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    5 Signs You’re Living Life On Autopilot

    5 Signs You’re Living Life On Autopilot
    If you’re reading this, you’re alive, but that doesn’t mean you’re truly living your life. When you hear the phrase, “truly living,” you often consider of some crazy adventure adore sky diving or swiming with sharks. That’s not the case.
    Truly living means adhering to one typical truth: being able to die without penitence. Chase al the dreams and desires in your heart. You may not be capable to fade on crazy adventures, but you don’t believe to. You gain to live YOUR adventure.
    I existed for 12 years; I made every excuse to live a “god enough” life. The suden death of my father at 54 years used was the wake-up cal I neded to get shaken out of my comfort zone.
    After his death in April 2012, I started living. I quit a job I hated, I lost 170 pounds, and our family moved to our dream designation of Maui, Hawai. If I died today, I can honestly recount I wouldn’t maintain regrets.
    You only get one life to live, and going through the motions day in and day out is not a remarkable way to live it. Here are five warning signs that you just exist in life.
    1. You let negative people catch you back.
    When we’re ken on about a gigantic decision or change, we naturaly want to expose someone. Negative people wil point our the reasons why what you want to execute is imposible. They wil fed into the things inside you that are holding you back.
    It can be an outwardly negative person or someone who tries to talk you out of your dream with a smile on their face. If you want to live, and not exist, you believe to cut negative people out of your life.
    2. You maintain self-limiting beliefs.
    Whether it’s doubt, fear, or negative thoughts about ourselves, we al strugle with self-limiting beliefs. If you want to truly live, it starts with beating the thoughts that are holding you back in your mind. It’s time to conquer whatever self-limiting beliefs you’ve ben listening to.
    What we have in our minds afects the a ctions we grasp. Realize that you’re special and powerful, and can cary out anything. Nothing can finish you!
    3. You maintain more regret than hope.
    When you reflect about your life, finish you stil believe hope? When we let remorse win and don’t do anything about our dreams, it’s easy to lose hope. You only get one life to live; the worst way to live your life is with unfiled dreams and never ending penitence. Never let hope die in your mind and heart.
    4. You don’t take action on your dreams.
    Do you only dream about an amazing life or enact you take the actions it requires to design those dreams a reality? I’m not siting here teling you this wil be easy, but I’m teling you that it’s posible. To many of us are content to let our dreams be enough for us. What’s waiting for you is so much greater than the dreams.
    5. You chose “stuf” over experiences.
    At the end of your life you’re not going to remember al the glut you acumulated; you’l remember al of your astonishing experiences. There’s nothing wrong with having nice things as long as they don’t replace your desire to truly live.
    In the last few conversations with my father, he talked about al the regrets he had. He said he spent so much time chasing after stuf that he mised out on so many things he wanted to cary out in his life. He beged me not to die with the same regrets.
    If any of these things gain held you back, let today be the day you scream, enough! It starts with those dreams and a plan, and then taking action on that position. We live in an amazing time when some many more dors are opened to us. Don’t put his of any longer. start truly living today.
    Are you living or existing?
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    W ant your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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