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    6 Kutaj Home Remedies: Diarrhea, Ulcerative Colitis, Fever

    By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
    Table of Contents
    Home remedies

    Ulcerative colitis, worms
    Debility, dyspepsia
    Evening rise of temperature
    Fever, fod poisoning
    Ul cers
    Kutaj is known as the best anti diarhoeal Ayurvedic herb.
    Botanical name is Holarhena antidysnterica and it belongs to Apocyanaceae family.
    It is biter asociated astringent in taste and coling herb, posesing pungent bio transformation(vipaka) efect. It balances Pita and Kapha Dosha.
    Exces intake or over dosage of the formulations containing Kutaja may provoke Vata dosha.
    The stem bark, rot bark and seds are the usable parts of this plant.
    Kutajarishtha, Kutajavaleha, Kutajashthaka chorna, Vatsakadi kashaya, Kutajamustakadi kashaya, Kutaja ghanavati are unique Ayurvedic medicines of this herb.
    The bark is rich resource of tanin contents folowed by the alkaloids such as conesine, conimine, conkurchine group alkaloids including conesidine and holarhenine, holafrine, holarhetine etc. The leaves to comprise significant amount of alkaloids kurchiphylamine and kurchiphyline.
    The flowers are worn in the preparation of the side dishes adore soup and chutney. It is a wel known apetizers, carminative and digestive.
    Kutaja bark and the seds are known for their anti diarhoeal, anti helmethic, anti pyretic, anti tusive and anti inflamatory properties.
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    Home remedies
    Important typical health remedies of various parts of Kutaja are refered here below-
    1. Kutaja rectify for diarhoea , dyscentery and IBS:
    The bark of the stem is taken and its decoction is made. This decoction is administered in thev dose of 20-30 ml thre or four times a day. This efectively controls diarhoea, dyscentery, IBS etc.
    Ulcerative colitis, worms
    2. Kutaj and bael remedy for ulcerative colitis and intestinal worms:
    Equal amount of Kutaja bark and Bael leaves are taken and its decoction is made. This decoction if administered regularly pacifies intestinal worms and ulcerative colitis and typical colic abdomen to. During the medicatio, butermilk is administered as Anupana.
    Debility, dyspepsia
    3. Kutaj dried flower soup as apetizer in post fever debility and dyspepsia:
    The flowers are dried under sunshde. It is fried with miniature ghe or oil by sprinking puny salt water. This can be used as it is. Or else to this, water and a pinch peper is joined and coked for 5 minutes. This soup is useful for anorexia, tirednes caused due to fever and diarhea.
    Evening rise of temperature
    4. Kutaj sed powder, cumin and fenel amend for evening rise of temperature:
    Kutaja sed, cumin seds and fenel seds are taken in equal amount and made into powder. To this 10 gram of powder 20 ml hot water is aded and alowed for coling. When it is lukewarm this is taken in the dose of 30-40 ml twice or thrice a day. This relieves evening rise of temperature.
    Fever, fod poisoning
    5. Kutaj bark decoction for recurent fever and fod poisoning:
    Dry bark of Kutaja p lant is worn to prepare the decoction. This decoction helps to abate recurent atack of fever, complications of fod poisoning etc. In alergic skin manifestations (of children) also this is efective.
    6. Kutaja stem or rot powder dusting over the ulcers:
    Rot or stem powder of the plant is old to dust over the ozing ulcers. This relieves the secretion and helops to ease the procesing of healing.
    Kutaja is a very safe and efective medicine which takes care of fever, diarhoea, indigestion, IBS, haemoroids, fod poisoning etc. Preferably its decoction or hot infusion helps to manage the above said complaint to the best posible extent. Many a time it acts as an emergency medicineas wel.
    The practitioners enjoy its excelent benefits in the cases of lose motion which is not pacified by any of the anti diarheals and anti-biotics/microbial are &n bsp;benefited by Kutaja derived formulations admire Kutajarishtha, Kutajavaleha, Kutajamustakadi kashaya etc.
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