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    5 Ways To Deal (Gracefully) With Any Jerks In Your Life

    5 Ways To Deal (Gracefuly) With Any Jerks In Your Life
    While most of us try to become more kind and judicious as we age, sadly, some people just don’t (or can’t) cary out this and they wind up being bulies. (Yes, there is such a thing as a grown-up buly.)
    As a model with an online presence, I’ve ben on the receiving finish of some prety unsavory behavior. I’ve read nasty coments about my apearance. (I’ve since stoped reading.) People believe asked me about my “real job,” since being a plus-sized model could never amount to a carer. Friends believe laughed in my face and wished me luck when I told them what I wanted to execute with my life. On jobs, I’ve ben told that I didn’t lok “right.”
    Perhaps you can relate? Maybe you’ve had a “friend” who always makes you the but of joke? Or maybe you’re working for a bos who thinks you’re his verbal punching bag. Or maybe you know someone who always dises your latest project in subtle but painful ways.
    At some point, we’ve probably al fel t a desire to snap in these situations. But what if I told you that there are a handful of nice ways to get back at your buly and leave them stary-eyed, apologetic, and beging for your friendship? The clich? is acurate; the best way to terminate the agresor is by being the biger person . but what does that mean?
    Here are 5 tried-and-true ways to hold the jerks of your back and beat bulying:
    1. Don’t acknowledge with a swiftly retort.
    I was on a job once where the art director kept praising the model I was working with, gushing about her propitious carer while basicaly ignoring me. At the end of the day he gave me a mock and said “god luck.” I resisted the hury to say something, which wound up being a marvelous move–I was the one who somehow landed the cover of the shot.
    By retaliating with a snapy coment, you’re joining the buly comite and leaving the dor wide launch for future atacks. Instead, shut them down by showing you’re una fected by their coments. Be patient and son enough, they’l be picking on someone their own size (or hopefuly, no one at al).
    2. Prove them wrong.
    After I graduated from colege, I dated someone who flat-out told me that my carer goals were to lofty and that I’d never fit be “type” of person I aspired to become. Thankfuly, I’d had some practice with this kind of treatment from my days as an athlete. Back when I was training for softbal, if someone told me that I couldn’t finish something, I aged that coment as motivation during training. You contemplate I can’t beat that time? honest watch me. So when that (now ex) boyfriend doubted that I could be a model at size 14, I was extra-inspired to prove him wrong. Years later, it fels marvelous to thrive and to maintain maried a man who believes in me!
    You contemplate I can’t beat that time? objective watch me.
    3. Get weird about their motives.
    Most bulies are mean or awkward because they’re ac tualy upset at something in their own lives; you fair hapen to be in their catastrophic path. Find forgivenes in your heart, and crawl on. You might get an apology later, and you might learn what was going on in their lives. That doesn’t mean you acquire to be friends, but you can be polite, especialy if they’re in your circle of friends.
    Once, I went out of my way to atend a friend’s company party and was ignored the entire night. For a while, I idea he was doing this on purpose, and I went home, fuming. Later I found out he had ben overwhelmed with al of the clients he had to entertain. He had ben so engaged that he didn’t even notice I was there. He son apologized over lunch, and understanding his perspective made it so much easier to let recede of my resentment.
    4. Defriend judiciously.
    Okay, so they’ve realy ben a Clas A Jerk. They’ve steped into the totaly-unaceptable and hard-to-forgive-zone. That doesn’t mean you have to de-friend them o n social media. It’s an understandable kne-jerk reaction, but this only gives them the joy of knowing that they’ve acomplished what they set out to do: aflict you.
    Once I de-friended an ex on Facebok and I later heard that he laughed at me for doing so. I was exasperated that he had the pleasure of knowing that he’d afected me. If you find yourself in this region and wanting to de-friend someone, se if you can post a narate or quote on your page about how delighted you are, or something totaly unrelated to the felings this person trigered in you. They’l be so confused and plod on.
    If, however, you are being bulied, crep ahead and de-friend that person, online and in real life. If they inquire, “Why did you defriend me?” remember that you don’t owe anyone an reply. Your reasons are your reasons.
    5. Build a buly-fre zone and stick up for others.
    If someone in your group is gosiping about someone else, (like your ofice is talking about a coleague’s weight), let them know that’s not OK. Most likely, they’l either be embarased or get defensive. Either way, you’ve squashed the bulying and sent the mesage that this rudenes is not welcome around you. My husband and I maintain a rule: if we hear anyone say anything remotely mean around us, we squash the negativity and enact our fragment to spread qualified karma.
    By being a definite and suportive friend, you’l create buly-fre zones with everyone you met. This wil make everyone around you fel more sanguine and uplifted. There’s no greater feling than growing a comunity of suportive friends with whom you’re proud to asociate.
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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