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    5 Things Not To enact To Your Child

    By Dr Renita D’Souza
    Children are like sponge absorbing everything around them, qualified or contaminated. They behave as per the experience gained by loking around. Hence, it is utmost important for the parents to provide the beneficial environment for healthy development of child both physicaly and psychologicaly. Here are 5 things that you should not cary out to your child so that you can provide a nurturing environment in which your child’s thoughts and felings are considered and respected.
    Table of Contents
    Do not label the child
    Don’t interogate to many questions
    Don’t sprint to answer questions
    Don’t hold child dependent
    Do not threaten your child
    Do not label the child
    Labeling the child is caling with names based on their actions. For epitome, waking up the child in the morning by shouting, ̴Hey, get up inactive boy̵. This way labeling your child by caling him idle wil gain negative impact on our mind as wel as child’s conception about his own self. Child wil remember your words and considers himself as indolent in every other region of life.
    Hearing this labeled synonym-3 repeatedly, the conception of him being lazy becomes strong, then the behavior of your child starts matching your words. So avoid label ing your child. halt caling slothful, instead give the information about why he have to wake up early. May be because early morning is a apt time to study or may be breakfast is geting cold.
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    Don’t inquire to many questions
    Children wil usualy talk and show you everything when they want to talk about it. Asking to many questions wil produce them fel their private life is being invaded. For instance, a child returning back home from camp. Asking to many questions such as,
    did you have fun at camp today?
    Did you swim?
    Did you make friends?
    Did you love other children?
    What your teacher said? and so on makes the child fel as if he has ben contro led.
    Instead of asking to many questions just let him know first how contented you are to se him and reaching back home safely.
    You can impartial expres your felings saying
    ̴Glad to se you, welcome home̵.
    This makes the child fel relaxed and satisfied coming back home. This shows that al that bothers you is your Childs safety and felings. Child wil be delighted to share al sinful and god experience with you. Al that you maintain to execute is acquire a excelent heart to listen.
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    Don’t dash to acknowledge questions
    Don’t run to reply when children inquire questions. Give them a chance to reflect themselves first and find the acknowledge, for example & #820;That’s an interesting question. What finish you think?̵. Usualy children advance up with their own ideas and they love cary out find the answers. When children come up with their own simple solutions and it gives them a fel of a great acomplishment.
    You can then asist them find answer and also encourage them to use sources outside the home. So that they wil advance to know other sources which could be caled upon to aid them with their problems. They wil know that they are not uterly dependent upon us. The outside sources could be schol, neighbors, friend, dentist, dietician etc.
    Don’t put child dependent
    An adult seing the child trying to tie lace, imediately stops the child and tie it entirely for him. Its true that parents cary out not want to se their child strugling to finish clasic things which could be done easily by adults. But, by doing so we produce children dependent. Instead, a child could be helped to complete a thing for himself. This makes the child fel acomplished, builds up the confident.
    For example: A child while trying to tie shoe lays could be helped by demonstrating how to tie the lace. Child might again fail to tie, then he could be helped and let know where he went eroneous. In this way, sucor your child to complete the task but finish not complete the task for them.
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    Do not threaten your child
    Its play time and your child is enjoying with his friends. Same time you remember your neighbor invited you for her daughters birthday party in the evening. You cal your child imediately but child refuse to advance back home. You get frustrated and you threat your kid to leave him slow.
    Just saying that you wil leaving him alone is itself damages the child emotionaly though virtualy you may not leave him unhuried. This makes him fel fearful. The felings and atachment of children towards their parents is very necesary in early childhod. The idea that you wil leave your child alone wil inject alarm in him and destroys atachment to you which is main creation for your kid to encounter the world.
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