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    5 Powerful Steps To Calming Your anguish

    5 Powerful Steps To Calming Your Anxiety
    There’s usualy something that makes us perturbed. No mater how strong your confidence in sure arenas, there may be other areas that totaly freak you out. While I can fel at ease in the midst of a medical crisis, I uterly panic when swiming in dep water — even if I can se the botom. That trouble began after I saw the movie “Jaws.” I’m serious.
    But fear can also play a very useful role in our lives. anxiety can help teach us to focus and met a deadline. It can also spur) us to prioritize going to the doctor to get checked out. That’s a healthy relationship with anxiety.
    However, when flustered notion paterns become the norm, it can bring on everything from mild physical discomfort to heart palpitations, shortnes of breath, and even the dizines of a ful-blown panic atack. I’ve worked through bouts of unhealthy wretchednes with myself, my family and hundreds of patients, to encourage resolve their physical symptoms th rough means of self-expresion.
    If you sufer from any form of anxiety, here are five fast, yet powerful steps to help you fracture fre from this stresful patern:
    1. Get exhibit.
    When you notice you’re having worisome thoughts about the future (Hint: Those thoughts usualy begin with “what if .”), a hasty way to interupt that patern is to focus on your body.
    what if .”
    First, identify the unique physical signals your body is sending you (tense muscles, throat constriction, heart racing, trembling hands, etc.). Then stop by taking a few tedious, dep breaths (relax your abdomen and become aware of the expansion and contraction of your ribcage).
    Next, focus on the note moment (become aware of where you’re siting or standing, and what physical sensations you’re feling, etc.) and only what is ocurin g factual now.
    It might lucid clasic, but when you’re exhibit in your body, you’re focused on the here-and-now. That way, you can’t be traped in an endles lop of trouble about the future.
    2. Name that fear.
    The monster under your bed loses its power when you turn on the light and al you find is an extended family of dust bunies. open by naming your fears about the person, spot, or situation you’re confronting. Then write down the phrase: “What I’m afraid of is . ” and do the sentence as many times as you ned to. kep writing until there are no modern thoughts.
    3. Expand your perspective.
    You’re a pro at future-thinking. There’s one smal predicament: you can’t control the future. So honest as your did with your body, it’s time to get your thoughts back into the present moment.
    Go back to your list of fears and after each one, write the folowing statement: “Right here, corect now, what I know for determined is that . . ” Then finish each statement with the facts you know about the show moment — not the what-if scenarios that are runing in your head.
    (Reminder: Facts are information you adhere outside your body through your five senses — what you hear, se, taste, touch or smel. Facts also comprise the physical signals you’re receiving from inside your body.)
    4. Reprogram your thinking.
    Can you believe how long it takes just to get into the note moment? But now that you’ve arived, you can inherit the creative section of your brain to build new paterns of thinking. I sugest creating afirmations –“I am” statements, folowed by what you value — that replace panicked thoughts. This wil rewire your brain to engage in expanded thinking whenever future-thinking distres strikes.
    When I worked with a woman whose dear friend was sick, her repetitive concept patern went admire this: What if I get sick to? What if I can’t enact the things I love? To help her create an afirmation, I asked her what she valued most and what was precise today. She came up with: “I am whole, healthy and wel.”
    What if I get sick to? What if I can’t enact the things I love?
    5. Trust yourself.
    Ask yourself one simple question: What would self-trust and audacity execute now? Listen to the reply and alow it to guide you. (And in case you were wondering, there are no wrong answers.)
    If you want to change your relationship to anxiety, alow it to crep through you and use it as an oportunity to get display in your body –how about trying true now? The more dauntles you are about facing your fears head-on, the more self-trust you’l build in the long run.
    Welcome back from the future.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Func tional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

    Author:Neha Sangwan, M.D.
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