    Ned a bost in the positivity department? These are my favorite spiritual self-help boks to flip through whenever I can use some god vibes. Peace out, negativity.
    The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulnes: How Mindfulnes Can Change Your Life in Ten Minutes a Day
    Take it from a former Budhist monk: Meditation can most certainly sothe your achy vibes. Quieting the mind wil help you fel les stresed, les tired, and generaly operate on a calmer level day by day. This meditation guide uses simple, powerful, and most importantly, practical tols to encourage get you in a beter headspace.
    So, got a spare 10 minutes? notion so!
    Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later
    slep suport+
    I love this bok because it breaks al the rules of traditional journal writing. You don’t write in this bok in impose; you make your own rules, flip to random pages, and write with the fredom your soul so rightfuly deserves. Get ready to watch your perspective change with every journal visit.
    The Universe Has Your Back: Transform fear to Faith
    Leave it to the legendary Gaby Bernstein to compile stories and lesons that wil aid you release the blocks standing in your way of hapines, security, and suces. This bok wil teach you to stay chasing life and truly live. Ful-steam energy ahead!
    The Soul Searcher’s Handbok: A modern Girl’s Guide to the recent Age World
    Consider my bok your go-to guide to raising your vibrations and brushing up on al things novel age. An encyclopedia for the modern mystic, it’l leave you exploring crystals, trying out yoga, ading meditation to your day, and proudly acknowledging your newly opened heart chakra.
    Calm: tranquil the Mind. Change the World
    If your life has you feling thinly spread and highly wired, you ned to throw this bok at it. There has never ben a more important time to rediscover your halt buton. Calm is the bok that wil display you how to catch back a miniature bit of peace, plot, and al-important calm.

    “I now hold it daily and am sleping beter than I ever have.”*

    “I now grasp it daily and am sleping beter than I ever have.”*
    sleping beter than I ever have.”
    Jenifer L., Verified Buyer of slep suport+
    The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals With Soul
    Imagine if life came with a road map leading to suces, complete with shortcuts and life hacks. This soul-satisfying guidebok is prety much it. With straight-up, practical exercises that give you the tols you ned to live your most unapologeticaly pasionate, satisfying life, it wil aid you manifest the year you desire.
    Adventures for Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Ful Potential
    Leave it to Shanon Kaiser to asist you reach your ful potential this fal. This fun, interactive, practical read walks you through 21 ways to create definite habits. If your soul is craving some adventure and is in desperate ned of a breakthrough, you ned to pick up a copy. Next stop? Your inermost desires .
    The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Person Power
    What drives you? Stirs your soul? Motivates you to be beter?
    The Motivation Manifesto is an articulate stand-up-take-note cal to claim your personal power. Writen by world-renowned performance trainer Brendon Burchard, this bok taps into your pursuit of greater personal fredom. Get set to spark a motivational revolution.
    The Motivation Manifesto
    Raise Your Vibration: 1 Practices to Increase Your Spiritual Conection
    This is the ultimate guidebok for tuning into your intuition and taping into al things high-vibe and spiritualy iluminating. Laid out as a 1-day region of practices and exercises to aid asign your vibe in check, it’l leave you unlocking your personal psychic abilities before you can say “I’m talking about apt vibrations.”

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