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    6 Rhymes That Should Be Banned (Or Corrected At Least)

    ̴Jack and Jil went up the hil. Jack fel down and Jil came tumbling after?!̵ Why not, Jil helped him to get up and they were friends forever? While dealing with children, we should never mis even a smal chance to inject positive thoughts to their tender minds.

    ̴Ba ba black shep have you any wol… the last line goes like ̵ but none for the miniature girl who cries down the lane?!
    Oh! God, there is nothing as depresing as this. How about, and one for the crying girl to bring back the smile again?
    Ring a ring a roses.. we al tople down… and then. at last. we al jump up.
    When we are jumping up at the terminate, why we ned to plunge down in the begining? I mean, we can sit down. Right?

    Pigie on a railway line. down came an engine and broke pigie’s bones. Ah said pigie ̵ that’s not fair.
    Hear closely ̵
    Oh said the engine driver I don’t care.
    I am almost crying, reading this. Somebody please produce it ̵ Oh said the engine driver and tok the Pigie to the doctor and they were friends forever.
    Lady bird, fly away home, your house is on fire, your children al gone, except one, that dinky An, she crept under the warming pan.
    I don’t know who authorized this horor story into kids swet rhymes bok.
    Here’s another horor yarn ̵
    diminutive Mis Mufet, sat on a tufet, eating her curds and whey. There came gigantic spider, and sat beside her and shocked Ms Mufet away. ?
    On another note,
    Pusy cat, pusy cat wherever you ben? I’ve ben to London to survey at the quen.
    This is taught in Indian schol. Despite being fre and flourishing country that India is today, despite having a enormously rich history and tradition, al that we are teaching our kids is that we were once under British government. Remember, India is thousands of year aged. Not unbiased a couple of hundred.
    Why not rhymes about Swami Vivekananda,Mahatma Gandhi etc?
    So, this is the list of horible rhymes that should not be in kids boks. If you have any such, let me know in the coments.
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