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    4 Energy Healing Tools To assist You Survive The Holiday Season

    4 Energy Healing Tools To Help You Survive The Holiday Season
    Energy healing can seem either too “out there” or only for the rare special few. But the truth is that it’s accessible to everyone and extremely practical for helping with overwhelm, anxiety, and boundaries. Also known as the holiday season!
    Here are four ways energy healing can help you not only survive but thrive during the holidays:
    1. Become aware of your energy.
    You may be wondering, what exactly is my energy? You know that feeling when you’re in line and you can just feel that person standing behind you a little too close even though (despite what you told your niece last week), you don’t have eyes in the back of your head? Or when you’re watching your partner’s favorite movie and you just know they are staring at you during the “funniest” part, waiting for your reaction (laugh, just laugh, it won’t hurt anyone)? That is you feeling when someone else’s energy is coming into your space. That is you, feeling your own energy.
    This is incredibly helpful because once you know what your baseline is, you can catch when someone or something is draining you. And then you can recalibrate and feel restored.
    The simplest way to do this is to call your energy back to you. It’s so easy and simple but incredibly powerful. The language of energy healing is often dismissed as imagination. But as an energy healer, I have shifted my feeling of well-being by “just” feeling into the energy and imagining calling it back to me.
    So, before you knock on the door (or open the Zoom room) to that holiday gathering, take a breath. Notice where your energy is. If you notice it’s scattered, say to yourself, “I call my energy back to me,” or just intend to do it.
    Then, when you’re at the party, throughout it, check in with yourself. Do you feel it over with your boss in the corner, trying to see if she’s going to come over and talk to you? Just call it back. Notice if you feel a shift at the end of the night where you might have felt drained, you may now feel even-keeled or even energized.
    2. Feel your grounding cord to anchor you into the present.
    Your grounding cord is energy in the form of a cord (but you can picture a tree trunk or an anchor, or anything that resonates with you) that brings your spirit into your body and anchors into the Earth.
    When you are in your head going over why your sister chose to stay with your brother for Christmas and not you, you are not fully inhabiting your body. Your energy is off in the past or the future cutting yourself off from being here, now.
    Part of why we do that is because we think if we can just figure it out, we will feel better. We have been taught that the mind is the best place to come up with solutions, but the truth is that when we’re cut off from our bodies, we are cutting off from a huge source of wisdom.
    Another reason we obsess is because it is painful to feel the feelings. But you may notice when you finally do allow yourself to feel, the energy moves and you suddenly get those “aha” moments in a way your brain couldn’t on its own.
    Your grounding cord helps anchor you into the present so you can be in your body with your feelings and release the energy that isn’t serving you.
    Imagine a cord going from the base of your spine, into the center of the earth. Take a breath and imagine releasing all of that overactive mental energy down the cord. See if you can feel or sense the cord plugging into the Earth. Extra points: Imagine your feet are bringing in the grounding energy of the Earth up your legs, and then down the grounding cord.
    You should be able to let go of the mental roller coaster a little more easily now.
    3. Put up energetic boundaries.
    sleep support+
    For people-pleasers, the holidays can be an intense obstacle course of finding different ways to avoid saying no. When we set up energetic boundaries, we will find it easier to connect to our inner “no” and set the boundaries we need to in the physical world. For example: “No, Uncle Ted, you can’t bring your homophobic golfing buddy to my Christmas party. Again.”
    To set up energetic boundaries, you already know the first step: become aware of your energy. Here’s a pro tip: If you can’t feel it at all, it might be because it’s so spread out that it’s too diffuse to get a sense of. Those of us who chronically spread our energy too thin can often run into this issue. But the solution is the same: Call it back to you. If you have a feeling there is a particular person where it might be hanging around, see how you feel when you call it back from them.
    Once you do that, imagine a gold fence all around your energy field. If you have to make it higher or thicker, do that. Go with your intuition for what you need. Then, when you are talking to someone who is pushing against your “no,” picture that fence between you as you say, “No, I can’t.” When you leave them, imagine the fence exploding. This allows their energy to go back to them and yours to come back to you.
    4. Use light to clear out other people’s energy from your space.
    Light is a superpower catchall for energy healing. It both clears the energy of people and situations out of your space and also fills you up with the energy of your higher self.
    This one is fast and easy: Imagine you have a big sun above your head. This time when you call your energy back to you, imagine it all going into the sun, burning off anyone’s energy that isn’t yours. Then imagine or intend to have the sun open up and breathe in the light. Or if you want an even faster way, call light to you and intend for it to go through your whole body. You can do this before, during, and after holiday gatherings, and see if you don’t feel much lighter after.
    The bottom line.
    So much of the holiday hangover has to do with taking on other people’s energy and taking on more than you want to, in general. With these tools, you should feel lighter and like you can more easily experience the joy of the season.
    Want your passion for wellness to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enroll today to join our upcoming live office hours.
    Want your passion for wellness to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enroll today to join our upcoming live office hours.

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