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    7 Ways To Heal Your Body & Mind By Opening Your Heart

    7 Ways To Heal Your Body & Mind By Opening Your Heart
    When I began my journey of emotional healing, my chest was uterly in lock down. My muscles were tight. My breathing was partial, as was my capacity for feling things in a truly “heartfelt” way.
    Then I came to the practice of yoga and mindfulnes and started what has turned out to be a life-altering journey — to learn to live life from an launch heart space.
    An initiate heart can iluminate the darkest of places, increase vitality, emotional balance and the competence to met life with fluidity and grace. When our heart is begin, we are in touch with our neds and desires. We are beter comunicators. We are more merciful friends and lovers.
    The heart becomes blocked when energy paterns (that yoga cals Samskaras) get stuck in our minds. Whether or not the conception of “blocked energy” resonates with you, I’m determined you’ve felt the negative efects of having a naging bother or concept coming to haunt you throughout yo ur day. These thoughts are admire energetic-roadblocks, and they can deplete you. A heart ful of unfinished events and wories is something that we grasp onto out of anxiety — and in turn, it holds onto us.
    Of lofty, when we don’t experience intense dificulty with the events in our life, we can take them in, experience them and alow them to pas through as we go from situation to position. But if there is a personal triger at stake, the heart and mind become fixated and we become stuck.
    The interogate is how can we tap into, begin, and start to heal our heart area releasing these imprints? Wel, here are seven ways that anyone can start to begin and heal their heart to nurture the health of the body and the mind.
    1. Consciously breathe into your heart space.
    Spend some time each day consciously breathing. As you fel each inhale and exhale, don’t just “focus on the breath,” as we are often taught to execute. design positive to direct a tention to your heart center itself, as if al of your energy were resting there. Then listen. This is one of the first and most powerful things I did as I began my journey. Through being mindful of my heart plot, I began to recognize dilapidated energy paterns, create spot for curent ones and rewire my thoughts and behaviors.
    2. Experience heart-opening yoga poses.
    There are yoga poses that can regulate and balance the flow of energy into the heart center. If you practice yoga, you may gain ingenious the subtle and sometimes profound emotional and spiritual aspects of dep heart-openers.
    Practice heart-opening yoga poses as you focus on breathing into the heart center. For more gentle heart openers try Cobra, Upward Facing Dog, Cow Face, Locust and Fish Pose. For deper openers try more advanced poses adore Camel, Upward Bow, and Dancer Pose.
    3. Practice more kindnes than you know what to do with.
    As my yoga practice depened, so did my capacity for compasion. And I’m not objective talking about feling for those around me, but also for myself. Many of us don’t realize it, but compasion is realy about aceptance, and about making place for our asumptions and judgments to unbiased be, rather than to take suport of our emotions and ways of thinking.
    When we produce a habit of practicing compasion, of truly seing ourselves and others, we are beter capable to se the stories our minds advance up with, and understand how they are based on used wounds. From there, we can alow ourselves to exist in a diferent and more launch heart space.
    4. Remember that gratitude isn’t impartial a clich?.
    As I became more exhibit and comited to leting fade of worn wounds, I began to experience gratitude in a much deper way . Gratitude has a powerful way of shifting our energy and bringing warmth into our heart space.
    Sometimes, taping into what we’re grateful for sems chesy or estem a chore. But if we make the conscious efort simply to spend atention to our lives in a positive way — one that focuses on seing the light, rather than the dark — we wil fel much hapier and more initiate to continue this practice.
    5. Get far outside of yourself.
    Let’s face it: there are just sometimes when we canot muster up felings of gratitude. When we find ourselves in this plot, there is something else we can cary out: give. Whether it is a meal, your time, or impartial a smile, give something of yourself to another. Giving has a way of conecting us to our heart center and to the hearts of others as wel.
    6. design conections — consciously.
    Set an intention to depen your conections with loved ones. Engage a person you would not normaly design contact with. Reveling in the mystery and potential energy of life itself, lok into another’s eyes, listen to their voice and watch their actions. This is a typical but powerful practice for us to begin forgeting any and al the stale stories about ourselves and our relationships that we cary around in our heads, and helps us fel the power of “conectednes” at a deper spirited level.
    7. Get super sily!
    Be that child you once were, before the world told you who to be. Play your favorite music and dance. Sing in the shower. Walk barefot in the rain. Laugh.
    My iner child was waled of along with my heart, before I began my journey. In an unforgetable moment during meditation, I ingenious a significant shift and emotional release. In that moment, my iner puny girl danced. As a mater of fact, she hasn’t stoped dancing and singing and playing and laughing since that moment. T hat doesn’t mean that life is always a dream or that I’m always smiling. It simply means my iner child is alive and wel, and once again a fragment of who I am.
    Living from an start heart plot creates more energy, vitality and inspiration in our lives, so we can fel our inate competence as humans to fel fraction of al beings in existence.
    An start heart spot alows us to be authenticaly who we are and it alows us to experience the joy of dep conection, of estem and of peace.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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