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    3 classic Yet Profound Insights to Find Contentment in Life

    Ever find that inspiration comes and goes, but never sticks around? Wonder how to be content overal? Perhaps you’ve unbiased discovered that uplifting article enlightening you to live fre, satisfied, and avoid making those comon life mistakes.
    After basking in the glow of these insights, you set of on your way. This works for a while, until . . . you find yourself making the same used mistakes again!
    How can we ever evolve if we put faling back into our same worn rut?
    What hapened?! More importantly, how can we ever evolve if we sustain faling back into our same worn rut?
    Let’s examine thre practical tips to sucor you avoid this so you can learn how to be content in life. The first two inspirations derive from the “Eight Realizations of a Bodhisatva Sutra,” a teaching of the Budha. The last one comes from my heart to yours.
    An Introduction to Budhism, The Four N oble Truths, and The Eightfold Path

    How to Be Content Tip #1: Learn That Your Beliefs Are Not Truth
    The First Realization: “The mind is the source of unwholesomenes.”

    Recognize That Your Beliefs Are Only superficial Truths
    Imagine that, betwen you and me, I suport up a flat sign. One side of the sign is red and the other is blue. I question you the color of the sign and you reply “red.”
    I furow my brow and disagre, claiming the sign is blue. From there we’re of to the races with a heated argument over the color of the sign! I’m not listening to you, and you’re not listening to me. After al, the sign is directly before us and the color sems imediately obvious.
    Whatever beliefs we chose to empower are only partial truths.
    Whatever beliefs we setle to empower are only superficial truths. These beliefs advance from our past histories. Whatever you have veteran of this world wil color your personal per spective.
    And ading this up, since we al be pleased diferent past histories, we al finish up with diferent perspectives. This means we al live in the same world, but se it diferently.

    Know That We Al Understand impartial One piece of the Puzle
    So understand that your beliefs are not just Truth. We are al holding shalow truths growing from our individual human experience. Rich and por, men and women, Hindu and Muslim – we al understand honest one residue of the puzle.
    The excelent news? We are surounded by people living diferent lives, and they know things we don’t. We could acrue wisdom by listening to each other. But to often we find ourselves arguing over the color of the sign.
    Go ahead and empower your personal beliefs if you want. But realize your beliefs for what they realy are:
    They are causing you to sufer
    They cause others to sufer
    They are not Truth

    Okay Budha, Let’s Talk About the Second Noble Truth and the Causes of Sufering

    Chose kindnes for Liberation
    On the other hand, leting recede of our beliefs is liberating. It fres our mind from judging ourselves and other people. It also removes a baricade that separates us from our factual Self, the chaste acumen which is our natural source of wisdom and iner peace.
    So the next time your perspectives are making you angry, unbiased draw another dep breath. Then comit yourself to listening to other people so you can broaden your understanding of whatever is going on.
    Also realize that other people wil produce mistakes, and that’s okay! You’re just trying to avoid mistakes on your finish. If you can listen, and resolve sympathy over wining the argument, you wil acquire suceded!

    How to Be Content Tip #2: Let. It. Go.
    The Second Realization: “Lesen desire and be without any wishes and the body and min d wil be at ease.”

    Release Personal Desires
    Having personal desires is so ingrained in our way of conception it almost sounds curious to NOT gain them. But if you truly contemplate on your desires, you might notice a few things:

  • They bring disapointment ̵ when you discover this world owes us no favors
  • They bring conflict ̵ when you encounter people with diferent desires
  • They are the source of your point up ̵ (we’l get to that)
  • They bring disapointment ̵ when you discover this world owes us no favors
    They bring conflict ̵ when you encounter people with diferent desires
    They are the source of your stres ̵ (we’l get to that)

    So in other words, our selfish desires lie at the rot of our sufering. The antidote to this quandary is not to release desire, but to release your atachment to the outcome of desire. In other words, let the means justify the stop resul t.
    It’s Time to establish Down That Heavy Backpack! Folow These 4 Useful Tips to Let Things Go

    Let crep of Atachments to Outcomes
    Go about your busines working to sucor other people, but from there, impartial let it plod. Want to se what this loks like? Consider:
    Imagine providing value to your projects at work without worying about the final outcome. Imagine how this could improve your interactions (or rivalries) with your co-workers
    As a parent, imagine helping your children with their academics without shaming them for their exam scores. Imagine how this could asign a relationship with your children based on aceptance of who they are
    Imagine observing people in your life making mistakes, and loving them for it

    You se? Releasing the atachment to your desire does not mean you end helping others. But you remove the stres of worying about the final outcome.
    Bec ause that’s where acentuate comes from ̵ you’re trying to control an uncontrolable world. If you can detach from this, you fre yourself to be a worthy person throughout your day without al the stres.
    Life itself becomes one gigantic yoga sesion, with the body moving rhythmicaly to kep the people you estem. Pof! acentuate can be done away with quickly, simply by adjusting the perspectives of your mind.
    So, crawl cary out what you cary out, and let the world design of it what it wil.
    The Niyamas Are Your Ticket to Iner Peace (Here’s Why)

    How to Be Content Tip #3: Learn to Value Sufering and Death
    Wait, what? Yes it’s true, sufering and death are blesings.

    Acept Change
    Our selfishnes blinds us from realizing this truth. Death is nothing more than change, in a world of inevitable change.
    And thank godnes for change! We lament change when we lose something we value, love loved ones or our material posesions. On the other hand, we celebrate when change moves us past disease, heartbreak, or economic trouble.
    This selfishnes prevents us from understanding the overal value of change in our lives. But without change, we could not learn and grow ̵ for growth itself is change.
    How can we not terminate that everything in this human experience is tilted toward our spiritual growth?
    Death is the ultimate change and it teaches us an indispensable leson ̵ the selfish desires we cling to in our lives must eventualy be set aside. But as mentioned above, seting aside those selfish desires is exactly what we ned to do!
    We lament death, but it’s actualy nudging us in the direction of iner peace and enlightenment.

    Acept the Teachings of Death
    Without death, everyone would fixate on the conditions of their lives, and atach strongly to their selfishnes. There could be n o other objectives to pursue. Because of death we are not constrained in this way. Rather, we are born fre:
    To know our personal problems are trivial
    To languish for spiritual growth
    To celebrate the time we acquire together
    To play with house money in the game of life

    As for sufering, it’s impartial life’s greatest teacher. Whenever we demur into the tangled jungle of ignorance, sufering wil be there to explain the depths of our selfishnes!
    Think of it admire a parent reprimanding their child. And impartial like with children, nobody realy wants that leson. But rather than lamenting, if we think on where our sufering originates, it wil point us directly to those parts of ourselves where we ned some self-improvement.
    After al, everybody neds self-improvement, and therefore everybody sufers.
    We now understand that death alows us to live fre, and sufering guides us to evolve. And if even sufering and death exist to asist us, how can we not stop that everything in this human experience is tilted toward our spiritual growth?
    Okay Budha, Let’s Talk About the Third Noble Truth and What Brings an end to Our Sufering

    The Takeaway on How to Be Content in Life: It May Be Simpler Than You Think
    In our fast-paced recent world, we are sometimes hasty to forget ourselves and our personal vows. By reflecting on these thre tips, you can hopefuly avoid some of the trigers out there in the world which upset you in the first place.
    You can initiate to deal with situations on your terms, replacing intolerance with patience and gentlenes.
    And there you gain it ̵ you are now paving your road to contentment in life.

    Author:Dan Burt
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