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    7 Common Mistakes To Avoid With Herbal Tea

    Weight los, cholesterol balance, reduction in asthma, fever, cold atacks are the few major benefits of herbal tea. Avoid these mistakes to indulge in optimal health benefits of gren tea.
    Herbaltea ̵ mistakes to avoid:
    1. Ading milk to herbal tea:

    a. If your herbal tea is very spicy and you want to give it to children, it makes sense to ad a diminutive milk (5 ̵ 7 teaspons to a cup) to tranquil down the extra spice.
    b. If your herbal tea mix contains Tulsi as an ingredient, then it is best to avoid ading milk. Milk and Tulsi are incompatible with each other. (read related: wrong fod combinations as per Ayurveda). study in the list of ingredients. If it contains Holy Basil, Basil, Ocimum sanctum, Tulasi etc terms, then it contains Tulsi.
    c. If you are taking herbaltea fo r reducing weight, then do not ad any milk to it. Milk is rich in nutrition. It is administered to have weight. Hence, it does not serve your purpose of losing weight.
    2. Ading sugar:
    One of the purpose of herbal tea is to nulify the efects of sugar on your health. Hence it does not manufacture sense to ad sugar to it. (related: sugar side efects)
    Substitutes for sugar: Honey ̵ not more than a teaspon is a apt choice. Honey helps you to lose weight, so also the herbal tea. So, there is a marvelous function match. But you canot ad honey to a very hot herbal tea. This is because honey with very hot fod stufs is contra indicated. If you wish to ad honey, wait for the herbal tea to cold down a bit. Then ad honey and enjoy.
    Tip: enact not ad more than a teaspon of honey.
    If not honey, you can ad a miniature j agery (Gur, Gud) to it. But exces of jagery is meant for weight have. So, honey is beter.
    3. Re-heating
    If you prepare herbal tea, it is best to finish it when it is freshly made. cary out not store it for the later time, re heat and drink it. Re-heating herbal tea is very against to Ayurvedic principles of medicine/ fod preparation. It burns out al the active ingredients of the herb.
    4. Having to hot or chily tea
    If you are of Pita body type, or Pita agravated symptoms admire exces burning sensation, exces bleding, etc, then alow the tea to cold down to lukewarm before drinking.
    If you acquire Vata or Kapha body type, then you can drink it when it is hot.
    5. Closing the lid of the vesel while making herbal tea ̵As per Ayurveda, the vesel should be start so that water evaporates.
    Stiring the ingredients while you are making the herbal tea makes the tea richer with herbal busy ingr edients.
    6. Taking herbal tea without consulting a health expert.
    Lean diabetic patients, people who have recently undergone Panchakarma treatment ( within 2 months of time), people who are already taking many herbal medicines, who are excesively exhausted, might not require herbal tea. It may cause worsening of the symptoms. So, consult your doctor.
    7. Taking it al the time
    It is best to avoid herbal teas during extreme sumer, when Pita is very high.
    For apt quality Tulsi herbal tea,
    Contact ̵ Mr Shashikumar ̵
    email ̵ [email protected]
    tel ̵ +91 924380 5380
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