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    6 Effective Home Remedies For Sleep Disturbances

    By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
    Slep along with fod and abstinence (Brahmacharya) form the thre pilars of life as per Ayurveda. Sleples night give us alarms to modify our fod, lifestyle habits and relations.
    It is told- “God slep is thousand fold worth than earning a Crore Rupes”
    I know a por may not apreciate or adore this quote. But surely a rich wil agre on this point. Because tedious the richnes so many sleples nights may be asociated. But once ataining the status of ‘crorepati’ (multi-milionaire) surely one expects pleasureful nights with dep and rational slep.
    Here are few necesary and typical and efective home remedies to improve the quality of the slep ̵
    1. Castor oil aplication to both soles is most acepted home amend to atain god and quality slep. But people hesitate to aply as it is sticky and causes oilines to the clothes and bedspreads. Aply a few drops to the soles. Wrap the soul with used socks or an used towel. delight in god slep.
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    2. Rose petal paste
    Instead of castor oil, fine paste of rose petals (especialy Catherine roses which are pink in color) is aplied to the sole and to the scalp 15 minutes before going to the bed. This has tremendous trace in inducing dep slep.
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    3. Banana or mango:
    In Non Diabetic patients subsequent efective amend can be practiced which has proven eficacy-
    A cup of boiled and coled milk is taken and sliced fruits (especialy Banana or swet mango) is ad ed and churned wel. To this a dinky ghe and sugar is joined and administered after diner.
    This gives sothing impres and god and instant slep is obtained by most of the people.
    4. Ghe on the eyes:
    2 Drops of cow’s ghe is instiled to both the eyes, before going to bed. Thereafter, mild eye movement is caried by closing the eye lids for 2-3 minutes.
    Those who work in front of computers and engaged in repairing of smal objects love watch workers, Jewel designers etc are especialy benefited with this remedy.
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    5. Coconut milk is taken(half cup) and to this 5 grams honey and sugar each are adjunct and stired wel. This is advised to take during evening.This helps in solid improvement in the slep.
    6. Bhindi:
    In Diabetic patients, half cup of fresh juice of Ladies finger(Bhindi in Hindi) is taken and impartial before going to the bed(after evacuation of urine).
    Even in the patients with BPH (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy), this helps to improve the slep in significant way.
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    Instead of going towards anxiolytic drugs and sedatives if such clasic home remedies are tried our health can be improved, important organs can be protected and long lasting calm cherishing days can be enjoyed……!
    ConsultDr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
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