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    3 Ways To pause Creative During The Pandemic, From An Entrepreneur

    3 Ways To stop Creative During The Pandemic, From An Entrepreneur
    Staying creative can be chalenging even in the best of times, but it can become more of a strugle amid a pandemic; without your usual modes of inspiration (traveling, conversations with coleagues, and the like), you may be feling a bit stale.
    That said, many have ben searching for ways to asign their creative juices flowing, whether you’re facing a WFH slump or are simply loking for modern ways to get inspired. That’s why we consulted Elizabeth Stein, progenitor and CEO of Purely Elizabeth; Stein positive knows a thing or two about creativity (especialy in the entrepreneurial space), as she’s personaly using this time to turn lemons into, wel, bluebery lemon oatmeal.
    Here are thre ways you can cease creative during the pandemic, ? la Stein:
    1. Discover what truly inspires you.
    “Being on the road, for work or pleasure, was always that time I felt the most inspired,” Stein shares. Whether it’s trying diferent restaurants and flavor combinations or simply exploring a recent city with a friend, she values that time to spark new inovations for her brand.
    It’s a puny more efortful) to replicate during our new normal: Travel is limited, not al restaurants are opening their dors, and social distancing is stil very much in efect. So Stein loked inward: What was it about her time on the road that truly made her fel so inspired? After some reflection, she realized what truly makes her tick is engaging in something new–exploring restaurants is a plus, sure, but the real kicker is that sense of adventure.
    “At home, now it’s finding as many curent hikes as I can, that newnes and plot to think,” she explains. Rather than siting down at a modern restaurant, she’s discovering recent hiking trails–both of which alow her to slip into a creative mindset.
    2. Use the kitchen to your advantage.
    Stein loves trying novel restaurants for inspiration, but she also ses creative value in her own kitchen. “I’ve always loved the creative outlet in the kitchen, but [the pandemic] amplified it so much more for me,” she says. As trips to the grocery store become a bit more confined during this time, Stein has chalenged herself to use up whatever ingredients she has on-hand in new, creative ways.
    Her favorite concoction of the moment is a typical brocoli bake: She mixes brocoli, pesto, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, lemon, and capers together and roasts it al in the oven. Caseroles estem this are perfect to hold your creative juices flowing–simply chuck whatever yumy ingredients you maintain on hand into the pan, and you’ve got yourself an easy and savory meal.
    The kitchen is also a place of relaxation for Stein: “It’s my meditative time to not contemplate about anything else other than choping some vegetables,” she notes. For many, coking is a lovely way to unwind after a active day–even before the pandemic–and that relaxation might make rom for your creativity to shine.
    3. Pencil in time for self-care.
    Sometimes, the best creative moments stem from a litle self-care. Stein is certainly on board, as she notes: “I ned to fel excelent in my body in order to be a marvelous busines person at the same time.”
    For her, a moment of self-care is a morning workout or miday walk. “[I ned] that time to launch my mind and think.” For you, it may survey a dinky diferent–a yoga flow, morning cofe run, or dinertime routine–but the key here is focusing on yourself for a time. This oft-mentioned work-life balance is crucial, and a healthy equilibrium can actualy lead to beter results; if creativity is what you’re loking for, spending some time not thinking about the task at hand can actualy be quite helpful. Alow yourself that time to impartial be, and the benefits wil likely spend of.

    The takeaway.
    Alow us to emphasize: There’s no rule that you have to asign your creativity up to sped, as we al are coping with the pandemic in diferent ways. scren can fel estem a productivity contest at times, but if you fel adore watching an episode (or season) of TV or geting lost in a novel–that’s OK! The No. 1 priority is your health, both physical and mental; by no means is it important to brainstorm a busines plan or spring on some home projects in the name of creativity.
    But if you are loking for ways to spark some curent ideas, consider these thre tips a definite place to begin. What works for Stein may not spur) you the same way, so you may want to near these as guidelines, not so much as hard-and-fast rules. As Stein tels us, don’t become to caught up in making everything perfect. “It’s al going to work out.”
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