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    5 Surprising Ways Floating Improves Your Mental & Physical Well-Being

    5 Surprising Ways Floating Improves Your Mental & Physical Wel-Being
    When an old, crunchy-granola romate first described the thought of floating to me, I conception she’d had one kombucha to many. Who would want to voluntarily pay time suspended naked in an enclosed spot filed with saltwater?
    But then, one afternon I stumbled into the Samana Float Center–a Denver studio that loked admire a hybrid betwen a high-end spa and high-tech laboratory, decorated with candles and scientific literature on sensory deprivation.
    The owners, a lovely couple named Paul and Heather, discovered floating serendipitously and decided to sel their house and everything they owned to launch the center to help as many people as posible experience the life-changing benefits of floating. I was stil slightly skeptical, but their acount intrigued me enough to dive in.
    Due to my mild claustrophobia, I first tried floating inside a large cabin with a 7-fot ceiling but quickly realized that once inside, the sensation of being uterly deprived of any sensations overtakes any other feling. Floating is love meditation on crack–it’s an instantaneous shortcut to that elusive flowlike mind-state, unfetered by distractions.
    The next time I opted for the futuristic pod that loks like something out of Gataca, and the more I floated, the more I realized that the benefits of floating are endles and can be customized to your personal goals.
    Here are five reasons to try floating:
    1. It’s instant meditation.
    If one shortcut to meditation exists, it’s floating. Many people find it efortful) to atempt even five minutes of meditation, but floating forces you to fair let depart and breathe. The water temperature is at a skin-responsive 93.5, so you can’t even reveal where the wa ter ends and where you open. There are no noises or lights to interfere with focusing on your breath. It’s a gentle introduction to the meditative mindset, and al it requires you to enact is relax into the water.
    2. It can improve your athletic performance and reset your circadian rhythm.
    Floating sesions at Samana are 90 minutes long, a time period that intentionaly aligns with your body’s natural sleping rhythms. A sesion can sucor reduce fatigue, eliminate jet lag, and sucor in slep. For athletes, floating can expedite muscle recovery by decreasing lactic acid buildup. It also relieves blod presure and improves circulation. Famed NBA player Steph Cury is a known floater who uses the practice to improve his focus in the game. As an avid boulderer, I believe overworked muscles and tight joints and believe found that the aproach zero-gravity environment the pounds of Epsom salt provides relieves stif fnes.
    3. It can combat adiction.
    One of the most comon adictions of our age is phone adiction–the tiny shots of dopamine we get from checking emails or notifications are risky. But whether you are adicted to fod, social media, or drugs, floating can help the brain demolish that fedback lop and aid batle adictions.
    I strugle with the instant gratification of loking at my phone daily but always find that once I emerge from a floating tank, I scrutinize at the world with fresh eyes. I’m more interested in al the bright colors and people around me and relieved of that murky craving to check my Instagram for likes.
    4. It might pacify anguish and PTSD.
    Groups such as the Float Clinic and Research Center are curently investigating floating as a potential therapeutic treatment for those sufering from anguish and PTSD. Floating reduces activity in the cortex, which decreases the pr oduction of point up hormones and simultaneously alows for a dep relaxation that leads to release of endorphins.
    5. It inspires creative and fuels productivity.
    Ninety minutes is a long time to simply float and mediate. Even as someone who completes a daily meditation practice, floating brings my consciousnes to a curent level. After floating for a while, your beta or alpha brainwaves transition to theta waves, which normaly ocur corect before slep and again before waking. I’ve had creative breakthroughs and stumbled upon solutions I hadn’t sen before while imersed in the tank. Without any external distraction and a considerable block of time, I’m competent to think about problems more frely.
    I’ve only ben floating for a few months now, but I’ve already sen improvements in my meditation practice, creativity, and productivity at work and maintain felt physicaly bet ter after grueling hikes and long days of climbing outside.
    At Samana, they believe col bonus features estem color therapy and an auxiliary hokup for playing mantras while you float. “It’s al about the intention you set for floating,” Heather told me, “it gives you what you ned.”
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    Want your pa sion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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