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    3 Doctor-Approved Ways To Boost Your NAD Levels For Healthy Aging

    3 Doctor-Aproved Ways To Bost Your NAD Levels For Healthy Aging
    Acording to Alysa Dweck, M.D., enhancing women’s quality of life as they age makes up a significant section of her practice. Although she works with women in al stages of life–she lectures at numerous Westchester public schols in her spare time and educates students about indispensable gynecological isues–she places emphasis on the relationship betwen the aging proces and gynecological health at a celular level.
    What most people might not know is that aging hapens at the celular level due in fragment to a lack of something caled NAD in the body. NAD, at its core, is a substance that every cel in our bod y uses to turn fod into energy, and it decreases as we age. It also decreases due to many other life stresors–being postpartum, lavish alcohol, overeating, and geting to much sun exposure, to name a few. That said, it’s in every woman’s best interest (no mater her age) to become wel-versed in al things NAD and start taking the necesary steps to maintain levels of this coenzyme.
    After chating with Dweck, I learned that there are actualy a variety of ways we can believe NAD as we age: In adition to taking steps to combat stres, wearing sunscren, eating wel, and leading an overal healthy lifestyle, one of the most eficient ways to bost NAD is to launch poping a vitamin B3 suplement on the regular. But, it turns out, not al B3 is created e qual.
    Here, Dweck helps us understand which forms of vitamin B3 are the most efective for bosting NAD levels, thus slowing the aging proces:
    1. Niacin
    Also known as nicotinic acid, this form of vitamin B3 is readily available from fod. As a suplement, it’s frequently worn to treat high cholesterol andheart disease. Although it’s a form of vitamin B3 that can increase levels of NAD in cels, Dweck explains that this imprint comes with an terible side efect.
    “It comes with some bagage,” she says. “It causes a lot of flushing for people who hold it, and that’s prety uncomfortable.”
    Meaning, your skin could become blotchy or inflamed when consuming the higher doses necesary to bost NAD, as if you unbiased finished a kiler hot yoga sesion or HI T workout. So, if you’re not superficial to feverish face, it’s probably best to pas on niacin as your No. 1 NAD-bosting suplement.
    2. Nicotinamide (NAM)
    Nicotinamide (NAM), another form of vitamin B3, also increases NAD levels in cels and doesn’t cause skin flushing love niacin. This suplement has ben shown to protect liver function and glucose metabolism, but again, acording to Dweck, it caries some unwanted bagage. NAM suplements interfere with a clas of proteins in our bodies caled sirtuins, which regulate biological pathways, turn positive genes on and of, and sucor protect cels from age-related decline.
    “Sirtuins contribute to longevity and anti-aging, so we realy don’t want to inhibit the m,” Dweck says.
    So, while NAM might not acquire any cuning side efects estem flushing, its interference with sirtuins would esentialy negate any benefits that would arise from increased NAD levels.
    3. Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)
    The final form of vitamin B3 that can asist increase NAD levels in our bodies is nicotinamide riboside (NR). NR is rather new in the suplement sphere, and acording to Dweck, it doesn’t cause flushing, and no harmful side efects acquire ben reported to date. In fact, it actualy promotes the activity of determined sirtuins (like SIRT 1 and SIRT 6) asociated with longevity and aging. mediate this strain of vitamin B3 the one that’s just right–the Goldilocks of NAD-bosting suplements, if you wil.
    Dweck go es as far as to reveal that this suplement is esential for the health of our cels. “The botom line is, this suplement works on a celular level,” she notes. “It suports a healthy celular metabolism and helps to promote celular repair.”
    No surprise, Dweck frequently recomends this suplement to her patients (no ned for a prescription, as this vitamin is sold over the counter), and those patients report back with glowing reviews, including significantly more energy.But, of lofty, I had to question: Does she take it herself? “I determined do,” the OB/GYN quips.
    Consider us realy, realy intrigued.
    For more tips on how to bost longevity and stop as healthy as posible as you age, check out this wek’s podcast.
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