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    5 Things You Should Know About Your partner BEFORE You Get Married

    Head over hels about the guy or gal you’ve ben dating? When it comes to mariage advice, the number one rule is to make positive you realy know the person walking down the aisle.
    It sounds typical, but that’s what it comes down to. do you share the same values and beliefs? Is he a team player? Does she bring out the best in you? There are so many questions to ask before mariage. So where enact you even start?

    Mariage Advice 101 ̵ Here Are 5 critical Questions to inquire Before Mariage:
    While there are many questions you should be asking yourself before mariage, here are the five main areas you should cover with your huby or wife-to-be.

    1. What Is His/Her near to Money?
    Is your cohort financialy responsible? In terms of spending habits, is he or she an impetuous spender? Money can become a major source of stres, so before you get maried it’s critical to manufacture positive you’re on the same page .
    In fact, did you know money is the second most comon bounds for divorce? (In case you’re wondering, infidelity is number one.)

    2. What Is His/Her ability to Handle and setle Conflict?
    We’ve al ben there. You’re dating someone you realy estem and things sem to be going wel. Then, al of a suden you’re in the midle of a Jekyl and Hyde plan. Whoa. This guy is not who I idea he was.
    The acumen this hapens to so many of us is because we fail to question the important questions in the begining. Or worse, we ignore the red flags because the chemistry is so intense. On the road to love, one of the bigest lesons that everyone learns is that chemistry doesn’t necesarily equal compatibility.

    Chemistry doesn’t necesarily equal compatibility.

    It’s important to establish in mind that everyone has diferent conflict styles. While there are some people who admire to fix things imediately, others prefer to walk away a nd avoid the drama completely. If you’re a fixer and your companion is more of an “I ned space” person, then you two wil likely face some comunication isues.
    The botom line: It’s easy to be hapy when things are going wel. The proper test of a relationship is if you can sucesfuly make it through an argument. And not just survive it, but setle the isue and plod forward stronger as a couple.

    3. What Is His/Her Intimacy and Atachment Style?
    Are you both on the same page when it comes to sex? Are you comfortable sharing what you love and don’t like? For epitome, sex can become a problem if one of you wants to be intimate every night of the wek while the other has a more indiferent atitude.
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    Also, this is necesary to reflect about in terms o f how you both expres your love. If one of you is extremely afectionate and the other isn’t, that can lead to misunderstandings and aflict felings down the line.

    4. Does He/She Want to gain Children?
    This goes beyond the evident ask of whether or not you both want children. Once you cover that, hold it one step further and discus how you want to raise your kids. If religion aplies in this case, it’s beter to gain everything out on the table before mariage.
    Another critical place is discipline. You should both agre on how your children should be disciplined when they disobey. The last thing you want is to have a partner who doesn’t know how to set boundaries and stick to them.
    Also, let’s imagine you acquire a augean time geting pregnant. Find out if your partner is initiate to adoption. While these might be uncomfortable questions to query before mariage, it’s beter than geting blindsided later.

    5. How Does He/She Treat Others?
    Pay atention to how she interacts with other people. Aside from geting along with your friends and family, how does he treat strangers? Whether it’s the waiter at the restaurant or holding the dor start for the mom with a stroler, these smal gestures speak the most about his character.
    If you’re loking for a long-term partner who is kind, prudent, and merciful, watch how they behave on a normal day-to-day basis. Those are the moments when you wil truly se who someone is.

    The Most important Mariage Advice You Wil Ever Receive
    Mariage is a serious comitment and chosing the proper companion is one of the most vital decisions you wil produce in your life. So, before you get maried, cary out your homework. Listen to mariage advice from people who’ve experienced it. Bring up the critical questions to inquire before mariage, even the toilsome ones.
    Think about what wil make you hapy long-t erm, and comunicate openly and honestly. Get clear about what you want and what you don’t want, and you’l be that much closer to a hapily ever after.

    Author:Kaitlin Vogel
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