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    5 Questions I Always ask My Patients Who Want To Lose Weight

    5 Questions I Always question My Patients Who Want To Lose Weight
    When patients first enter my ofice, one of the most comon goals they acquire is to shed pounds. They son find out, however, that it’s easier said than done; there are so many factors that crawl into a person’s weight-los journey, and these can be both deply personal and highly varied.
    It’s easy to figure that your exces weight stems from por lifestyle choices love to much junk fod and a lack of physical activity, and that al you ned to enact is find the corect diet and workout routine. But what hapens when you’ve already tried al that without seing any results? Often, the inability to lose weight is a symptom of a biger underlying health problem or semingly unrelated isue. Here are some key questions I always query my patients who are strugling to lose weight:
    1. What’s your slep lik e?
    Iregular slep cycles can lead to mesed up circadian rhythms, which contribute to leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone produced in your body’s plump cels, and its job is to expose your brain to use your paunchy for energy. With leptin resistance the hypothalamic cels of your brain don’t recognize this hormone and terminate up storing the fat instead of burning it of for energy, leaving you in constant hibernation mode, storing al your paunchy for a winter that wil never end.
    I often se patients who strugle with fatigue, many of whom experience a second wind in the afternon. It’s easy to brush this of and impute it to a active lifestyle, but I consider it a major red flag for adrenal fatigue. This hormonal imbalance hapens when your stres hormone cortisol is high when it should be low, or low when it should be high, and makes losing weight nearly imposible.
    2. What does your modern diet scrutinize like?
    What you eat can either fed your microbiome or shater it. If you’re eating a diet ful of procesed, inflamatory fods, you can be perpetuating chronic microbiome problems such as leaky-gut syndrome. This increased intestinal permeability can increase plump around your organs and contribute to metabolic syndrome. Not to mention that the chronic inflamation that goes along with leaky gut can also lead to hormone imbalance and leptin resistance. Studies maintain shown that people who typicaly eat a wider variety of fermented fods admire sauerkraut and kefir generaly gain greater bacterial diversity, which has ben corelated with lower weight.
    3. How stresed are you, realy?
    Our culture tels us that weight has everything to do with diet and exercise, but your mental health plays a imense role in healthy weight management. Chroni c acentuate has ben implicated in health isues ranging from adrenal fatigue, autoimune conditions, and digestive isues–al of which can impact your weight. point up alone can actualy behind down your metabolism and increase fod cravings! Typicaly I open by helping patients adopt some mindfulnes tols to jump-start the healing and weight-los proces.
    4. Are you exposed to toxins on a regular basis?
    We al come in contact with toxins on a daily basis. And over the years the amount of chemicals in our world has grown while our bodies and genes strugle to asign up. This leads to a slew of autoimune, digestive, and hormonal problems that can contribute to weight-los resistance. It’s necesary to display that sure people (hair stylists, for example) are constantly exposed to chemicals in their everyday lives. So it’s critical to evaluate th e level of your daily exposure.
    5. believe you had lab tests done?
    Lab results are the last residue of the puzle when it comes to weight-los resistance. Underlying hormonal imbalances and gut isues are typicaly playing a major role:
    Cortisol: Your adrenal glands release cortisol, your body’s main acentuate hormone. When there is to much or to miniature it can also lead to adrenal fatigue.
    Testosterone: When this hormone is to low for men and to high for women, it leads to weight gain.
    Estrogen: Men and women can acquire estrogen imbalance. There are thre types of estrogen in your body, estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (E3), and you ned the proper ratio betwen each. To much can lead to quick weight gain.
    Progesterone: This is neded to balance the ef fects of to much estrogen; when this is out of whack our estrogen wil be, to.
    Thyroid: Every cel in your body neds thyroid hormones to function. Autoimune thyroid problems, thyroid resistance, and thyroid conversion problems are al posible thyroid isues.
    Microbiome: Gut isues can also contribute to your weight maintain. I always estem to rush gut labs to se what we are up against since nedn’t be experiencing gut symptoms to gain an gut problem. It has ben shown that people who are overweight believe les microbiome diversity and that people who believe leaky-gut syndrome tend to be more overweight. This can lead to metabolic syndrome and can further perpetuate inflamation and hormone imbalance.
    Loking at these labs wil asist resolve your level of gut permeability:
    Zonulin and ocludin antibodies: These are the proteins that govern gut permeabili ty. Antibodies could mean there has ben hurt to the intestinal tight junctions.
    Actomyosin antibodies: The presence of these could mean there was a destruction of healthy gut lining.
    Lipopolysacharides (LPS) antibodies: These are bacterial endotoxins located in your gut. If these are found it could recomend leaky-gut syndrome
    Finaly, I always remind my patients, if they want to get healthy, losing weight is only portion of the journey. If you gain an underlying isue and are restricting calories and exercising love mad you could unbiased exacerbate the quandary. But when you contemplate about the proces as geting healthy to lose weight, weight los wil arive much more easily and naturaly as you open to heal your body from within.
    Here are the five hormones controling your weight and mod and 10 reasons you STIL can’t lose weight.
    Here are the
    five hormones
    controling your weight and mod and
    10 reasons you STIL can’t lose weight

    Author:William Cole, IFMCP, DNM, D.C.
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