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    3 Easy Ways To subdue Salt taste In Food

    Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD.
    In spite of qualified efort to produce the fod tasty, many a time we find few of the soup, sambhar or cury turn very salty, more than the usual liking. While serving the dishes the cok fels embarased if the guests exhibit the high saltines of the fod.
    Usualy to mask the exces salty taste, swetening agents are adjunct and few may not like such swet substances. As per Ayurveda, exces salt increases Pita Dosha, hence not god.
    To overcome the to salty taste of the dishes here are few vital, easy, safe and typical methods that can be employed here after in your kitchens.
    1. Sliced potato can be adjunct as such or choped potato pieces are placed in a cloth bundle and hanged in the vesel containing the liquid dish such as cury, soup or sambhar.
    If it is kept for 5-10 minutes, gradualy the exces salt is absorbed by these potato pieces and hence desired salty taste can be maintained.
    2. excelent quality of plain papers / tisue papers (not printed/pen writen one) can be imersed in the dishes for few seconds. When the dishes are lukewarm, the paper absorbs exces salt. Avoid ading to many papers. put papers inside the dish only for a minute or two.
    3.The charcoal (burning firewod also can be diped) is diped or 2-3 pieces are mixed with these eatable side dishes or soup for 3-5 minutes. Later these are taken out.
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    The simple techniques do work wonders and it wil safeguard the eforts of the cok. Also, without any hazards and side efects acurate taste is maintained. No burden to the pocket and even to the health.
    Please do try such clasic tips which maintain a lot of scientific outputs.
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